I've noticed when I preform any vibrational game or exercise ect... I often yawn. For example I've experienced this when doing focus blocks, zPoint and most recently EFT.

I think it's a good sign indicating i'm releasing the blocked energy or summoning more life energy.

Your thoughts would be great. :)

asked 14 Mar '11, 19:01

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Chris 2

edited 17 Mar '11, 20:37

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Barry Allen ♦♦

What a great question! I never connected the two together (blamed it on needing more oxygen!)

(15 Mar '11, 07:47) daniele

Yes this is an unusual yet good question for many don't realize or think anything of yawning when doing vibrational work.

(13 Apr '12, 05:35) Paulina 1
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Absolutely right, Chris.

Yawning is a good sign.


answered 14 Mar '11, 20:52

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Thanks Stingray, I've experienced that as well :)

(15 Mar '11, 01:37) Eddie

thank you Stingray! now it makes sense

(15 Mar '11, 07:48) daniele

Thanks, Stingray, this is happening to me a lot lately, but only when I am listening to the Hicks Getting into the vortex meditations. When I listen to brainwave entrainment recordings or other subliminal recordings, I do not notice any yawning. So I am really glad to hear that this is good and I don't have to worry about maybe doing something wrong or not getting any benefit from it. I am still new at doing this consciously but always have believed in the power of the subconscious mind.

(12 Apr '12, 16:01) PurpleRose
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All the above and I think we change consciousness levels when we yawn. But why do we yawn when someone else yawns?

Why are YOU yawning right now??


answered 12 Apr '12, 09:35

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Dollar Bill

yep yawning it seams contagious maybe we are all tired.

(13 Apr '12, 05:45) white tiger

more links we had a discussion about "yawning"and I remembered this article Yawning cools brain to boost function try and yawn 10 times in a row its not easy


answered 15 Mar '11, 18:31

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Good link @ursixx. Yawning 10 times is fairly easy if one doesn't smoke - exercises & does breath work or sings..

(09 Jun '13, 22:17) ele

Many times when I do vibrational work (especially meditation) I yawn like crazy and my eyes get teary. I believe it's a way of the body adapting to the release of resistance.


answered 15 Apr '12, 06:44

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As far as i know to yawn indicates :

1) Releasing tension,blockages...


2) The subconscious resistance to "something" is..well...resisting :)

I also "do" a lot of yawning when "cleansing" myself..


answered 10 Jun '13, 02:25

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I also yawn and my eyes water when I meditate and do EFT. But Holla, I don't understand your answer...ywaning means both releasing blockages and also resisting something..isn't that a contradiction? I really wish to know what it means..


answered 12 Nov '13, 14:39

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@kimuse Welcome to IQ. If you're asking another member a question, you should ask it by adding a new comment under the users answer - or - you could ask a new question.

(12 Nov '13, 17:37) ele
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