I hope I am not making you blush with this question! :D

Is it possible to maintain your sexuality while at the same time becoming a spiritually advanced person? Why have so many spiritual people voluntarily given up sexual relationships? Does chastity really enhance spirituality?

I am asking this question partially because I do not think that sexuality hurts spiritual growth. But at the same time, many, many great spiritual people are or were chaste. I know this is because of Catholicism, and the fact that that religion requires its priests and nuns to give up their sexuality to God.

What do you think?

Blessings, and a few blushes, Jaianniah

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(20 Feb '11, 12:10) Barry Allen ♦♦

I fully agree with you that sexuality does not inhibit spiritual growth.To me the act of making love between two human beings who mutually love and respect one another has to be considered one of the greatest spiritual acts there is. It is also the one that creates a new physical form to allow a new soul to emerge from the spirit world to the physical one, so how it can be not considered spiritual boggles the mind.


answered 20 Feb '11, 01:26

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To answer this we must delve into the Cabala, the tree of life represents the chakras. There is a fire at the bottom chakra, this is stored sexual energy. This energy can get expended through sexual acts or if refrained from can be stored and risen. When this has risen up the Sushumna this makes a bridge in the brain between the Ida and Pingala in the center of the brain. At this point you are wearing a spiritual crown and connected in a direct way to the mind of God.

This stored energy is represented as a snake or dragon, energy is represented as these in many religions and in philosophy. There are paintings of saints stepping on snakes or dragons, also statues, this is not just in the Christian religion either if you search.

This is a visual representation but there are other ways this is represented as story for example the boy that goes to battle the dragon and comes back home to be a king.

Then there are out right symbols that show the staff and the snake risen woven around the staff as in the caduceus.

All of these are the same thing.

This is why many spiritual people are chaste.

Sex can be a very spiritual thing raising together as one as the twin snakes raising up the staff, then you both experience the awakening together.


answered 20 Feb '11, 04:32

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Wade Casaldi

and while awakening the serpent, spontaneous orgasm may occur :)

(23 Feb '11, 15:35) all2gethernow

I think we must realise that were on this earth to enjoy...i repeat enJOY this physical world.

Were here to experience contrast,have desires and enjoy the fullfilment of those desires.

Were not here to try to get closer to God, were part of God,how could we get any closer?

Sure i will grant that many have in their minds put up various barriers between them and Source,but in the end we all are what we are.You cant divorce yourself from who you are ultimately.

Sex seems to me to be a highly enjoyable activity,i do it not to get closer to my creator,or to reach some higher state of spiritual awareness. I do it for the same reason i drink alcohol,sail my boat,enjoy the odd burger or listen to music. I do it because i enjoy it.

That to me seems a good enough reason.

Do i think it adds or detracts from my spirituality. I think if it increases my levels of joy then sure,it could be construed as adding to me spiritually. But ive got to be honest,it never crosses my mind when im involved in this activity any thoughts of how its affecting me spiritually.

This world seems full of interesting things and activities which can produce joy and excitement . Im determined to enjoy them while i can and wring every scrap of pleasure i can from them. And to be thankfull and appreciative of the fact i do enjoy many things.



answered 20 Feb '11, 11:58

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Every act thought and event our souls perceive are and always will be part of our spiritual lives. Thinking that they are separate is a mistake.

There is nothing separate from anything.

Sexuality can bring 'spiritual' harmony or disturbance depending on the intent, vibrational state of being one is in or willingness to partake in such act.

Since sex is normally an act of 'union' it is safe to say that a vibrational connection between the two is utterly imperative to the harmonious event of having sex. Some might call it 'love' but not necessarily is love necessary. Although a relaxed loving atmosphere is always beneficial.


answered 20 Feb '11, 20:52

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Sexuality goes hand in hand with spiritual life. What better way to experience the divine than in blissful communion with another self? Sexuality is part of who we are, no need to feel ashamed about it. I believe that some people need the cocoon time to come into their higher spirituality and therefore choose to abstain from sex, since it brings you closer to another. As far as catholicism, historically, the chastity thing and the forbiddance of marriage was imposed later on their clerics to keep the church's wealth intact.


answered 20 Feb '11, 20:23

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Anyone ever heard of using your orgasm for healing bodies and expanding Minds? Someone has come up with a very interesting way to Self Heal and Expand Consciousness with Love Burst Classes at www.LoveExpos.org


answered 05 Jul '12, 12:23

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