Seems like everytime i come up with a new idea... i sooner or later see the manifestation of it... am i just a dreamer? not a do-er?

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youtube abe video that elaborates on this.

(01 Mar '11, 18:59) all2gethernow

Hi! I just wanted to say that I have found that if I award "best answer" really fast, then people are a bit discouraged about adding any more answers. I am going to answer, but I wish I had at least a "chance" at best answer! Love ya! Jai

(02 Mar '11, 23:28) Jaianniah

ok jai. i unchecked it and will reconsider. thanks

(03 Mar '11, 12:44) all2gethernow
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I am trying to see the context of this question here. Are you saying you want a new idea to make money off of selling to everyone else? Or are you wanting a new idea to use yourself in that case everything is working well for you.

When you come up with a new idea you must have it in context of what you want the new idea for, if for your own pleasure you will have it come around. If on the other hand you want it to make a profit off of it, that is a totally different context. The imagination must not be of having or using this but selling it and making loads of profit from it.

So is the imagination of your idea of what you would like to have? Or is it of what you would like to bring to the world to make a profit from?


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Wade Casaldi

This has nothing to do with profit.

I have found myself at a place where the world is reflecting the thoughts and desires i Share with source.

As we investigate or desire to See something manefest...and then encounter it occuring in another's life, while understanding that we are all really ONE... i am feeling that the gratitude for someone else experiencing it is enough.

Therefore, i may be a dreamer. one who imagines things with source and sees them experienced by others and recieves the experience of awe/appriciation, Grace,and joy while my basic needs are effortlessly provided.

(06 Mar '11, 15:11) all2gethernow

Excellent yes I have done this many times myself, let's do this for free energy for all, lets get that ball rolling. :-)

(07 Mar '11, 05:04) Wade Casaldi

Cheers! ^_^.....

(07 Mar '11, 14:23) all2gethernow
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I believe we are unlimited when it comes to creative potential. However, when an idea pops into our mind, I think we have to immediately take steps toward manifesting it in the physical. Because once we've put the idea out there, it's free for all to use.

I know what you mean all2gethernow and I do think this is what differentiates the dreamer from the doer. However, now that you've become aware of that, the next idea that pops you just might begin to take steps toward.


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Everything happens for a reason even the thoughts that cross our consciousness. If an idea comes into our head, that means we have the wherewithall to make it happen (manifest). Somehow, we know someone, some place, or knowledge to start manifesting the idea. Michaela is correct. Next idea you get take inspired action and follow-through. Even if you see a manifestation of it, as you move towards your idea, keep on going. Who knows, you may end up being a partner with the someone, making a more efficient or effective version.


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I immediately thought about music when you asked if there was truly anything 'new". Just think...All the new songs that get written each day, and new symphonies, and new operas...I think you can catch my meaning! And look at art...Why, people are making "new" art all the time! The human imagination is vast and unlimited. Oh, my, yes! And as a final stab at "new"- how about babies??? Can't get any newer than a new human being!

Blessings, Jai


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