In the past I would shun away from sharing too much about what I've learned from websites like inward quest and others.

These days I sometimes can't even stop myself from sharing something I know with people. I at first feel inspired to share insights but then I feel uneasy afterwards. I share a lot more of my information these days on social media sites such as facebook and a few others.

And I would like to know if it is inspiration that i'm receiving or if it's something else. I don't know why I feel uneasy after opening up a little more about myself. It just makes me feel uncomfortable for some reason.

When I learn something new I at first get excited and then an urge to share what I know often follows. I don't always act on this urge but it eventually gets to the point where I almost cant stop myself and then it happens. But I then wonder why I even shared it in the first place and that's what gets me.

I would appreciate some clarity and feedback.

Thank You

Much appreciated

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I at first feel inspired to share insights but then I feel uneasy afterwards

I've known that dilemma well :)

People who are drawn to reality creation ideas from the good-feeling side of things - the Light side of The Force :) - tend to be those who derive satisfaction from uplifting others. Abraham call them Family of Teacher.

So, on the one hand, you have a heightened sensitivity to the needs/sufferings of others (because you have an inbuilt desire to uplift) and, on the other hand, the same sensitivity makes you more vulnerable when those people throw the information back in your face, usually because they are not yet ready to hear it.

So one part of you wants to share the information and the other part of you fears the negative emotion you will experience if your sharing is rejected or you are attacked for sharing it.

One approach would be to deal with the underlying need for approval from others. Then you can share what you like and not care at all if other people like it or not.

That's fine but you've got to be careful that in discarding the need for approval, you don't subtly drift into pushing against those who don't like what you share...because then your life ends up being filled with those kinds of people :) - because Law of Attraction brings you more of what you focus on - and that ongoing battle can eventually lead to you losing the emotional sensitivity that is so valuable when playing with manifesting/reality creation ideas.

If you can pull off that approval-based balancing act and keep your emotional sensitivity intact, that's great. I've personally just found it too much effort in the past. And since Law of Attraction won't let anyone else hear what they are not yet ready to hear, it seems like wasted effort to me.

So I've tended to prefer another simpler approach.

The other approach is to simply...Don't answer questions that haven't been asked :)

If someone is asking for information, give them exactly what they are asking for and, for bonus points :) throw in a few extra "seeds" of knowledge that might encourage them to ask more questions in you can share more.

And if you provide information (especially online) to a question being asked, and someone still doesn't like the answer you provided, you can just go general and then think to yourself that the information is still probably going to be of value to someone else in future who is ready to hear it.

I think there is an even more elegant refinement to question-answering, and that is to answer their questions selfishly :)

Usually, on Inward Quest, when I'm answering a question (like this one), I'm enjoying the process of answering. Sometimes I want to see how simply and clearly I can express some information that is swirling around my head. Other times, I might just want to find out what I really know about a subject and the question provides an excuse for a "brain dump" :)

But either way, I'm enjoying sharing the information so whether or not anyone else finds it useful becomes a bit irrelevant because I've felt good during the process of producing an answer. I've mentioned before how answering questions can be a Vortex alignment trick.

There's some thoughts for you.

Hope that helps...and if it doesn't, hey, I don't care :)


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"Don't answer questions that haven't been asked" I really like this approach as well. From what I gathered, it's also the tried-and-tested one that ancient shamanic traditions have been using.

(02 Jun '17, 03:41) cmc

... for 10000 or millions of years, depending on your worldview :)

(02 Jun '17, 06:13) cmc

Thank You.

(02 Jun '17, 09:59) TheCreativeOne

@cmc - "ancient shamanic traditions...millions of years" - Yep, that length of time probably safely qualifies as valid usage of the word "ancient" :)

(02 Jun '17, 11:15) Stingray

@TheCreativeOne - You're welcome

(02 Jun '17, 11:15) Stingray

@TheCreativeOne - When I'm with a group of people, sometimes they want - and I mean really want - me to agree that something is awful, or frightening, or just plain bad. How to answer "Oh isn't this horrible?" with my truth is a social skill I've been working on for years now. Sometimes I find myself regarded at as an ignorant dingbat shooting rainbows out my... well, shooting rainbows around...

(02 Jun '17, 13:42) Grace

...That can feel exhausting and seem pointless, but I too like to go with the thought that I am planting seeds. More importantly, I appreciate the opportunity to have a look at just why I attracted all that in the first place. :)

(02 Jun '17, 13:42) Grace

@Stingray- lovely answer! When @Wade Casaldi told me about IQ, I was immediately hooked. I should have been an elementary school teacher... I have ADHD (duh!) and it is sometimes hard for me just to write a paragraph on topic. Case in point- this comment...I have been a spiritual teacher in one way or another for most of my life. I find it very satisfying. It began with basement bull sessions with my father on science and religion. That expanded into a lifelong pursuit of both subjects...

(02 Jun '17, 17:24) Jaianniah

....Remember the Chariots of the Gods??? This was the kind of stuff that my father talked about with me...we discussed all sorts of topics, including relativity, God, Goddess, shamanism, the origin of the moon, the US Space Program, etc. So this led to me leading discussions elsewhere, and when people disagreed with me, I discovered my thin skin, and had to learn the difference between teaching and leading. I learned "just answer the question" in writing classes in college. Thanks, all!

(02 Jun '17, 17:29) Jaianniah
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