I was chatting with a friend, and I called him a "spiritual genius". He laughed at me, and said he was no such thing, but he is! He has a great talent for explaining spiritual matter, and is widely read. He is completely self-taught.

I claim he is "spiritually gifted". What do you think defines someone who is "spiritually gifted"? Does that person have to be like Jesus or Mother Teresa to be considered "spiritually gifted"?

Thanks, and Blessings!


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Barry Allen ♦♦

Okay Jai I believe we all have spiritual gifts but we do not know or believe we are worthy of such gifts and thus do not have the experience of using these. Many believe it is something that needs to be "learned" but this is the stumbling block to the gifts that it is believed that what is unknown needs to be learned instead of acknowledged.

If we acknowledge that the gifts are there that we have these and know them we will experience them. I do believe everyone can experience these as soon as they believe they have them. Like when I pick up a musical instrument and start playing it, I do not feel I need to learn it, I feel like I know it and then I can play it.

God gives us all gifts, these are hidden within us. There was a story of where God could hide his gifts so only those who are really sincere can find them. He chose to hide them within because most would choose to look anyplace but within.

There is a Zen story as well, a man was looking all over for his key, along came a monk and asked him what he is doing. He said "None of your business, if you have to know I am looking for my key!" The monk saw he was looking all over in front of his house and asked him, "Where did you lose the key?" The man replied "I lost it inside my house!" The monk replied "Why are you looking outside?" The man replayed "It's dark in there I would rather look out here."

Most are afraid to look at what is inside of them, that is where God is, remember you are the temple of God. Don't ever be afraid to look within, that is where all wisdom and understanding is because that is where the source is, that is where God is.


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Wade Casaldi

Ah! Wade Casaldi that is so beautiful and so very true and well said! It just came to me the other day that all is within it is a vast unexplored world of knowledge. God is within us waiting on us to discover it.

What truly came to me was that Heaven was within because that is where God and his Holy Angels are and it was an Aw Ha moments for me and acknowledgment from within of that is right on, correct or now you finally getting it. What took you so long. I have had many different kinds of experiences but now the pieces of the puzzle are beginning to fit in place.

(06 Feb '11, 11:10) flowingwater

Yes I found that I can still use what I learned from other religions and philosophies but I found I can use those examples to awaken people to what is in the bible. Yes Jesus said we are the temple of God and he did say the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand, in other words right here, so that fits perfectly as you said so well.

(06 Feb '11, 22:23) Wade Casaldi

I don't think spiritual gifts are something we learn but, rather, are something we realize. I think those inherent qualities reside within each of us, and those who choose to come into alignment with their Source or God, develop the ability to access those spiritual gifts. When they do, they begin to live in the realization that those gifts are to be shared and used in the awakening of humanity as a Whole - their daily lives and interactions are lived from this perspective, affecting those who come into contact with them in a positive, uplifting way - that's my definition and also my quest :)


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Very well said Michaela!

(06 Feb '11, 10:47) flowingwater

I would say that a spiritualy gifted individual is:

One who approaches life with an open mind.

One who is willing to change his/her mind.

One who is willing to be proved wrong.

One who is willing to sacrifice his group/church/sect doctrine for what he/she considers to be the truth.

Enlightenment and spiritual maturity cant come out of a dogmatic person.

They wont grow if your being spoon fed your beliefs and ideas from any organisation.

Thats my take.



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Monty Riviera

A person that is spiritually gifted in my opinion: is someone who is willing to make a personal sacrifice to serve others, and has awakened to his/her true calling to service.

He/she has come to the realization of the nature of the eternal truth, and has therefore developed the consciousness of his/her spirituality and oneness with God, the universe, and has freed his/her self from the make belief of the physical world to connect to the spiritual world, and to share his/her wisdom/gift received spiritually to awaken mankind to his/her own spiritual gifts!

So, no, you do not have to learn from anyone, you just have to know how to use your own special gifts, and talents to enlighten, and inspire others in your world!


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