I just wonder why the call it Universal Mind, Cosmic Mind, Universal Fountain, Infinite Energy, etc...Why can't they just call it GOD?

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Hello Joe - nowadays we could call it ... the law of attraction :)

(02 Jan '13, 04:15) blubird two

And why just call it GOD, when you can call it Universal Mind or law of candies and lollipops.

If God is all there is, how would he feel about being constantly chained down through narrow vision of human race by being called God. If in fact God is all there is, then he is all the words and dots and comment and cancel button on the right side of this comment box. Why then don't they call him CANCEL!?

(02 Jan '13, 04:25) CalonLan
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Actually many people call it many different names and so do I. The names I use are not limited to the names you quote. In my view it really doesn’t matter what name we give it as it will always remain nameless. For the sake of this answer I’ll call it love.

The important thing to remember is the moment our rational mind grasps for and tries to capture love by labeling it as this or that and needing it to crystallize into any particular form, love is no more and will never return in that form.

The wise have always known that love can never be captured, held or owned by the rational mind, with its labels and images. Our rational mind likes to put things into boxes; however, when it comes to love and greater truth, it struggles trying to contain something that is bigger than any box that can ever
be created...


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Hi Joe :)

Some people may not be comfortable with the word "God" for many reasons. They may have been brought up in a strict religious environment which they did not like, they may associate God with being an entire separate and more powerful entity or they may just not be particularly religious.

For me, it's the latter. My family were a mix of Catholics and Prodestants but I myself was never Christened because my parents weren't religious and I was brought up in a completely religion free home. I hope this doesn't offend anyone but I actually feel lucky not to have been brought up to believe in a certain religion because I believe it gave me a bit of an advantage when it came to learning things like the Law of Attraction and the Astral Planes. The reason I say that is because I have noticed a few people don't want to get involved with these things for fear of displeasing God. This has never been a problem with me when so often it is usually a big first hurdle for a lot of people.

By the way, I just call it The Universe :)


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i also just call it the universe.

(21 Feb '11, 18:53) you

God is personal. Many of us try to use softer words as to not offend some flavors of people. I like higher power, but it means nothing. It is the relationship with your higher power that is the key. As long as your higher power is effective for you, that's what counts.


answered 21 Feb '11, 21:35

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The Knights Alchemy

it took the thought of a plan to produce the form for the first direction/manifestation of boundless energy


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words to attempt to describe the indescribable.

that is all


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This is the only account I am using and who is michael

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who are we. e mail me

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only one account per ip address?

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Michael, I notice you deleted this message following my comment. In the interests of openness, I am now locking it to prevent you deleting it again. It is only fair to others that they are aware of what has caused you to admit your other identity

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I wouldn't call universal mind and God the same thing. However universal mind and mind of God seems closer. But then universe and God would have to be the same thing.

A universal mind is a mind composed of all thoughts but hasn't any consciousness. Now we look at the God mind, that is as well all minds and thoughts together but it has awareness and consciousness. Universal mind is more like a library of thought. Thoughts go in and are taken out but it doesn't think on its own. Mind of God on the other hand seems to be that and more, it has awareness, consciousness and will.


answered 02 Jan '13, 07:45

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