So, when we desire something there are two ends of the stick i.e. two possible manifestations of it: the thing we desire, and the lack of it.

Abraham once suggested that black holes were the expulsion of the opposite of our desires.

Could it be that the black hole is inverting our negative possibilities (turning them around, just like the human eye or a glass orb flips the world) and distributing them into the Vortices of others... or into an alternative universe?

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I remember Abraham talking some years ago briefly about Black Holes but I don't remember them saying they were the "expulsion of the opposite of our desires". I would be interested in having a listen to their exact words. Could you point me towards which recording they mentioned this on?

To my understanding, the absence of a thing is not a's just the lack of a thing from your reality.

Check out Will my new house manifest? for more information on what I mean by this.

For example, the absence of light is dark but dark is not a thing in itself, it's just that there is relatively less light in that place compared to other places you are just out of alignment with the presence of light in that "dark" place in that moment.

So, to answer your question, I would say the opposite of your desire (the other end of the "stick") does not go anywhere or do's only a vibrational place where what you want isn't :)


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Those were my words :)

(19 Feb '11, 12:34) all2gethernow

I will try to find it for u. Thank you for your answer ;)

(19 Feb '11, 12:39) all2gethernow

In my opinion Abraham is speaking directly about Positive Manifestation verses Negative Manifestation.............either way CREATION. So my take on this is that whenever we increase the level of positive feeling to high levels such as desire, the positive manifestation we request will occure. The opposite to this would be Black Hole or negative creation. Think about it would not conciously desire an undesirable outcome, however you may have started off with the positive desire and a high level of positive thought,desire/feeling but if you let your negative thoughts or words around this go unchecked you can dilute the orignal desire and then miss the original target by a mile. However, the other unchecked thoughts/feelings revert back to you bringing about a negative feeling / experience in your world of reality. Either way you are still creating.

Hope this has helped


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i am lead to believe that the opposite end of our desires remain with us in our karma, that we are responsible for our choices and forces set in motion by them
and nodoubtedly has an effect on all within our 'ring pass not'


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What's a "ring pass not?"

(23 Feb '11, 21:10) all2gethernow

the area in which we live in, or allow ourselves to live in; into what is taken into consideration. it can be 'googled'. i would liken it to a hierarchy for which there is definition, as opposed to being boundless.

(24 Feb '11, 02:41) fred

I never heard that, I am new here to this and these people. But the opposite of your manifistation, is the lack of your manifistation. Usually you already have realized that "end of the stick." You can either manifest more lack, or you can manifest what you want, maybe not what you think you want, but what you are telling the universe, so to speak, that you want. This is where our own emotions, limiting beliefs, etc... stand in our way of manifesting what we think we want. Maybe someone manifests bad relationships by focusing on what they don't want, when what they think they want is a good relationship. Maybe they don't know what a good relationship looks like, so they only visualize the bad relationships they have experienced, and try to manifest the oposite of that. EFT is a tapping method that can clear those emotions and limiting beliefs so that we can manifest what we really want.


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I believe the other end of the stick is similar to a radio station that you never tune into.

If your desire is on 107.5 FM and the other end of the stick is 600 AM.

You have the choice to tune into which ever frequency/vibration you desire. As long as you are tuned into 107.5 and are enjoying the smooth sounds/experience :) it provides 600 am can never show up in your experience. However 600am does exsist, vibrationally but does not affect your expereience if you are not tuned into it. :)

Hope that helps a bit.


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