Is it logically? Is it intuitively?

What makes me trust?



asked 06 Feb '11, 09:03

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jim 10

Trust is built upon communications between people, and experiences one have with one another over a period of time. Once lost it is very hard to get back. True some people are more trusting than is something that is earned over a period of time by mutual commitment to one another whether it is a deal being made, a project getting done, a job being finish, or what ever.

No, I would not say it was logical I am more to incline towards intuitively but it is more than base on ones gut feelings it is more based on your own experiences with this person, persons, company, business or whom or what ever and in time trust is built between the two parties or more.


answered 06 Feb '11, 10:44

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Thank you but can't I trust without any relationship or communication. How can I trust that the news I am reading is true?

(06 Feb '11, 19:06) jim 10

Again you could trust the news or not trust them it is about experiences you have with the news. Example if you listen to, read, about the news that is being reported on and you find out something is not right or all of the facts were not told or you find it that it was all about the play of words or or manipulated because of who it was being reported on than you would not trust the news that came from them. If you did find out that all was true than you would trust the news. Some people trust first until something happens to not trust and some trust cautiously I am watching you to see.

(06 Feb '11, 22:42) flowingwater

Michael: Some people do research or back ground check, to learn all about a company, business, or person in order to learn all about them in order to decide according to their pass dealings and doings parse do they want to hire them, do business with them or even want them as a personal friend, business partner, business associate or a firm to handle their business. So, if you go that way you are still going by experiences of someone just not your own personal experience with that person, company or business. Hope this helps.

(08 Feb '11, 02:55) flowingwater
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The mechanism for an emotional response is life. Anything in life can trigger emotion. Emotional processing studies the life of emotion, beginning to end. Trust begins with love and ends with love. What happens in between varies with circumstance.


answered 07 Feb '11, 03:47

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I think it is a combination of instinct and logic. The reason being that we are multi sensory. We are able to detect based on the five senses which is physical along with the subconscious and super-conscious which is outside of the physical realm. The more enlightened you are the more you are able to tap into the sub-conscious and the super-conscious and the more you develop your intuition and instinct.


answered 07 Feb '11, 23:15

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trust seems to be there in the newborn, even before it's needs are satisfied
it may have have something to do with compassion,
which to me is not logical unless we are are born with that potential


answered 08 Feb '11, 00:31

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I think trust is a natural inherent part of who we are until someone or something causes us to mistrust. As Fred so rightly pointed out, a newborn naturally trusts as do all children until they're shown otherwise. As a species we've learned to mistrust - trust is already within, we only have to access and allow it. Because of this I would definitely say it was connected to intuition and not logic.


answered 08 Feb '11, 02:49

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Hi Michael, thanks so much for your question. I agree a lot with Michaela - as a species we've largely worked hard to move away from trust.

For me, it boils down to follow through. Trust is the expectation that what you are expecting will happen, either because you have faith in it (enough personal firm demand) or you have belief that it will happen (i.e. you have references from the past).

Trust begins inside first - do we trust ourselves? You can measure a person's character by the type of commitments they make (to themselves and others) and how many they keep.

In answer to your question, my personal opinion is that trust is a combination of logical and intuitive - but that itself on the quality of your intuition. For example, sometimes I have mistaken a "gut feel" for fear or deep seeded ego. Trust ought to be an objective thing - demonstrated by someone's ability to follow through on themselves and for others.

Hope that helps - out of curiosity, why did you ask the question in the first place?

Warmest Regards



answered 09 Feb '11, 17:03

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Sukh Singh

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