where exactly our soul is located.why cant we see it?

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Your entire body is an extension or projection of your soul into the physical realm.


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Before I try to answer this question here is a little disclaimer: I don't know what belief-system you are coming from and I don't know what your definition of a soul is. I'll assume that by soul you mean "your (true) essence".

What I believe is that your true essence is not material at all. It doesn't have any of the qualities of material things like size, color, smell etc. It's indestructible and timeless and has no boundaries. If that's true then it can't really be in the finite body, right? We don't really have words with which to describe it or it's location. However most 'occult' teachings agree the there is one part of the body through which you can experience your true essence and that's the heart. Not so much the physical organ but the energy center in the heart area of your body, also known as the heart chakra.
So the soul is not to be found in the body but your heart is closest to it.


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These are various answers I have seen in different places.

One: like Vesuvius said your body is a projection of the soul. Two: the body is inside of the soul and what we call aura is the shell sort of of the soul. Three: I had seen that it was said your soul resides in the Hara below the belly button. Four: I had seen it said your soul is located in the solar plexus. Five: I had seen it said your soul is located in the center of your heart and this is where the three fold flame comes from.

For me personally I like heart center that projects outwards from the center solidifying into the body. All things grow from the center outwards, that is where source is located as an outpouring white hole of creation.

Six: however if we go by chakras then we have many centers.

So it is your choice, until science finds an answer we don't really know or even really know for sure if the soul exist at all, except by faith in our religious writings of course.


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It is not necessary to know.

You don't have to know where the idea for your thought exists to have a thought.

You don't have to know where the picture came from to draw one.

You don't have to know where your consciousness is to change or work on your personality.

You don't have to know where your soul is for you to exist.

But if existence is your concern, all you need to know is that you never stop existing.


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There is only one Universal Soul that permeates, penetrate, every atom of our existence. It is omnipresent. Like electricity going through a light bulb. We all have this soul going through and around us. We are Soul. We all have a light bulb also that expresses this electricity by the color, shape, size. This is our personality expressing Soul. Keep your bulb clean and let your soul shine.

To answer the question, Soul is omnipresent.


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Every Cell :) has your connection to the Source.

Much Love


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each of us has an internal flame,
as each has a material (form)body, there may be parts that make us whole that we can't see with our physical eyes,
and one of them may hold it
as already mentioned above you get more in touch with it when seeing with your heart


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Truthfully, I do not know. But along with all the other answers given: I believe that the soul is the spirit of God, and that it is inside, and outside and all around us, and everywhere. It is God with us, loving us, supporting us, sustaining us, guarding over us, guiding us, protecting us from the unseen and shadowing over us like a mother watching over her children.

We cannot see it, because the soul is a spirit the one consciousness that supply us with our life energy to function, and live in this spiritual and physical world. The fact that no one has seen God, I do not think that we will ever see, or know where the soul is located in the body, if it really does live inside of the body. We will always know, and feel that we have a soul, and we will continue to ask questions about it, but the reality is it will remain a mystery, in the same way life, and death is a mystery.


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Really a subjective idea. If you follow stories of out of body near death experiences it would suggest that the soul may be mobile. I know that those things that have injured me deep in my soul have caused a pain that lingers in the center of my chest. That's where i percieve my soul to be,


answered 12 Nov '10, 01:40

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the soul in a science way of looking at it, it is a electromagnetic energy that goes through the whole body as well as outwards, have you ever heard of ones aura? this is what you are seeing is the true edge of the soul, it is made of a energy that is so highly commpressed and energetic that it is hard to immagine. this energy runs through the brain and heart, it IS teh electric pulses that go through them and your nerve system as well, they are all connected, the soul is the most powerfull energy known in the universe , i know my words can noty convince you of this but i am tryng to explain it from a science prespectuive from my source. love n light , rob


answered 30 Mar '11, 22:07

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