Ever since I have started to do vibrational work, I find I am very aware while I sleep. I dont sleep as soundly as I used to before. I dont toss and turn, I am calm but I can feel the passage of time.
Sometimes I can even tell my dreams are just dreams. Just wondering if this has happened to anyone else before?

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Thank you Barry! Makes much more sense now :)

(02 Mar '11, 16:36) Nikki777

You are welcome, Nikki777

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Personally, I find I really don't sleep that much any more at all. And when I do sleep, it is because I genuinely want to sleep rather than it being out of habit so it tends to be at almost any time of the day or night that seems appropriate.

In many ways, since I started deliberately molding my vibrational attitudes into better-feeling places, I've become more of a 24-hour person. I've found that I'm equally at home with doing things at 3am one day as much as doing them at 3pm the next, without noticing any physical discomfort at all.

I guess that many people use sleep as an escape from resistance so when you deal with that resistance consciously, you naturally don't feel the need to sleep as much.

I remember reading Seth some years back (in Seth Speaks, I think) talking about sleep and implying something along the lines of the day/night separation being symptomatic of a division between the intuitive self from the physical self, so I guess my anytime sleeping habits are probably a good sign.

In fact, after writing the above, I just found that quote from Seth Speaks here:

The inner dreaming portions of the personality seem strange to you not only because of a basic difference of focus, but because you clearly devote opposite portions of a twenty-four hour cycle to these areas of the self.

You separate them as much as possible. In doing so you divide your intuitive, creative, and psychic abilities quite neatly from your physical, manipulative, objective abilities. It makes no difference how many hours of sleep you think you need. You would be much better off sleeping in several shorter periods, and you would actually then require less time.

Seth from "Seth Speaks : The Eternal Validity of the Soul"


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@Stingray-thanks,this makes me feel better.I was going to put this up as a question but seen it was already asked.I haven't needed as much sleep since i started vibrational work but I never linked the two cause I always thought it would have the opposite effect.lol.I found out recently a good way to guage if you have a sleep deficit is if you doze of during meditation which doesn't happen to me. Thanks:)

(19 Feb '12, 11:27) Satori

Yes Nikki, I too have had this experience once I started to "wake up" and now many years on I find the whole process very empowering. My daughter is amazing, because not only does she observer herself in a dream but if she does not like the content she stops the whole process and changes the drama/picture mid stream and rearranges it to the way that she wants it to be. I have not reached that stage yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but looking forward to the day I can. Enjoy the trip.


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Susan 1

I too have had interesting experiences after dark. Once I dreampt and felt that light was pouring from my heart upwards. I was awakened by this. When I went back to sleep, i asked for help, and all these kind hands blocked the light from escaping.

Once, I was dreaming a pretty regular dream, but then I noticed an object that was out of place. As I focused on it, i was transported to another dream location.

You can be aware in you dreams. You can choose events.

It helps to lie in bed and calmly request what you would like to know or see.

Also, keep a journal or just give a few moments to recall when you awake.

Ive heard that the dream is an echo or interpretation of the journeys we take while asleep...

enjoy >_< zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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