Above question came into mind from reading this paragraph in The Master Key System:

.42. We live in a fathomless sea of plastic mind substance. This substance is ever alive and active. It is sensitive to the highest degree. It takes form according to the mental demand. Thought forms the mold or matrix from which the substance expresses. -ref

Looking at a lot of these posts, hearing others, etc. it appears perceived issues move one's Inward Quest forward. I myself find it easy to forget about these things when situations "feel" good.

How can we keep it forward with the same thirst when there are no problems?

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Hi B2B, That is really a great Question. I just ask my own question about staying busy at work; then answered it myself. If I look into it deeply enough I really don't have any problems today. To tell you the truth I stay active on this site to keep myself positive. I think staying active helps me to ward off fear of lack. Also the site keeps me feeling deserving. I probably suffer from some old ideas. It fells great when I can help someone else. My own slant on a question my be key for someone looking for answers. I pour over the questions to see if I can be of any help. It rocks my boat. Blessings


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I think a more "preventative approach" is a great motivator. That way problems are less likely to arise as well.

(02 Dec '10, 17:14) Back2Basics

We can't. Problems and contrast are the main thing that is allowing the universe to be constantly expanding. With every answer comes another question... with every fulfilment of a desire comes another one...because we can never stop thinking for some reason.

If there were no problems in the world, there wouldn't really be a need anymore to search for the world within or move our inward quest forward, right?


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I would hope that is not the only reason to develop an Inward Quest.

(02 Dec '10, 17:13) Back2Basics

well I guess it really depends on how you look at problems :) To me, I see problems as a way of continously improving myself

(03 Dec '10, 00:24) kakaboo

yes @kakaboo continuous improvement; I prefer the word "challenge" which denotes a stimulating call to involvement rather than the word "problem" which denotes hardship.

(25 Sep '15, 04:50) jaz
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I think that while we live on this planet problems WILL be a prime motivator.

There what provides a contrast after all.



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Monty Riviera

The way I did it was just like that: I decided that I will work on my self. It is as simple as that. Once I've taken that decision the outside problems and distractions would wait for me to end my work within to come and compete for my attention.

Thank you, namaste


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I can continue to be the best person that I can be, by working with others in a positive way, and when a problem arises, I can continue to problem solve in a positive way to the best of my ability, but I would not let anyone take my power away from me for selfish reasons. It is a case of knowing ones’ self!


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Dear Back2Basics. The core substance is formless and form is given by mental action. The only lever to this formless substance to go take a form is through the thoughts. There needs to be no issue or something to get your attention from mundane world. Whether at work or not, whether at a party or alone, the mental action keeps going and shapes our reality. The real challenge is staying focused on the outcome you want to accomplish and not think of anything else that you do not want to take form. For example thinking of health, wealth and happiness even when you are not.... Hope that helps.


answered 18 Aug '22, 17:53

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The world within is the Alpha and Omega. It is all of creativity past, present and future. It is the Akashic Records where all knowledge is accessed. We are the problem with our interpretations. We are singular in thought trying to interpret infinity. A problem can't be separated from our perception, because WE are the filter. For one person's situation, there could be a problem, for another, just a minor setback. You have the answer already in you. Through the silence of your thought comes the access to the Records within.


answered 07 Oct '15, 21:13

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The Knights Alchemy

Let love be your motivator, do it because you want to help create a better world. I don't think to have 'problems' must be a motivator, I believe love must be the main motivator.


answered 08 Oct '15, 15:27

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