In "Ask and It Is Given" Abraham describes the three steps in the manifestation process. Step three refers to allowing ourselves to receive the vibrational match that we asked for. I find that this is the most difficult step. When I am working on a focus block to get a better feeling towards a situation. It takes me a while to convince myself that I can make myself feel better. I dont need anyone's permission or any contribution from anyone. But it is still very hard to convince oneself. Even after I try it and it works, the second time I have to convince myself all over again. Why is this so difficult? Is it like trying to go against gravity. It feels almost as if we are going against the normal flow of things. Is it that we are going against the very nature of our beingness? or is it just because we were conditioned this way? Love to hear your views.

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Boy, I'd love to hear the answers to this one.

(30 Jun '10, 23:08) Vesuvius

This site is telepathic!! I was just struggling with this very thing. I too find it hard to maintain my new point of attraction and there is a constant struggle, I have to force myself to stay positive and honestly I end up with massive headaches as a result of this struggle, whereas its so very easy to slip into worry and doubt.

(01 Jul '10, 10:18) I Think Therefore I Am

Paradoxical statement considering you are "I Think Therefore I Am" isn't it? Don't struggle with the positive part. It's like shouting at someone "DAMN IT...I WANT YOU TO LOVE ME!" Allow yourself to slip into the worry and doubt & practice catching yourself doing it. Don't ride the worry in an endless daydream. Instead allow yourself to slip into worry again and again so that you can catch yourself doing that again and again. As you catch yourself, examine what you are worrying about & acknowledge that this is your choice of attraction. This way you can break it. It will take a while.

(01 Jul '10, 15:02) The Traveller

Thanks The Traveller that's a good tip.

(01 Jul '10, 18:29) I Think Therefore I Am

I understand what you are saying stingray but I still think that there is more it than what you are saying.

(03 Jul '10, 22:26) Drham
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It's just habit linked with a belief that it takes effort, that's all.

( See also: Do negative thoughts manifest faster than the positive? )

Beliefs are only habits of thought. And your reality is an exact reflection of your beliefs about it.

Habits maintain the status quo. And thanks to the Law of Attraction perpetuating whatever you are dominantly thinking, habits bring stability of focus to the physical reality in which we exist.

When those habits of thought change, your reality changes. There's really nothing more to it than that. That's one of the reasons why the study of habits interests me so much.

However, the idea of habit is much more subtle than we, as physical humans, think it is.

As far as reality creation is concerned, you are re-creating your entire Universe in every moment. So when you think you are not making any progress, it's really the case that the Universe you are re-creating in every moment just looks too similar (to you) to the one you created a moment ago.

In fact, if you really want to blow your mind and get even more precise about what's going on, there is only one moment in the whole Universe and you are just re-creating different perspectives on it. That's why you only have The Now...because that is the only moment in the whole of history that exists. Mind-stretching concept, isn't it? :)

So, if that's the case, then what we think of as habit is actually us being inflexible in our perspectives. This can be a good thing because, as I mentioned above, it brings stability of focus and that is the primary reason for focusing in this physical reality. The perspective of non-physical doesn't have this stability.

But consider then that the potential exists (if we can become more flexible) for us to completely alter anything in our entire Universe in any moment we have the potential to manifest anything you want instantly. It doesn't mean you will, but the potential exists for you to do so.

Interesting, don't you think? :)

Anyway back to your question...

This question touches on where I think the Focus Blocks Method is next evolving towards as far as being a systematic approach to reality other words, it's what I'm currently working on... :)

Everything you do in your life is either to avoid pain or seek pleasure. That's it. No exceptions.

We tend to reach points of balance with pain and pleasure that result in how we behave and also how we create our habits of thought (beliefs).

As soon as that pain/pleasure equilibrium shifts, our behavior (habits) shift...and the shift happens instantly and effortlessly.

Now what happens if you attach pleasure to a belief you want to become dominant, and pain to a belief you want to move away from?

Wouldn't you get an instant and effortless shift in your beliefs, and thereby an instant and effortless shift in your reality?

As it stands, Focus Blocks enhances the positive belief molding process (i.e. attaches more and more pleasure to a belief you want) by you coming up with good-feeling statements why the belief you want is true.

Now what happens if you simultaneously take the belief you don't want and add more and more pain to it, again using Focus Blocks, by making statements why the old belief cannot be true?

Wouldn't this lead a dramatic shift in your pain/pleasure equilibrium point regarding that habit of thought (belief)?

Something to experiment with, perhaps?

This is not a definite process that I'm advocating yet. I'm still experimenting with the ideas myself, and my approach may change as I gain more insights into it, so I can't really present it as a new method yet.

But for those of you who see the enormous potential of Focus Blocks and understand that, as far as the Universe is concerned, there are no limits as to what can be manifested and when, it's an idea you may wish to play with in your own life and see what happens.


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Thanks for these new concepts to consider :-)

(01 Jul '10, 13:44) Michaela

Very interesting...Looking forward to what you're working on ;)

(02 Jul '10, 14:49) BridgetJones09

Here are some possibilities:

  1. We don't feel like we have earned the happiness yet.

  2. It doesn't seem fair that we should be happy, when so many others are unhappy.

  3. We still believe that things outside of us will make us happy.

  4. We have made our happiness conditional on what others say or do.

  5. We confuse long-term happiness (acting with integrity, being truthful, etc.) with short-term happiness (partying, seeing the latest movie, wearing the latest fashion, etc.)

  6. We attach ourselves (become addicted) to those things which give us short-term happiness.

  7. We have forgotten that we can simply choose to feel good.


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