I am a very loving person! good karma seems to follow me, I am honestly happy go lucky, my only challenge is I love too much, forgive too much and end up feeling drained by others.I seem to have things fairly easy in the normal human eye...but in reality I put up a front of contentment! But am not at all!!

I have tried to detach from my giants of manifestation wish list! But I end up adding the weight back,been in major debt and not been on track! Why am I stuck in a reality of contentment a reality that's fun but not meeting my true desires!!

Doesn't hunger of anything make us in a better position to working toward it?

Secondly, I am married but I love my ex bf of 5 years ago but he is married too. I plain love him and would love it reciprocated big time.. help!

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Structure, I get a feeling that you are missing and needing structure in your life. Many people function better with structure and forms and routines. There is nothing wrong with a Giant list as long as you can have order in it . Otherwise it's just scribblings of nonsense. A good way is outlined in this forum .It's called focus blocks Learn this. Understand the concepts be behind why it works!
Focus you thoughts on where you are now. We all like to go back to the feelings love and if those feeling from the past are strong and right now you are not getting those feelings from your current partner. Of course you will want that old love back. When you are in a relation that you have committed to.You need to fall in love daily. Its like a fire, love in relationships the more wood you put in the more heat you get, stop feeding the fire and it gets cold.


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