Consider: And where does the idea that intelligent life could be designed to operate in other environment came from?

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Vee,it all depends on the hierarchy we exist in. to the minerals, plants, and the animals of our planet we are most likely admired as gods. but what of humans of the 5th, 6th & 7th order or angels. it has been written and discussed in ancient/arcane wisdoms. we went from grammer school to high school then some on to undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate. the analogy of the hierarchy is all around us.

(01 Mar '11, 00:59) fred

@fred: I am with you, great point!

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Life exists in every living thing on this planet. When it comes to other environments or planets, I think we'd be very small minded to consider being the only one with life.


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Interesting answer! Thank you.

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I believe I understand the question here Vee, hypothetically if we were to take a human brain then transfer it to maybe a horse, the horse would have the intelligence of the human.

The only problem would be the limitation of the horse body so the intelligence could not be conveyed in a meaningful and understandable way to show that intelligence unless maybe the man knew Morse Code, then he could fully communicate with nodding head movements to signify the dots and dashes. Another way would be Binary Code but that would be more complex but equally it is ones and zeros again could be signified with head nodding.

Or last and lest usable yes and no communication.


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Wade Casaldi

A very creative answer! Thank you.

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Yes I thought you meant could human intelligence work in other body forms, so that is how I chose to answer

(04 Mar '11, 07:13) Wade Casaldi
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