I noticed I'm focusing too much on myself lately.

How do I overcome this without feeling like I am ignoring things at the same time?

Shouldn't I be concerned with things that don't feel right and to what degree.

I would say that for most people here, it appears it is to a high degree we focus this way...or maybe it's just me...

asked 08 Feb '11, 01:20

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I like to think that a better Me equals a better World. I have to focus on myself so I can Be more for the world. The more love and understanding I have the more love and understanding I can give to the world. And I do it like this; I breathe deeply into my heart gathering love, and then I imagine that I am holding a miniature Earth like I would hold a baby, and I give my love to the whole Earth. This is a win win because You and the Earth and all it's life will benefit.

Love and Blessings


answered 08 Feb '11, 11:18

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I think the key B2B is that it's okay to be concerned with things, but we have to be careful not to become obsessed with them. We also came here to live and experience a human existence and I think that balance is the key. It's pretty pointless, if I'm awakening spiritually, but I don't embody what I'm learning in my everyday interactions.


answered 08 Feb '11, 03:02

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