Greetings! I have been working on this for some years now. We all know that we are one with Infinite Intelligence, but for the most part this is intellectual. Intellectual knowledge, has it's place in the world; however I would like to go beyond that. I want to really FEEL at the core of my being that I am the same particle or essence as Infinite Intelligence. Or maybe feeling is the wrong term (emotion) ?? Can anybody recommend a real exercise or something that can strengthen that feeling ?

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Is it "feeling" that you are after, or is it "knowing"?

(27 Oct '09, 01:34) Vesuvius

I think it is something of a point between those two.... if that makes any sense.

(27 Oct '09, 19:38) streetsanto

streetsanto, when one looks inward, past feelings and emotions but into the realm of intuition, the identity begins to click. it does not happen overnight, but one seldomly finds it without the desire to know it and thy-self.

(10 May '11, 01:16) fred
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One approach I've evolved into over the years is what, if I had to name it, I would call the Superhero Method

You just basically go through your life as usual and, should the opportunity arise to do a random act of kindness for a complete stranger, just do it.

You could help an old lady with her shopping bags, maybe flag down a taxi for someone who isn't getting noticed, give a beggar an unexpectedly large sum of money, or even write a particularly helpful message on this website!

Do it when you feel inspired, not out of a sense of sacrifice or obligation.

But the twist is that you then vanish without trace before being thanked (if you do it in person) or otherwise do it completely anonymously.

At first when you do this sort of thing it causes your ego, the "I", or the part that separates you from that feeling of Infinite Intelligence, to really get confused. After all, you are doing these things with absolutely no possibility of being recognized or being thanked or being given any credit.

In essence, you are acting just like Infinite Intelligence would act.

Keep this up and, over a period of time, you can really start to feel a much broader part of you shining through you in everything you do - that "Infinite Intelligence" you refer to...and you can even find yourself just acting as a conduit for Infinite Intelligence to flow through and manifest things on behalf of others.

Interesting things can start happening in your life when you take yourself or your self out of it.


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We are God's ambassadors and when we say we love God Jesus said feed my flock. You say you love me cloth my sheep. Jesus said what you do unto my least ones you do unto me. So, if we do good unto others we do good unto Jesus,God, If we do bad unto others than we do bad unto God, Jesus. I do that but I don't run I just continue on what I was doing. It does feel so good to stop and help someone. even if you don't have any money there are things you can do to help others and most will truely appreciated. That is great what you are doing keep it up. Have an nice day Stingray.

(27 Oct '09, 01:51) flowingwater

@Stingray- Ah...So I guess I should get rid of my Spiderman costume and quit doing gymnastics all over the place if I want to be 'secret.' :) You rock dude, I'm so gonna try this :)

(24 Oct '12, 09:40) Nikulas

@Nikulas lol :). i think the gymnastics will definitely work on your advantage when you help an old lady with her shopping bags. not sure about the costume.:) @stingray do i have to drive a stingray and wear sunglasses at night if i want do do this method?

(24 Oct '12, 10:49) releaser99

@releaser99 - Yes, it's an absolute requirement. Sorry if I haven't made that clear to everyone on IQ previously :)

(24 Oct '12, 11:30) Stingray
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Every technique, every method you are ever given is just a permission slip. Is the way for us to get in touch with what we really are, which is beings made of light.

Why do you think they are so many? As many people there are the amount of technoques will be for them. If there would be only one way there would only be One person.

So what does work best for you? Follow your imagination. It's the key to unlocking all the doors, all the hidden realms. You don't have to follow anyone elses techniques, just MAKE SOME UP for yourself! That will be the most powerful and fastest technique that will get you in touch with that energy.

One more thing. As we are beings of light our natural state of being is light. Light can be described as an emotion, an emotion of EXCITEMENT. Following your excitement is the fastest way for manifesting in your life everything you every desired and more. It's, with imagination, the most powerful key to FEEL that connection, to FEEL who you are.

So when you are now faced with a choice, at this moment, what to do next and fro all the options you pick the one that excites you the most and ACT on it to the best of your ability. When you've done that in the next moment you've got a choice and you pick again the thing that seems most exciting to you. Practising more and more you will teach yourself to intuitively KNOW what you should ACT on and what simply is not yours to be concern with. That FEELING of excitement is your birthright. It's what we are made from. You will start attracting synchronicies to your life. Life will become effortless because you will be able to create whatever you like at any given moment.

Be en-lightened. Lighten up on yourself. Have fun in life, that's why we are all here :-)


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Thank You Wildlife, very true

(04 Nov '09, 21:23) streetsanto

A specific meditation: you simply sit down and meditate on this Infinite Intelligence, imagine you being it. The more you think about it, the more you attract it - law of attraction works here.


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Actually when I read this answer, I immediately realized how simple this exercise is... yet how powerful it is. Thanks immensely Asklepiosy

(27 Oct '09, 19:36) streetsanto

There is only one way to do this. To know thyself. I know it sounds corny and over simplistic, BUT IT IS!. The best tool I know of is meditation, the way i medditate is to shut outr the world, to shut off sounds anmd sights, both are great distractions and are tools of the ego. The ego is a part of you that LOVES pysical existance and will do what it can to be in the system that its very happy to be in. It does NOT want you in the higher self. The highher self IS who you TRULY are. Your soul, whatever you wish to call it! I have many people who I teach and help with medditation and its very personal. Its very very difrant for each of us! If you need my help, I am here for you my freind,

love n light,



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TReb Bor yit-NE

I just read something that had a profound effect on me in relation to this. It was the difference between knowledge and knowing.

Knowledge (intellect) is a collection of facts. Knowing is the wisdom that comes from using this knowledge. I believe it came from the book on this site on Law of Attraction - Jesus taught it too!

To really succeed, a person can't just 'talk the talk,' they've got to 'walk the walk.' Easier said than done, but it can be done.

Your term 'feeling' is right on.

Also staying 'present' or 'in the now' is a way to feel connected to Infinite Intelligence. Anything that helps you go 'within' is what will help you stay connected to Infinite Intelligence. Nature, babies, dogs, a profound book or movie, whatever it is that triggers this is great. YOGA is perfect for this need.

Of course, as human beings on the earth plane, there needs to be a balance of both worlds such as operating effectively at the job (our outer world) and blissful moments of connecting within (our inner world). Finding this wonderful balance brings joy, harmony, peace of mind and all good things in life.


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I like the practice of Tai Chi. Because you are consciously moving with your thought of the movement. Many people have sensed a oneness when they are running or jogging. I would also say just standing or sitting still and just breathe. Listen to it, feel the air enter and exit the lungs, just be in the NOW. Try to eliminate your thoughts (which is impossible) Therefore, the next best thing is try to keep the attention on one thing, like breathing. The body is animated by the life essence that permeates the air. Breathe in the abundant life that is ALL and is YOU.


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You feel closer to infinite intelligence when you are in alignment with your desires. When we are born, we are closest to infinite intelligence as we have just come from it, but as we grow older and we get told that we cannot have what we want, life is hard and there are bad things out there, we get further and further away from infinite intelligence.

That is why you see that babies and kids are carefree and happy and grown ups are grumpy and unhappy.

We have to condition ourselves to trust the way we feel and when we think and do what feels good, we align with our desires and we get closer to infinite intelligence.

When we die, we become part of infinite intelligence again and we know instantly that we should follow our bliss.


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Pink Diamond

I made a yahoo group years ago for this very purpose called God Consciousness Experiment, in it I wrote very many experiments that were divinely enlightening and inspired through my connection in God as one.

Think about this, think about the house number you live at and say your address to your self you don't need to say it out loud and say "I AM HERE!"

Next think of your town again say "I AM HERE!"

Next think of your state again say "I AM HERE!"

Next think of your country again say "I AM HERE!"

Next think of your continent and again say "I AM HERE!"

Next think of your planet and say "I AM HERE!"

Next think of your solar system and say "I AM HERE!"

Next think of your galaxy and say "I AM HERE!"

Now we are way out in the milky way galaxy and still it is our location we can be found here so we are here that is true.


Do not do this once, do not do this with no thought on it, this is an experiment it must be done over and over and over again with much contemplation this is a meditation.

Have fun connecting it is a blast when you realize not only am I here I am.

Namaste Wade


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Wade Casaldi


I like this...... thank you Wade.

(04 Nov '09, 21:21) streetsanto

Hazrat Ali (the great Islamic spritual master )said that "to know God,you have to know thyself first".


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Your question is part of oneness and your feelings about your question is the feeling of oneness.


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I am going to tell you my secret which is take time out of your busy day or night and pray, talk, to God, Jesus, and for others it might be universal consciouness. You must develope and personal relationship with Jesus.

Continue talking or praying to him, giving him thanks for all that he is doing for you and others read your bible. Ask God to give you understanding of what you have read for 12 people can read a couple of bible verses and all 12 people can have the wrong understanding of the meaning of the bible verses.

You talk to him as though you are talking to an old and loving friend for he is your friend and in time you will become closer with him. Ask for forgiveness of your sins, ask him to come into your heart, life and help, guide and protect you and thank him for loving you. Than in time when you pray or talk to God, Jesus, infinite intelligence to others you will feel connect for he is inside of you and you will know he is there with you and sometimes he will answer you by talking to you for an moment he will answer your prayer and than you will know that you know he is real for you will feel him and hear him and be connect with him.

He loves you very much all you have to do is ask him right now into your heart and life and be real and he will come and dwell within you always and sometimes he will answer you with thoughts in your head and you will know it is him talking to you other times your answer will come from something you have read, seen on tv, an phone call or an stranger you will meet and you all start talking and your answer will be given in the conversation you will reconize when you see it or hear it and know this is your answer from God.

Pray and ask that you may become one with God for you are when he breathe the breathe of life into man and he became an living soul. Let your soul tell you. Stop and listen to God for he loves you and all of us so very much.


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No one REALLY knows they are at one with Infinite Intelligence, unless they have acutally "tapped" into it, and KNOW AS AN INDISPUTABLE FACT that it is the case with me. My TRUE STORY (short version) here:

The only way to "feel at the core of your being" anythng at all regarding Infinite Intelligence -- as you so elequently state, is to take the journey that myself and a very few fortunate others have, and KNOW that it exists, instead of (assuming this is where you are now) really really really hoping and believing -- then there will be no question.


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Steve Meyer Stairway to Heaven

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