Sooo, i'm back with another question.

this morning when going through my focus blocks it really helped me see that things are really changing in my life. Or the way i'm feeling about life is changing. It's amazing how I can live with less resistance and how amazing life is when you just flow with it.

Ok back to the question. What steps can I take to manifest a business or a stream of income? I have a good idea of the type of business I want. DO I make a focus block about it? DO I visualize? How do I put the clear desire out to the Universe so that source matches that energy.

I do understand that my real job is alignment but how do I put the desire clearly so that I can align with it.


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Chris 2

There are two ways to align with what you want.

  1. Mold your vibration about what you want into a better-feeling place and then take inspired action, if any is required. (Manifesting Experiments 1 & 2) ...and keep molding your vibration until what you want manifests. (Manifesting Experiment 2)

  2. Take a little bit of action to feel better about what you want, and then use that new better feeling to lead you to more inspired actions to feel even better, which lead you to more inspired actions to feel even better, and so on. (Manifesting Experiment 3, maybe?)

Manifesting Experiments 1 & 2 have been aimed around the first approach, but the second approach is what I'm looking at right now.

What I'm investigating and playing with at the moment is systematizing Abraham's Debt Reduction Process (mentioned in Ask & It Is Given) to use as, what could be called, vibrational goal-setting instead of purely action-based goal-setting.

Taking an action-based alignment approach might be quite useful when you have some highly specific ideas about what to do to get what you want, but you just don't have the resources available right now to do those things.

The basic idea is spoken about in some detail in the first track of Abraham's Think & Get Slim, though the idea is not really anything to do with weight just happened to be mentioned in that context.

I couldn't find an extract of the audio of the relevant part online anywhere but if this idea sounds interesting to you, and you want to try your own experiments with it, I can highly recommend getting a copy of that recording just for that first track.

Also, this web page goes into the idea a bit in the section titled "Expansion of the Method to Eliminate Other Resistance".

So there's a few ideas for you for a different systematic approach to manifesting than the two manifesting experiments so far.


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I eagerly look forward to your third chapter: "Manifesting Experiment 3: Getting What You Want by Taking Inspired Action."

(19 Aug '10, 20:48) Vesuvius

Nice Title, it will attract many readers

(20 Aug '10, 00:14) RPuls

THanks for you answer, As i'm studying Abe's teachings I see how we can begin something in a counterproductive way. I want to start a business that is in my stream of well being. I'll give these a try and just have fun with it!! I love inspired's so much easier! :)

(20 Aug '10, 00:23) Chris 2
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Well I would take a step in the direction on how to start your business. "" is a cool search engine. Type your question and it searches internet and gives you alternative questions. Example: How to start a "type your business concept here". Also. A great way to get your mind focused and attention on your business or income stream is to do a business plan. Just going through the steps to develop a business plan makes you research and ponder and get the visual of your business in your mind. There are many business plan programs out there, just google it.

Once you get this you can use your focus blocks and other manifesting techniques to make it happen.


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Thanks for your answer :) I'll do that.

(20 Aug '10, 23:50) Chris 2
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