I read somewhere that you can raise your vibrations. How do you raise your vibrations?

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Please continue to add answers to the question and I thank you for all of your answers.

(21 Oct '09, 02:34) flowingwater
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Thanks i will check it out.

(06 Oct '09, 10:45) flowingwater

I checked it out and it was great thanks.

(06 Oct '09, 10:58) flowingwater

Wow, that video gave me some insights to raising my vibrations I hadn't thought about. Thanks to all who answered my questions.

(07 Oct '09, 14:23) flowingwater
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You've probably heard of the famous blogger Steve Pavlina. I've been reading some of his stuff lately and he talks about "polarization". In a nutshell there are two sides of your being, which are polar opposites of one another. You have a light side and a dark side. You can also call them your giving nature and your selfish nature. Most people vacillate between the two and never go one direction or the other and for that very reason they never raise their vibration. According to Pavlina both paths lead to heightened awareness (i.e. vibration) and ultimately to God, enlightenment or whatever your believe in.

If you choose the light side (Pavlina is actually using the Star Wars analogy) you are choosing to dedicate your life to the good of all beings. As you become more and more polarized in that direction receiving takes care of itself through the law of attraction - the more you give the more you experience giving and loving people in you life.

If you choose the dark side you're choosing to live life for your own enjoyment. No one else is important. As you raise your vibration in that direction you become powerful and you are able to get more and more for yourself but the Universe balances itself by "sending you" greedy, power-driven people. You experience competition.

It may seem that the light side is the logical choice but Pavljna in his non-judging style says it us not. From an objective point of view both will raise your vibration. The dark side may even be experienced as more powerful. But the point is that one has to pick a side, otherwise one is stuck in mediocrity.

For much more information start with the article on polarity and then check out the related articles.


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No, I hadn't heard of the person you mention the person I read about said raising your vibrations increases your health of your physical body the higher your vibrations the healthier you are for the higher vibrations repels the negatives.

(05 Oct '09, 08:26) flowingwater

A very thought-provoking analogy.

(20 Oct '09, 05:31) Vesuvius

trippy knowledge

(26 Sep '11, 12:14) Nikulas
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One tried-and-tested way is to meditate. When you stop thought processes, your vibration rises naturally, because it is natural for you to have a high vibration; it is only thinking low-vibration thoughts that causes it to sink. (As a rule of thumb, thoughts that criticise anything or anyone or low vibration, thoughts that appreciate ar high vibration).

The true "King's Way" is to constantly find things to appreciate. The beautiful building. A nice car. The wonderfully paved street. The skillfully crafted and perfectly programmed traffic lights. Aspects of one's employer. (Wow! He manages to pay salaries on time, every time). Food. Skill. Power. Anything that feels good to find appreciation about, even if it's only the slightest bit.


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All the previous answers have merit. You may choose one or all. Quite simply when you are feeling a deep sense of love, gratitude or serenity your are raising your frequency. Bliss is even better. I felt out of sorts one day and did the following. It worked like a charm.

I simply looked around me and took stock of all the things I was thankful for. In my living room alone there were about 25 things. I appreciated and was thankful for the color on the walls, the fact that my dog is devoted to me, that my plants are abundant, that I had a TV, had cable, nice curtains ect. The list went on and in 5 minutes I felt vibrant, energetic and quite cheerful and happy. I raised my vibration.

If you want a quick way to stay in that frequency start every morning as soon as your eyes open with this - I wrote it for myself. You can say I bless my life or thank the universe/God (whatever you believe).

Bless/Thank you for my life – the way I live, the daily experiences, the freedom to choose how and when I want to do things, and for the family & love I have in my life.

Bless/Thank you for my path in this life. It is aware, conscious, compassionate and empowered with choices. I know my mind is a powerful creator and I choose to use it well.

Bless/Thank you for my journey, my incarnation into this life. I have learned much and choose to continue learning – without pain, that I am a powerful spiritual being, that my experiences are choices and I get to choose them. Today I choose joy and abundance.


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Thank you and I like the way you say Thank you for this journey and I choose to continue learning without pain and that I am an powerful spiritual being and that my experiences are my choicies and today I choose joy and abundance. Most people pray to God but you are saying I thank you that you have given me the ability to choose and I choose this day JOY and ABUNDANCE this is so great thank you. Most people fail to choose they choose by default which is not making an decision so thank you. We forget we have an free will and that we must make an choice or it will be by default. Have nice day.

(20 Oct '09, 19:34) flowingwater

You can raise your vibration by visualising and applying happy and harmonious thinking in your daily life to yourself and others. When you do this on a continuous basis your energy field strengthens from within you outwardly, and you benefit on all levels of your being.


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This video is soooooo good. Bashar is like the Mt Everest of LOA

(26 Sep '11, 12:28) Nikulas

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.


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