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I guess I am curious; I was a very spiritual child, interested in God and Heaven. I guess I was just born that way. I know, though, that some people develop spiritually differently than I. I would love to know how all of you came to your spirituality. Were you a spiritual child like me? Or--did you have that "flash of lightning experience" as many other people have had? Would you share a bit of your spiritual journey with us? I, for one, would love to know the tale of your journey.

As I said, I was a spiritual child; I used to leave my body, and float around my bedroom; later, I actually journeyed with a Power Animal named Shadowwolf. This was due to severe abuse, but I am glad now that I had him to take me away. I felt God calling me to the ministry by the age of eighteen or so. Unfortunately, I married young, and to someone who was not spiritual, and I buried my spirituality for years. By the time I was 35, though, I began exploring Reiki due to my bouts with severe infections. That led to other healing modalities, including Pranic Healing and eventually Shamanism. God kept at me, though. If you are familiar with the poem, "The Hound of Heaven", you know just how I felt. When my marriage fell apart, I enrolled in school, majoring in Christian Studies. Although I was a Christian, I really did not completely turn my life over to Jesus until March 3rd of 2010. Since then, I have found great peace, a new love, and much happiness living in and for Christ.

That is my story in a nutshell. Now it is your turn!

Much Love and Blessings, Jaianniah alt text

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Barry Allen ♦♦

When I was a child, I was exposed to very many spiritual ideas. I had many conversations with many people about many religions, ideas, concepts. I had went to different churches with different friends including various Christian, Catholic, Jehova's Whitness, etc... My mom raised us as a single mom and didn't contribute except for her allowing me to go to various churches and religious celebrations. My dad took us to whatever denomination he was attending of the Christian variety, at the time when we would visit him. I felt God calling me to a purpose as a child, but have never been quite sure what I am supposed to do except learn more about different ideas. I have found many places that lack God's heart. I was injured and suffered for several years. I recently learned about EFT about a year and a half ago. EFT videos include topics such as LOA, etc... Then I read a book Healing Back Pain by Dr. John E. Sarno. This led me to search further into the mindbody healing. Which led me to Spontanious Healing by Andrew Weil. In there he mentioned As above so below, as below so above. This really resonated with me, so I started to look into that and found that there was more to that: As within so without, as without so within. I then began theorizing and writing in a journal and making some awesome conclusions and discoveries including videos by Bruce Lipton, Carl Dawson, Dr. Emoto and more, about quantum physics, mind over genetics, words and thoughts affecting water, etc... and then I found this site where I could bounce ideas around and read about other people having similar ideas, experiences, etc... and have grown a little more here in my understanding of the LOA and how our thoughts are what we really need to control more than anything else. I recently found some poems I wrote when I was 20 ish. They are amazingly relevant to the topics on this site. It is like I knew all along and had to learn it all over again. I recently ordered The Wizard's Wish by Brad Yates. I haven't received it yet, but I look forward to using that book to help teach kids and adults about EFT and how they can change their lives with it. It is when we change our individual worlds that we change the bigger world.


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Fairy Princess

Thanks for sharing! You sound like a real "Quester"!!! Blessings, >>>>>>>>>>

(16 Apr '11, 05:43) Jaianniah

I was taught it when i was a child, I now recently in the last three in one half years re-discovered it. I know that alot of others are felling the "re-invigeration" of there spiritual side because the energy of it is hightining , Mother Earth is now spreading its love with all ! I am so exited to see so many awakining! love n light, rob


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TReb Bor yit-NE

No, I definitely have not been spiritual all of my life. Although my family was kind and open minded, they were atheists. Even into my early twenties, I didn't believe there was anything at all besides our earthly existence, and no higher power. To take it a step further I even used to snicker a little when someone would talk about church, heaven, angels or anything like that. I felt I was too smart to buy into such fiction.

When my children were born, I looked at them and wondered where they had been before coming to me. This was awakening something in me. Later, my daughter, who talked very early in her life, began to tell me about "her other family" and talk about dolphins and island life. Even about combing her hair with a special type of sea-shell. We lived in the midwest where there were no islands and she had never seen a dolphin even on TV. She would really worry about her other Mom and insist that she needed to know how to reach this person. This led me to research reincarnation and brought me to the Edgar Cayce readings and material. Wow. My whole life opened up to other possibilities. Within a year or two I was meditating regularly, praying and reading all that I could. And I am still a seeker of knowledge and wisdom now twenty five years later and I know that there are powers much higher than ours and an Infinite being in charge of everything.

P.S. My daughter doesn't remember her past life anymore, and she is 26 now, but she still loves dolphins!


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LeeAnn 1

Thank you for your honesty.

(06 Sep '11, 06:46) Paulina 1

That is fascinating. You should have your daughter talk to Treb ( on these forums)- he may be able to confirm her past island life!

I also am a big edward cayce fan! Awesome story

(28 Oct '12, 15:21) Kanda

I have been spiritual and knowing God was real all my life. When I was younger I treated God like an atladtan lamp and ask for him not to let it rain or bring me some ice cream.

Well, both my desk and my daughter's laptop have died and I am trying to use a borrow 4 or 5 inch tablet and it is very hard to type on and I make typo that it want let me get too to correct. So bare with me.

Someone want me to expland on how I knew God so strongly at a young age. I have always known it like it was built into before birth. Sometimes I feel like I might have been a angel. I stand back and look at the human race as a whole species and don't understand why they simply have such a hard time just loving and caring about one another as a whole.

I have know God/Jesus was real from a personal connection with him not from what someone told me, I read I KNOW we are connect ther is a line or a pathway and I here him, feel him and his love for and not oly me but you and the whole human race. We disapoint him greatly because we will believe many other entities, gods besides him and he says why not believe in him? He is hurt how the human race is destroying it self, mother earth,and the planet earth which is made for them. I was carried to church all the time and when I was 12 I stop going for a while because I said if they all believe in this one that I am God than they would all be preaching the same and they were not so I stop going for a while and reading the bible continuiously and asking God to give me understanding of what I read and he did sometimes it would be like I was there as a observer. No, I do not know everything about the bible and God but I know that I know he is real with all of his power and love. I have develop a personal relationship with God and Jesus. I hope this helps and confuse you. You know you can not believe because someone else you have too because you personally KNOW your self that God/Jesus is REAL in you

When I was 3, don't laugh, I would climb upon a tree trunk and flap my arms and fly because I knew I suppose to fly and I did not but I wold keep trying the angels would visit me but they block the memories and conversations. I do remember before I was born I was in a white, white room on a rolling cot and one angel at the front another at the foot and told me where I was going was going to be like a dream and one day I was going to wake up from that and be I suppose to be. They did not seem to want me to remember where I was but to where I was going but they left a little message so I would know to search for and find so that I could find my way back home to God.

As a small child I would ask God to not let it rain so I could watch tv for my folks would let me watch tv while it rain. Angels are with me and they talk to me when they want to not when I. Jesus has told ne why are you afraid did't I tell you I will be with you always and I stop being afraid because I was affraid of beings from another planets.


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I would love to read more about how you believed so strongly in God as a child- maybe edit your answer??? Just a thought!>>>>>>>

(16 Apr '11, 05:44) Jaianniah

I am not sure what you mean by "how you believed so strongly in God as a child." Could you please explaine, so I can answer you? Thanks, peace and blessings.

(23 Apr '11, 12:39) Fairy Princess

Well, Fairy Princess I can only say I was born knowing God was "real" I am thankful the veil were lifted to my little mind, as I think all children mind are but some are not culivate in learning of God/Jesus. I went & added some more to my answer and this will help Fairy Princess and Jalanniah. Peace, love, and light.

(04 May '11, 03:06) flowingwater
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i was brought up and taught religion, always accepted and saw the value of the golden rule.
however, my spirituality began unfolding at a much quicker pace after reaching sixty.


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I grew up raised a Christian and believing that God was there beside me and always felt God watching me. Later I turned away due to friends who were atheists. I have been on and off with religion. At times I tried to believe in God though I did not really have any idea about the Christian idea of God or what Christians believed about God, but I have always been a spiritual person. No matter how I tried to reject the things that I could not prove, I always seemed to have an innate belief for the supernatural. In the past few years, I accepted myself as an agnostic - I believed that there was something more than what contemporary science could prove, but I did not know what that was yet.

Recently, I have begun to be more interested in my beliefs. My main turning point in my belief that there is something more out there are accounts of religious experience - miracles, stigmata, etc. I also watched a TV show that talked about cases of haunted houses, and have talked to people who have had strange experiences with other spirits. These have lead me to the conviction that there is something more and that modern science does not yet have all the answers. Recently, I have tried to find out more about different religions, including Christianity, Islam, Wicca, etc. but have decided that my beliefs can best be described as Spiritualist.


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I didn't come to spirituality until very recently- the past five or six years. I grew up in a very abusive/cynical home- even the word 'spirituality' itself probably would have been discounted. :(

I came to practing the Law of Attraction and that sort of thing, consciousness and awareness through many hardships, and seeking answers to pains of life which were too overwhelming- and kept returning to it over and over again- at first with lots of pessimism (I would go to the therapist from university to help me with suicide attemps and first she would tell me about personality- traits that in retrospect were scientology based! uhh..-->from there I would find buddhism and zen concepts, koans that stimulated my mind- and I got used to having no desires- that then took me to nilist/philosophical black hole, existentialism and then I started dissacociating...) Which got so bad and I had to stop reading everything just cause I couldn't handle the world at all whatsoever. But then I started reading about focusing on your desires and that helped me immensely- and so I decided to stick with what felt good versus what I thought intellectually I should live by..

The pessimism would ebb and flow over time and then later on less and less as I learned some lessons that would work and would seek to implement it over again- stick with the good stuff that helped me and felt that worked.

I battled an eating disorder for 4 years, went to the hospital 3 times for mental problems, got hit by a car twice, dropped out of school then graduated within a few months later, lived in a foreign country, suffered Depersonalization Derealization disorder, went several years without having any family and friends, escaped from an abusive family, traveled to the other side of the country and lived in a squatter house, got kicked out of my apt and started my own business- all of those hardships led me over and over and over and over again back to the same spiritual teachings, even just a little at first until I came here and found Abraham Hicks and things like that and now I am totally into it. I believe fully in cultivating and focusing on desires and things that are received in life- the upward spiral for sure.

so for me its definitely been something I have developed and improved, trial and error- cultivated interest in over time. Whats really interesting to me is how varied spirituality can be- and even how it overlaps with things like wealth consciousness, relationships etc- but over it all I still try to be aware of fear-based tactics- like "work harder for your success in life" things like that- even if the message is overall good- I take what works for me and leave out what feels wrong or pressured.

I think the biggest thing for me now in terms of draw about spirituality- is that currently on the cutting edge of science we have data that supports energy in health and life- jennifer hough comes to mind with her arguments about DNA encoding- telemeres, and how an atom is compromised, how thoughts affect water crystals, plants, and of course the basics of energy and quantum physics- its all in direct alignment with things that the general public sees as "woo-woo" it really isn't woowoo, especially if science is beginning to confirm alot of things. That to me is getting to the core of what it really means vibrationally.

I think separating different definitions of "god" helps too- there is the "god" in our society that is seen as the proverbial "master controller" old man in a beard who lords over us- this is also the god that has been discounted in post modern philosophy- as the missing ingredient/lost spirit in our isolated society.

But there is also the definition of "god" on these forms which is more along the lines of "the universe"- something we co-create with- more of an energetic signal-feedback system. It is not one thing and it is not of one substance and it DEFINITELY is not something we should fear. In a way its just more so a mirror of us- or a mirror we can work with and through. At least thats my interpretation. "God" in that sense could just be our mirror/matrix.


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well for me when i was young i was silent observer analytic empath(could feel other people emotion jealous fear anger)toward me! and people hit me from the back on the head with rock or would gang up on me or tell lie to put me in trouble! then seeing no way out i went in!meditated for 2 months and achived being born of water an spirit going above and i can tell you in truth, the pure of hearth do see god!


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white tiger

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Hey, white tiger, if you keep giving just me points all in the same day, they will get taken away, and you will kicked out! Watch it!Jai

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well jai i give point when i see good question or answer is it not good to do that?

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how much point do we have per day?

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You can vote up to 30 times in one day white tiger.

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ty flowing water

(04 May '11, 07:32) white tiger

White Tiger sorry to hear of your tough childhood/youth. Well here at Inward Quest you have people that apreciate you and your oppinions. I'm glad that you went inward and had your experiance with God.

(06 Sep '11, 06:54) Paulina 1

thank you Paulina Giao but nothing happen with out a reason and maybe it was needed so that i went to i do not regret my experience. as for the wicked they will get their judgement one day. i apreciate you also people from inward quest.

(06 Sep '11, 07:11) white tiger
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This, frankly, is an amazing story! I think that, like most things, spirituality really depends on the individual.

I wasn't always spiritual, but I was curious. I recall at one point when I was about six even wondering what it was like to be lying dead in the coffin underground. Then my mom started teaching us about reincarnation, manifesting, and the Law of Attraction.

In early 2009, I began to develop the beginnings of my spirituality. The album "New Gold Dream (81-82-83-84) by Simple Minds, especially the song "Somebody Up There Likes You", when combined with long walks about the back of my family's property in late afternoon amongst the trees really helped my spirituality.

Today, I consider what I believe to be a cross between Anglicanism, Orthodoxy, New Thought, and what I believed in 2009.

You are very clearly an immensely spiritual person, my friend. Maybe you're a sage or something, Follow the spirit, and you won't go wrong.


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