Well I have just started on the Master Key System last week, and had been having troubles with the 1st exercise. For the 1st few days I could only manage 5-8 minutes before I eventually gave up, but today I managed to hit the 15 minute mark but with weird consequences that I had to stop after 15 minutes.

When I hit the 10 minute mark, I could already feel my hands and legs starting to suffer a little bit of cramp, but through some involuntarily small movements it went away..after which it was a completely still 5 more minutes, but the moment I hit the 15 minute mark I began to experience terrible cramps in both my arms and legs which continued for a few more minutes.

Thus I am a little bit scared now and wondering has anybody else had similar experiences, be it in terms of cramps or other weird effects after completing the exercise? And that is it normal for me to experience such effects?

(p.s the way I sat was cross-legged with my arms on my laps and my upper body upright)

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Whether you should be concerned or not really depends on how often you sit in that cross-legged position for that amount of time.

If this is the first time, then all you are experiencing is the uncomfortableness of that position when your body is not used to it. Personally, I just use a nice padded chair with my feet flat on the floor and just rest my hands in my lap.

There's really no need to punish yourself with this exercise. Just choose a nice, comfortable position and enjoy the quiet time. Over time, this exercise is something you should arise from feeling refreshed, revitalized and clear-headed.


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Like your answer of comfort Stingray. I am sure it will help someone.

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Thanks flowingwater

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If it's been awhile since you've seen a doctor, you should get a checkup. Then, do some things that will insure that your body is in balance:

  1. Eat well. Include some live foods such as salads. Reduce your salt, sugar and fat intake.
  2. Get 20 minutes of exercise that makes you break a sweat, each day. Include stretching exercises (warmup your muscles first before stretching).
  3. Get enough sleep.
  4. Make sure you are drinking enough plain water, two or three glasses each day. Avoid sodas and other high sources of sugar, at least for awhile. Avoid caffeine.

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I have experienced the same thing. It took me over three months to master Part One. For some people it can be difficult, if you have a body which is very tense. I had to try a lot of different positions before I got one which I could relax in. The one I finally got is the half lotus( one leg on the other thigh, one leg under the opposite). I had to make a lot of stretching too, to make it comfortable. I could, after about a month, manage to not move my body for 30 minutes. But my body moved for itself! It shaked involuntary and I couldn´t do anything but practise and practise and try to relax...after some time it got better and better. Now I´m close to free from shivering, i feel some shaking like on the inside, but I am not moving my body on the outside. I thought I NEVER should manage this, because the tension that I felt was so incomfortable and I thought it would never stop. I want to tell everyon who is fighting to manage this: JUST KEEP ON PRACTISING! Dont give up, sooner or later it will work for you too. best regards


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I read a couple of days another post which led me to this site: http://www.alexandertechnique.com/

I just started researching it yesterday and seems that it could help you out. Cheers!


answered 14 Feb '12, 10:44

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