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As you think so shall you be.

asked 25 Jan '11, 10:36

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wikified 22 Aug '12, 04:40

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Of course I am Amazing!!!!!! And so are you!



answered 25 Jan '11, 11:37

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Besides Love, I think Amazing comes closest to describing who we are - I Am beyond belief, and so are you :)


answered 25 Jan '11, 14:28

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To be called AMAZING gives us a real zing.It reminds us that we are!!

(26 Jan '11, 07:11) evelyn

No I am not amazing, in fact, I am more than amazing, I am unique, and there is not another person on the face of the earth exactly like me, or you, so that is amazing!

Great question!


answered 26 Jan '11, 06:27

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Inactive User ♦♦

That you Are Vee! namaste

(26 Jan '11, 07:26) daniele

Sometimes I am, sometimes I'm not. This whole being a human thing tends to have some inconsistencies inherent built in :)

Oh well we'll give it a go again today.

From the road in Texarkana Tx




answered 25 Jan '11, 12:58

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jim 10

You Are always amazing - You just don't always realize it from a human perception :)

(25 Jan '11, 14:30) Michaela

Nice hearing from You, Michaela.

Is 'Tx' -- Texas? ;]

(25 Jan '11, 15:18) wildlife

Michaela is right! You, Michael, are alwaysssssssssss Amazing!

(25 Jan '11, 16:21) daniele
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I loved reading this post and responses! Thanks so much for asking the question.

If the universe is amazing (have you taken a look recently? It is...) and we are a natural part of the universe, then, although it is often easy to not see it, we are in our nature beautiful and amazing, and beautifully amazing.

Ask yourself this, what is possible from the mind and heart of the human being?

Answer: We haven't even scratched the surface...

Take care, and have an awesome day

Warmest Regards



answered 30 Jan '11, 12:51

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Sukh Singh

edited 09 Feb '11, 23:47

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Barry Allen ♦♦

I read this question a few days ago, and I answered it to myself with an instant "hmm I guess". I was feeling pretty down that day.

Last night I had a great night with family and this morning I had a great workout with my brother. I opened IQ and saw this question again, first thing I thought was "I bloody well am!".

It felt great!

Much Love,



answered 30 Jan '11, 14:59

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Good for you - And so you are :)

(30 Jan '11, 15:23) Michaela
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