I can manage to sit perfectly still for 30 minutes as instructed in the first Master Key System exercise, but I do swallow movements to swallow my saliva and my body is involuntarily shaking randomly.

Does that count?

asked 26 Oct '09, 17:51

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Maria 1

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Yes, it does count.

I believe that exercise is meant to be a demonstration of just how indisciplined most of us are regarding our physical bodies.

If you have never in your life sat down perfectly still for 30 minutes before, it will seem like an almost impossible task and the symptoms you are describing perhaps illustrate some of the problems of bodily self-control.

But the more you practice the easier it gets until, one day, you look back and wonder why anyone ever has any trouble sitting still. :)


answered 26 Oct '09, 19:49

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I asked a similar question... I was told with time this wouldn't happen and to just keep practicing. This definitely works but it requires alot of maintenance. The thoughts become so mental that they just seem to lose grasp of the phsical in a sense. Before anything else, please master this. It will count only if you 100% know you are doing it right which is a subjective process. Good Luck :)


answered 27 Oct '09, 00:11

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Thanks a lot for advice! I´ve really been a bit down because of the shaking/shivering, and I didn´t know what to do with my saliva without swallowing it? I can rather easy sit for 30 minutes,though it isn´t a totally comfortable experience. The shivering seems to be because my body is so tense and not used to sit down and take it easy/do nothing. Can I go further to step two, or do I fail with it at this point?

(30 Oct '09, 19:40) tryingirl

I went to step 2. I still set an alarm to ensure that I am sitting still for the whole 30 minutes so that it becomes more of a subconscious act. If for the first minutes relaxation is emphasized then there are no involuntary movements, but this may just work for me.

(02 Nov '09, 03:31) Andrew

Thanks Andrew! Do you feel as you are totally ready now to take in part two?

Does it work for you?(curious)

(02 Nov '09, 13:55) Maria 2

You're welcome. Yes I do and have been doing it for a little while now. Just like part 1 it at first seems impossible then day by day it gets to be more and more a part of your thinking. It works perfectly and I am really excited to see life through the eyes of a person who has successfully accomplished this book.

(04 Nov '09, 02:51) Andrew 2

Oh I´m excited to hear Andrew! I can see for myself now that the involuntary movements have decreased, so I hope I soon can go further to step 2.

(04 Nov '09, 15:20) tryingirl

Yeah it should definitely be worth the effort. But if you ever have any more questions I could try to find a way to give you my email? it's good knowing I'm not the only person who is starting this and doing it right you know?

(05 Nov '09, 00:31) Andrew 2

It would be nice! Well how could we work it out?

(05 Nov '09, 08:40) Maria 2

email me at thenemyofmyself@yahoo.com it's a junk email account that i don't use for anything important

(05 Nov '09, 23:14) Andrew 2

We've now added a Facebook page to make it easier for website users to exchange information like this.

(08 Nov '09, 09:28) Barry Allen ♦♦
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Perfectly still means to do nothing, just be empty. It's the basis of all esoteric work. The physiological counterpart of the mind is the brain that's divided into two parts, left and right. The right mind is associated with feeling, the left mind is associated with thoughts and logic. Creative impulses arise from within us from both left and right parts. Being perfectly still and aware of our body means we're accessing our right mind and freeing ourselves of the thought process, consequently opening ourselves up to the intuitive process. This is how by simply being still and wishing to know about what is happening on a particular subject, anyone can learn lot's of things that are usually hidden from our consciousness.

alt text


answered 12 Jul '13, 11:11

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I like this answer.

(12 Jul '13, 23:44) The Traveller

Involuntary bodily reactions don't mean you've failed this exercise. The main point is the beginnings of being disciplined. It begins with the body and advances to the mind in the next lesson. Yes, a part of the learning is to see how very undisciplined we are, but the goal is not just knowing that, it is to become disciplined in body and mind.

Our lives are incredibly distracted by all kinds of stimuli. It's amazing to me how freaked out some people get with silence. But it's in the stillness and silence that our mind can become fully engaged in the creative process.

Take it step by step. It's a growth process. Never be down on yourself. It's an exercise and as with any kind of exercise, you will get better at it.


answered 30 Oct '09, 08:54

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quote from a similar thread: "There is no day's physical work harder than ten minutes real proper thinking"

This exercise totally demonstrates how true it is..especially if you are studying the master-key for the first time. Having just started a few days, ago, I realize this 30minutes not only teaches you how to be disciplined, but it's also a way to test your persistence, endurance, and show you how well you could have spent that time straigtening out your thoughts instead of wasting it on tv or some computer games... it's like an eternity worth of time for you to think everything you would want to think about.


answered 03 Nov '09, 09:34

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Perfectly still means silencing the body and mind. Body still has certain involuntary movements but developing the ability to ignore is important. Stilling the mind means reducing the thoughts completely so one can experience the vacuum within. With practice, one can get to silence the mind within few minutes.


answered 18 Aug '22, 18:11

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