Gday have been reading everyones questions for a while now and have found many to be very insightful and helpful. I have read the master key system and eddies website and they have also been very effective in changing the way I see the world. I need some help though.

I have just had an exam that I failed. I have been meditating, and trying to manifest myself passing the exam. I visualise myself passing and the joy that I will feel when I pass, however before i went into exam i get very anxious and put pressure on myself. I am a happy person and my life is great I have a beautiful family.

Passing the exam will mean our life will be even better I just feel as though I have let them down and myself for not passing. Look forward to reading some answers to my dilema hope everyone out there is well cheers from Tom

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Tom 4

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Kathleen Kelly ♦♦

I like practical methods, where possible, so here's what I've found to be highly effective:

  • An exam or test is about how you perform in the moment, not about the preparation you've done. It doesn't matter how much you know if you cannot express it in the way that the examiner wishes. And it doesn't matter how little you know if what you know just happens to be exactly what is required to pass.
  • Before entering any "test" situation, forget about trying to use the time immediately before it to cram as many facts into your mind as possible. Just simply get yourself into a state where you have a smile on your face. You might like to think of baby animals or even babies, or happy places you've been. For me, I've found listening to prank phone calls on YouTube always gets me there in a few minutes for some reason :)
  • When you are in that "heart-centered" state (you could call it "The Vortex" if you want but I find it's a bit more casual than that), you now have direct, clear access to everything you've ever learned and, not only that, everything that has ever been learned by anyone.
  • Taking the test in that vibrational state, you'll find answers "flowing" into you seemingly from nowhere along with snippets of knowledge that you never realized you knew or thought you had forgotten. You'll find inspirations flooding into you - just go with them.
  • If you find yourself drifting out of that "heart-centered" state as the test progresses, simply take a few moments to relax and realign, and allow the "flow" to continue and follow it.
  • It may take an act of faith the first time you try this approach if your usual approach is worry-based or cramming-based. But the huge improvement in your "in-the-moment performance" during the test will speak for itself.

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@everyone - just thought of an interesting question - has anyone been stumped by some questions during exams and then try to think of happy stuff in the exam hall itself rather than trying to remember the formulas/theory/examples and found yourself being able to answer the question afterwards ?

(17 Mar '12, 10:10) kakaboo

so what about studying?

(17 Mar '12, 12:03) Chris 2

@Chris 2 - As with everything else, you have take the action that aligns with your beliefs, or otherwise change your beliefs

(18 Mar '12, 05:13) Stingray
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"knowing HOW is not so important as knowing WHY". While it is indeed beneficial to be efficient, I see even greater benefits in being effective.

And behold! You answered your own question in your original post. Although it is a question you didn't ask directly you implied it by what you wrote. Perhaps because you have been so focused on 'how to pass the exam' instead of why you are doing it you didn't see it.

See.. "before i went into exam i get very anxious and put pressure on myself." is the consequence of "Passing the exam will mean our life will be even better I just feel as though I have let them down" Fear of failure or fear of success, whichever it is, you should look away from all the hows and deeply examine why for a while. For fears melt in the face of knowledge and understanding.

So in hope of helping you to pick up a correct course, let me ask you "why are you afraid of letting your family down?" or a bit deeper "Why are you afraid of failing yourself through eyes of your family?" Could it be because you assume your happiness is consequence of your family's appreciation of what you do instead of who you are. By 'who you are' I mean there are no measures, you are everything and nothing, you are on the very fundamental level limitless and infinite. And if you are understood as such, you are loved unconditionally. But if understood as someone definable by any kind of measures, conditions on which you are loved are created as well. And if these measures are being strengthened, the need to meet consequent conditions is raising as well.

I think that might be a lot to think about for now. :)


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do it for your self. has long has you are happy with what you have done is what matters. experiance and enjoy life you will learn more this way no test can prepare you for life. you will discover that even if the knowledge exist it is often not apply because of ego. so to know more does not really matter in this world. your boss may even try to get rid of you because if they know that you are better then them is a threat to them and their ego. anxiety and stress do not serve you. the only one judgement that matter is your self. has long as you improve your self is what matter. and that is what will make your life better. to have a piece of paper saying i have done this test and that test will not change annything. some have paper and are not able to do the job. theory and practice are 2 different things. so stop being so hard on your self. experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

The first important step in taking a test or exam is to know the information. Then, if you are comfortable with the information, but not comfortable taking the test, you can do some energy work to relieve the anxiety. EFT works really well for that. Also ZPoint Process. You can try my EZ Midline Deletion System to relieve the text anxiety. While doing the energy work though, you want to clear the anxiety you have about taking the test. You can tap in afterward calm, peace, etc...


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Fairy Princess

Hi Tom,

Study, study and study some more. To pass any test one needs to know the information well and one can't know the information without adequate study.

Make sure you are comfortable and at ease where you do your studing. Have a good dictionary on the ready for if you dont understand even one word you will not be able understand what you have read properly. Go slowly and and take it easy so as not to overwhelm yourself. Read small sections and before going further first make sure you understand what you have studied so far. Test yourself and if you dont understand the material go over it again more carefuly. Pictures, or videoes of the material helps a lot and is highly recomended.

When you have done all of this and are sure you know the material well than it is time for positive thought and afirmations and vizualisations. To do this without knowing your material well doesn't work for your doubting subconscious mind will self sabotage you so as you can see it is important to study and know the material first.

Good luck.


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Paulina 1

very good Paulina understand what you study. in this world they try to record stuff on you with out you understanding what you are studying. The Spirit of the LORD will rest on him--the Spirit of wisdom and of understanding, the Spirit of counsel and of power, the Spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the LORD--

(15 Mar '12, 16:09) white tiger
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