Do you think the imagination is where all things are create and percieved to be hidden in our subconscious minds?

Sometimes I wonder are we creating new things with our imagination or are we just simply remembering things or picking out things from a deep vast volt of the super intelligence mind of God and we are just picking out the things we think we are creating when in reality we are simply re-creating for the bible says there is nothing that is new. So, it has been here before and done before it is simply just new to us and our generation of people.

Example back in the Roman time there were concrete, hot tubs, hot springs surrounded with concrete. But as time went on the knowledge seemed to be lost and only came back many hundred years later.

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Thanks Kathleen Kelly for the clarity of my question. Have an nice day.

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You're welcome.

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I see the imagination as a conduit for the Infinite Intelligence to "flow thru"; the imagination is one of the neurons of connectivity we have to Infinite Intelligence. As we expand and evolve (seeking to realize our collective human potential) mentally, physically and technologically; we put increased demands on our imagination. There is no individual imagination, just One Imagination in which we humans are just a part of. I assume we all could agree that there has to be at least one starting point for "new" information to reach human beings.

  1. Infinite Intelligence releases or projects "new" information (inventions etc.) to people via images (sounds, etc) directly into their minds for the first time. This info comes into being because the expansive energy of human evolution put demands on it. It seems logical to expect one of our ancestors to wonder how to travel from point "A" to point "B" as the bird does from the sky? That wondering thought was the birth of the modern airplane.

  2. After that new information is birthed into the mental realm of one individual for the first time, it can then be had by any individual because we are all One Consciousness anyway. This "new" information may even be projected to multiple people at simultaneously. Who knows?!



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I feel that the only real thing is our IMMAGINATION. It's the key to everything everywhere and everytime. It means exactly what it seas


We are ALL magis'! We ALL create with out thoughts and feelings! In fact if you can concive anything with your immagination it is REAL! You can not imagine something that IS not. You just can't.

So use it with excitment and knowing, that EVERY idea, EVERY thing ever constructed came from you imagination. That's well everything starts.

As Napoleon Hill wrote "Whatever the mind concives it can achieve."


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Learning is Remembering.


I think the great man summed it up very well. :)


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Sometimes I wonder are we creating new things with our imagination or are we just simply remembering things...

Does it really matter?

I personally think that everything an individual creates (that particular "performance", if you will) has its own unique fingerprint.

You can take a song and record it many different times. It's still the same song, but no two recordings will ever be exactly alike.


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simply imagining something, does't create it. it only show us what we can create. to create it we need first to choose it and accept it. then start working on it to get it done as we imagined. on the other hand, we use what we already know to imagine what we don't know. we must have a material to work with. creation is a process. when God created us, he used things that were already there. even when he said .. let there be light. he must had an image in his mind of what this light means. however, scientists didn't just say : let there be Laser.they imagined and calculated what this laser would be. then they worked to create it after they accepted the imagined idea or image of it in their minds. imagination is the fisrt step of the creation process in the conscious mind.


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