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I was given a couple books to read recently in this order: Zero limits, many lives many masters, Sefer Yetzirah and TFN-Three principles to life. When I finished reading them, I had a different perspective on many things. In the last book (TFN) the allegories and explanations on energy flow circuitry in our body and how it is affected with negative energy, constrictions and poor connections in our "Conduit" was profound. I started to apply the principles and philosophies in that they made good sense so why not try something different for once. As an example, electrical flow is explained like this:

Our ability to manifest our reality is directly proportional to how much energy we put into it from our heart and mind as well as the conduit used to transfer the power. Thoughts are like voltage, emotions are like Amperage so a little thought with a lot of emotion equates to large wattage (Volts X Amps = Watts). High watt bulbs are bright so then the process is to bring light to that reality you want to manifest. Remember in the bible, God said "Let there be light". Anyway, our conduit in our body is like electrical wire. If our conduit is damaged or dirty, it affects the flow of energy. Bad conduit causes loss of energy as it is released in transit before it reaches the destination. That can happen at any point so the connection also need to be in good working condition. For instance, it can happen from our mind to our heart or from our heart to the universe. We see this in electrical wires when the wire gets hot cause there is energy loss and in extreme cases a fire is caused when too much energy in being transported or the connect is damaged.

That was just one example that really made sense, but there are many and also ways to fix this. In either case, as I began applying these principles the things I was needing and thinking about started to happen with less effort, time and time again. Has anyone else had a lot of success with manifestation? Some things happen way too fast and some seem like deja vu, like I had seen it in a dream. I would like to know if someone has read this book and had similar results?

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Hi Lotus_1, I just love the subject you are treating in your post, as this is what I'm working on at present. Energy... and cleansing, the most important thing. I am reading Zero Limits (and practising Ho'oponopono) and I just ordered TFN. I'll let you know my perspective as soon as I can. I'm at present translating Seth's books, the new material, so you'll have to bear with me, not much time for reading... I thank you for your comment, have a peaceful Sunday. Namaste


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They are all really good, as my Reiki master had given these to read she gave me a little background of each. This is mentioned in preface of TFN-Three Principles...but thought I would pass along what I was told. It was written by a dad for his kids. He had no money to pay for editing so it does jump around and have typo's. He did the best he could under the conditions he was in as he expected to die. Once he figured out how things worked, he wanted to leave a manual for his kids to know truth.

(21 Dec '14, 09:27) Lotus_1

Thank you!

(21 Dec '14, 09:54) Graziana
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