When talking about affirmations, visualization, meditation, pretending, practicing keep the feeling is that contradict with letting go?

I believe and I experienced that letting go and forget about it is the magic process to let it be from a thought to a real and it did happen with me lately in some medicine I was trying to get and when I forget totally about it, It appeared in funny and easy way, note that I imagined and believed I am cured but forget about this definite medicine.

Abraham, Silva method, secret team they all talk about affirmations, visualization, imagining. Now when I want to keep on this processes to maintain my belief system, is by doing this I am not letting go and trusting? and what the need to processes if we should let it go?

The question is when the desire keeps on showing in my day details, should I empty my mind, distract and have another thoughts, or can I deal with its showing by enjoying the processes of meditating, visualizing and imagining its being into real without contradict letting go process since it is process too?

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It might indicate you are not trusting the process. Only you can say for sure.

If you are genuinely enjoying your visualizations and affirmations then you are right on target. If you are doing them because you feel you need to do them to get what you want physically, you might be getting in your own way.

Remember that the entire manifesting process is natural and automatic. There is nothing for you to do to get what you want except decide what you want. Then just go off and Get Happy in your life and all your stuff will come to you in a way and form that fits most appropriately with your belief system.

The problem is that getting stuff automatically is not satisfying to physical humans. We like to feel involved in some way because we are natural born creators.

It's like a musician composing a song, an artist painting a picture, a sculptor creating a sculpture. Creators love the process of creation so that feeling of being involved is what you are craving because, as humans, we're all creating our physical realities in every moment.

We are all vibrational artists, you could say.

So the true purpose of visualizing, affirming or focusing in any way on what you want is for the enjoyment of the creative process, not because you are trying to make something happen with those processes. If you are not enjoying those processes then there is no point in doing them.

Everything you are after is created automatically in the moment you wanted it anyway.


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love the phrase "we are all vibrational artists"

(11 Jan '12, 05:44) blubird two

I appreciate the answer with its links :) 'The problem is that getting stuff automatically is not satisfying to physical humans. We like to feel involved in some way because we are natural born creators' I always nagging universe what can i do, is their what i can do, i want to do something, I can help :) Yes like an artist composing his work and the result is of the tide from mixed signals.

(11 Jan '12, 08:54) r0la

Those processes when I was new to this they look like painful duty and now by time I am enjoying them especially before sleeping :) When some manifestation show others do not I started to dig in my work because I so believe this whole story, wondering am I too in these processes in way look like doubting but I know believe it is not about the processes is about how to apply them Thank you so much light :) :)

(11 Jan '12, 08:54) r0la

@r0la - You're welcome. Another way of looking at this is that everything you could possibly want to manifest in life is only because you believe that once you have manifested it, you'll feel better.

So by feeling better now even before having the manifestation, not only are you getting immediately what you are really after (the good feeling) but you are then perfectly lined up to have the bonus of getting the physical manifestation too. You win in every way from just choosing to feel good now before the physical manifestation even appears :)

(11 Jan '12, 18:25) Stingray

Stingray,love the links, and I actually believe it works the way you have said. When you think about it you go, no it can't be that easy, but than I didn't try it. I win just for feeling good, then win because I am in line for the thing. Why wasn't this taught to everyone; say starting at age 6. I wonder what the world would like.

(11 Jan '12, 23:24) Tom
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Yes it is not, because every time it returns to mind, thank God for bringing it to you then again forget about it.

My answer must contain 200 characters, I can't think of anything else right now other than this simple answer.


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Wade Casaldi


And I like your simple answer :)

"thank God for bringing it to you then again forget about it"

(12 Jan '12, 06:23) r0la

Yes that is it, it deals with the the thought and reinforces it is yours don't worrry about it. :-)

(12 Jan '12, 09:21) Wade Casaldi
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