I don't know from when I have this question in the mind. Who inserted it into my mind. But always somewhere in background of my mind, some one is always asking me "involvement in sex is spiritual or not?"

Is it not true that life start from the wonderful feeling that experienced only in sex (love). Is is not true that one of our ideas (in subconscious mind) is planning for having sex (now and then, here and there).

All species gives birth to their offspring after sex. By this one fact I feel like "sex is spiritual". I also feel like the spiritual person should enjoy the sex the most then any other individuals who do not practice spirituality.

The idea sex immediately take our imagination the mating of male of female organs. Give rise to some funny laughs at it. Instead why don't develop the idea like when we hear the term 'sex' the very next we should understand it is 'love' not just the union of organs.

sex = love, love = relationship, relationship = business, business = creativity, creativity = cultures, cultures = generations, generations = sex.

Jesus, Seetha (Hindu goddess) took birth without involvement of sex. Please do not stick to mysterious facts which is not into our practical experiences.

Do not attempt your answer by saying sex is a sin if you are took birth by sex.

How spiritual is sex?

Cheerful please :)

asked 21 May '14, 12:56

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sex is mysterious to me. Because I didn't experience it practically. Though I see sex everywhere, in everyone eyes.

(21 May '14, 23:58) PERFECT GOOD

I think sex is not completely understand or explored in it's real sense. It might maintained as secret among infinite secrets. Because If sex is considered as sacred acts, then every individual always will to involve in sex at every hour.

There is much more to say... but I limit it here.

(22 May '14, 00:05) PERFECT GOOD

Internal touch engineering is important. Work on it and enjoy. Please do not keep any limitations. Because sex is pure and sacred.

(22 May '14, 04:30) PERFECT GOOD

I urge all human being all at once get involve in sex.

Wow everybody is in sex.

My heart filling their love, slowly and slowly.

(22 May '14, 06:52) PERFECT GOOD

Dear all, please remember that when you involve in sex. You are filling my heart with love.

In other words you are phaking my heart, so phak hardly and enjoy yourself.

(22 May '14, 09:13) PERFECT GOOD

I just observed my heart beats, it is vibrating like someone is phaking it very closly.

(22 May '14, 09:23) PERFECT GOOD

hope so he is god. Oh god please, more more and more.. I don't know when heart satisfies.

Please give me all the strength that helps me to satisfy my heart desires. Or continue to cooperate with you.

(22 May '14, 09:26) PERFECT GOOD

@Jaz.. could you join me with your thoughts.

(22 May '14, 09:31) PERFECT GOOD

Please vote my question. To feel the world is ok, you and me as well ok with it.

(22 May '14, 09:56) PERFECT GOOD
(22 May '14, 11:28) jaz

Thanks to Robert peng. The article made me feel comfortable that I'm on the right track.

Love to thank you @Jaz for the reference of this pure article.

(22 May '14, 11:49) PERFECT GOOD

@Jaz your article reference is equal to many votes. No more votes needed to this question anymore.

Thank you.

(22 May '14, 12:06) PERFECT GOOD

I would just add that sex is a spiritual as you make it, or decide to make it. It is a beautiful thing, children are beautiful - if that is your goal, and the act of sharing yourself with someone you love for one anothers mutual pleasure is a beautiful thing as well.

(22 May '14, 15:29) Silverbird

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(22 May '14, 23:38) PERFECT GOOD

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(22 May '14, 23:45) PERFECT GOOD

I do not want to hurt boys self esteem by saying "I want to give a matured kiss to all the girls on IQ" but instead I want to share my self esteem with all boys on IQ.

Come on it's OK now, we are all are one, we have to believe our soul. We love each other.

Please no more objection on this subject.

Cheerful :)

(23 May '14, 02:31) PERFECT GOOD
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I hope this helps.

"As a species, presently at least in the Western world, you equate sex and love.  You imagine that sexual expression is the only one natural love.  Love, in other words, must it seems express itself exclusively through the exploration, in one way or another, of the beloved's sexual portions."

"Love is the force out of which being comes.  Love seeks expresion and creativity .  Sexual expression is one way that love seeks creativity.  It is hardly the only way, however.  Love finds expression through the arts, religion, play, and helpful actions toward others."

"Again, it is natural to express love through sexual acts- natural and good.  It is not natural to express love only through sexual acts, however."

Source: The Nature of the Psyche-It's Human Expression (A Seth Book)


answered 21 May '14, 17:56

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@TA I think all love acts whether art, music, dance and many are the high expressions of sexual acts.

(21 May '14, 23:36) PERFECT GOOD

@TA Breathing (in and out) itself is a sexual act.

if you enjoy your breathing then you see satisfy your sexual want. Which also results in multiplying for sexual desire more and more.

(21 May '14, 23:43) PERFECT GOOD

Breathing has so much power and many many expression in it.

Breathing or air is infinite.

(21 May '14, 23:50) PERFECT GOOD
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I see sex as a natural instrument of the human body. Male gives and female receives for the purpose of reproduction. Is it spiritual? Yes, to a degree. The physically sweaty, out of breath, act of sex is equal to jogging. The emotions of love involved in sex are beautiful when you are in sync with the other person and it feels as if it's a spiritual experience. A lot of sexual romantic feelings are "learned" from what we have seen from others like parents, friends, strangers, and Hollywood movies but again that goes back to the male giving and the female receiving. The natural euphoric release in the body is so we will want to continue reproducing. Many people get addicted to that feeling and are constantly seeking to satisfy that urge.

Unfortunately, many are taught that sex is a tool, a paycheque, a reward, entertainment. "You want sex you have to marry me!", "We'll have sex after you mow the lawn", "Buy me a new car and you'll get sex for a year!" Strippers and prosittutes using sex as a tool for money. Watch males and females picking up at a bars for a one night stand, that's sex as entertainment. Internet porn is entertainment. Sex is now treated as if having an itchy ear and you stick your finger in to scratch it. It's hard to see the spirituality through the fog but I think if you're with a person you're in harmony with....that is where you will find the spirituality.


answered 21 May '14, 22:43

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Thought for today - how do I become more spiritual and more aware? ... to become more spiritual and more aware I should become more involved in the physical ... physical and spiritual go hand in hand, ignoring any physical aspect whatever that physical aspect may be is ignoring the spiritual counterpart, its auto-limiting

alt text


answered 22 May '14, 02:44

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Thank you for sharing the "eyes sticking picture". Love you.

(22 May '14, 03:08) PERFECT GOOD

"ignoring any physical aspect is ignoring the spiritual counterpart" well said @Jaz

(22 May '14, 03:11) PERFECT GOOD

My mouth is filled with that kiss. Continue kissing., my hunger for kiss never lessen.

(22 May '14, 06:33) PERFECT GOOD
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This is my answer to the original question "How spiritual Sex is?" Which I think is a better question than "explain the wonders of sex" which I would prefer to let you discover for yourself. I did, however imagine a number of humorous responses. I think you will get a better response from the original question. I may be wrong, however.

This is an interesting question in the sense that although you might get a wide variety of opinions, I do not think you will find any that can really answer the question objectively. The reason is the same that brings misunderstanding and debate to any question that uses the term spiritual or spirituality in its context. Despite the dictionaries attempt to define spiritual, the words meaning can vary from one person to the next. When a word such as this is used so often with no clear definition it can easily become meaningless. I have seen or experience this so many times, where the word spiritual or spirituality is used, that I am trying to avoid using it where possible. With this in mind, I want to try to answer the question from some different perspectives about the meaning of spiritual or spirituality.

Beginning with one of the dictionary definitions of spiritual that makes a clear distinction between physical and non-physical. From this perspective, what is spiritual is only that which pertains to the spirit or soul and is non-physical, incorporeal, supernatural, and exists in spirit form. From this perspective, the answer to your question would have to be that sex is not spiritual at all.

Sex is a purely physical act and all the wonderful feelings associated with sex are because of pleasure producing hormones released by the brain and felt throughout the body. When love is involved, there may be an additional psychological element that adds to the experience. However, it is very debatable whether being in love with your partner guarantees better sex. Can you honestly say that a five minute session between a couple deeply in love is better than a three hour, multiple "O" merry-go-round the world adventure between a couple who just enjoy sex together but don't choose to be in a relationship. I seriously doubt it.

This perspective is further supported by information about our own nature as souls and spirit beings which suggests that souls are androgynous beings that incorporate both male and female elements and are able to outwardly appear as either, at will, and by choice, depending on circumstances. Personally, I am inclined to agree with this perspective on the question of "How spiritual sex is?"

Another popular understanding of being spiritual is one from a religious perspective. From this view, spiritual would include any thing or matter that is considered sacred. Someone with this perspective that views the union of man and wife in marriage as something sacred and therefore sex between them would be sacred as well. They are likely to answer the questionof how spiritual sex is, by saying it is a very spiritual activity, even to the point of ignoring any physical pleasure. They may believe that any pleasure is a result of the devils influence and original sin.

Other perspectives on spirituality will yield answers that depend on certain conditions being present for sex to be spiritual. For instance, they might see sex as spiritual only between married couples, or only when it is for purposes of procreation, or only certain sex acts are spiritual while others are not. Yes, if it's with someone. No when your by yourself. For some, eating a meal is spiritual, fasting is spiritual, even working out can be spiritual for some. If you believe it is, then so it will be.

In the end, like everything else, how spiritual is sex will be a matter of perception, perspective, and how one defines "spiritual". It really is up to each individual involved to decide if sex, for them, is something spiritual and to what degree, as well as what , if any, conditions apply. Today it is, yesterday it was not, and tomorrow remains to be seen. You make it as spiritual as you individually believe it to be. Your partner may not view sex as spiritual. That shouldn't stop it from being spiritual for you. It's a good question, however, I would suggest you just enjoy it while you can and try not to ponder this question during those moments.:)


answered 22 May '14, 07:28

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@i4cim2b I read your answer. It's a good one. Thank you.

(22 May '14, 08:01) PERFECT GOOD

In respect to your answer, I change my question to the original one.

Expecting your love to my change. Thank you.

(22 May '14, 09:02) PERFECT GOOD

@PERFECT GOOD Sent 3X love on wings of eagle. Save some for a rainy day. :)

(23 May '14, 06:24) i4cim2b
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humankind is such from the
three major components of
body, soul and spirit
acting as a unit with

a capacity to self
reflect and be aware,
all activity ought be
balanced with the three


answered 23 May '14, 20:37

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Sex now causes more than 50 million abortion every year (something more than the casualties of all the terrorists activities and all the wars put together) and population explosion which brings in untold problems and miseries.

Now think of the question again: How spiritual sex is?


answered 22 May '14, 02:12

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T D Joseph

I have understand your direction that made me to thing about my question. But still I think your answer need to be extended to justify your example

(22 May '14, 02:46) PERFECT GOOD

That is an irresponsible answer T D Joseph. Sex does not cause abortions. People get abortions. Hamburgers don't kill people, people ingest too many high fat foods and kill themselves. We all have choices to make, some people choose to get abortions. Some people choose to engage in sexual congress without forward thinking. You could responsibly say that sex casues children, I would buy that. Trying to keep it cheerful PERFECT GOOD...

(22 May '14, 15:27) Silverbird
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