I'm talking more about the people who go from being dirt poor in their physical life and their minds to winning the multi-million dollar jackpots. I remember reading a few times of people barely having any money in the bank and struggling to get by end up winning the mega jackpots.

I guess my question is, if these people were on a low vibratory frequency of lack, then how do they end up turning around their fortunes so quickly? I understand that some of them could have shifted their vibrations but what about the ones who have no idea about the Law of Attraction or creating their own realities?

Luck is something that I'm starting to disbelieve more and more in but is that just what is is.....luck? Karma maybe?

I've always been curious about this topic and look forward to hearing other peoples opinions on it.

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That's a very good question and I'm not sure of the answer, but keep in mind that most people who win the lottery lose all the money (I read that somewhere). Perhaps they focused on it a bit and that's why they won the lottery, but in the long run their negative beliefs couldn't allow them keep the money.

(10 Oct '11, 09:37) Benjamin

I disagree because I have seen many people in lack win the lottery. How many times have you heard someone say, "I can't believe I won!", "This is amazing I never thought I'd win!" Now compare that to how many times you have heard people say, "I deserve this, I fully knew I was going to win, I expected this, I manifested this."

(10 Oct '11, 20:47) Wade Casaldi
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I think one has to make a distinction between "winning the lottery" and personal joy.

In most people's minds, winning the lottery seems to automatically equate to a life of freedom and happiness.

But if you think about it, winning the lottery only really means having access to a lot more artificial paper notes and metal coins ("money") than the next person.

So at the exact moment of the win, one can only say that the "winner" was aligned with receiving a truckload of paper and metal :)

truckload of money

It's what effect that man-made construct of money (physical or not) subsequently has on someone's life that equates to personal freedom and happiness - and that is driven, not by the money, but always by the existing vibration of the winner.

I quite enjoy watching those "I Won The Lottery" style of programmes on the TV where lottery winners' lives are followed subsequent to a win. (Obviously, these are only a very small subset of winners who were willing to be interviewed, and certainly not the ones who clearly "crashed and burned" afterwards).

Those TV programmes are often edited in a deliberately-biased fashion in order to demonstrate to the viewer the lavish lifestyles that a large lottery win entails...because that's what the viewer wants to see.

But despite that editing bias, during the interviews with the winners, one can still often get an intuitive feeling as to whether the influx of man-made money has really brought them personal happiness or whether they've only found themselves with more physical stuff onto which to project their existing vibrational attitudes. To me, that usually comes across as the case. "Same news, different faces", as the saying goes.

On the other hand, there does seem to be the occasional individual who seems genuinely joyful and their subsequent-to-the-win life experiences seem to reflect that joy.

Those winners seem to be the ones who were genuinely aligned with the win but I suspect that if you were to investigate their lives prior to the win, they were already reflecting that joy despite their physical circumstances.


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I have posted this before somewhere on IQ, but here is a nice example of a person who was in a mind set of "giving" even well, well before she won the lottery. I also note she used a sort of vision board style exercise to deliberatly manifest her lottery win as well.


(04 Jan '13, 08:51) Nikulas

@Stingray It's been a while since I asked this question and I can see the bigger picture much clearer now. When I asked this, my focus on money had more of an attitude of lack and not-enough-ness. Now I can see that if a person has a burning desire (as Napoleon Hill would say) to change their lives or frequencies, it doesn't matter what their current circumstances are because circumstances don't matter anyway. Thanks for your feedback!

(04 Jan '13, 14:37) Cory

@Cory - True enough. A fiercely blazing desire will often blast through resistance anyway, regardless of whether it physically manifests through a lottery win or not :)

(05 Jan '13, 10:27) Stingray
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Can you be sure that they were in a lower vibration of lack? Maybe their surruondings were but mentally they were in a high vibration thus thier winning just the belief and the buying of the lotto ticket can be a possitive step toward the vibration of winning.
A person can have abundance and not have wealth.
A wealthy person can lack more than the poorest street beggar. Try not to judge things as they appear observe and understand.
If one likes the word "luck" and believes in the word, then the word as the power of the persons beliefs and faith, and or lack there of...

  • Edit : I was cleaning up my in-box and found this from the daily quotes I receive

We want you to understand that abundance expands proportionately to match desire, and that there is great untapped abundance not yet allowed by the very humans who have created it. When your life experience causes a focused desire within you, the means to fulfill that desire is created at the same time—but you have to be on the Vibrational wavelength with your desire in order to see the path to the fulfillment of it.

A belief in shortage or lack will prevent your discovery of the path to your own creation, and any feeling of resistance indicates that you are on the wrong Vibrational path. However, in your understanding of the never-ending abundance of this Universe, you will feel personal delight whenever you observe anyone’s alignment with it, for their achievement can in no way diminish yours, but can only enhance it.

As you focus upon your breathing and the music and words of your meditation recording, you will deactivate your usual resistance to abundance, and you will discover the satisfying feeling of positive expectation and success. And then, the manifestation of that success must come to you. It is Law!

--- Abraham

Excerpted from the Getting into the Vortex Guided Meditation CD and User Guide # 209



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@ursixx These are some very good points. Thank you!

(04 Jan '13, 14:39) Cory

Hi Cory...my guess is that these people have had enough of living in dirt poor surroudings and to escape they start imagining that they are living a life of luxury...the fact that they know nothing of the law of attraction can be an advantage...they don't know it exists so they don't put up any mental barriers of doubt...the law of attraction is always at work whether we realize or not...so the exact conditions for manifestations are fulfilled.

Now that i think about it, i remember that in my youth i often experienced this kind of phenomena...at the time i thought nothing of it...it is after all a natural phenomena.


answered 10 Oct '11, 05:52

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blubird two


Good answer Bluebird I agree with you.

(10 Oct '11, 05:57) Paulina 1

Im sure some poor people obviously build up a very strong desire to be wealthy because of the contrast they are living. I have heard Abraham say that a very strong desire can sometimes override the belief system and this person can still manifest what they want.

However because they are not a complete vibrational match to it they cannot keep it in their experience. This ties in with the stories you sometimes hear about how some lottery winners lose their wealth quite quickly again.


answered 04 Jan '13, 10:08

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@Satori Yes, I believing a burning passionate desire can overcome any physical circumstance. I appreciate your input.

(04 Jan '13, 14:41) Cory

@Cory- Your welcome Cory:)

(04 Jan '13, 14:49) Satori

Bashar was once asked, "How do I win the lottery?" He says that the way you do that is by shifting your reality into that reality which matches your numbers. Then he goes on to say that what most people are doing when they play the lottery is exploring their relationship with material wealth, and it's in that exploration that most people win, not in actually getting the money.

He also points out that, while most people want to win the lottery, they are not as passionate about it as they are about the things they think they will get if they win the lottery, and that there are probably better (and, I daresay, more likely) ways to achieve the things that you are truly passionate about.

Bashar on playing the lottery


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@Vesuvius I have viewed this video many times over the last few years and I seem to get another nugget of wisdom every single time i see it. I had no idea what he was saying the first time I watched it, but over time, it has opened up quite a few doors for me.

(01 Mar '14, 00:04) Cory

I cannot add much to the already excellent answers that have already been given. However, here is a current reminder (from today's news) that the vibration of abundance does not necessarily have to manifest by way of a lotto win, or even via cash, check, or money order:

A California couple on their daily walk with their dog, a walk they've taken for years, discovered what may be the greatest buried treasures ever found in the U.S. The cache of rare Gold Rush-era coins is worth more than $10 million, a currency firm representing the pair said on Tuesday...The couple, identified only as John and Mary, had been walking their dog when they came across a rusty metal can sticking out of the ground and dug it out. The rare and perfectly preserved U.S. gold coins date from 1847 to 1894 and have a face value of more than $28,000. They could sell for more than $10 million.

Some more interesting details:

"It was like finding a wonderful hot potato," Mary added. "I never would have thought we would have found something like this; however, in a weird way I feel like I have been preparing my whole life for it." The couple said they plan to keep some of the coins and sell others with the intention of donating part of the proceeds to charity. More importantly, they said, they will use the money to hold on to their home. They did not explain further. "Whatever answers you seek, they might be right at home," Mary said. "The answer to our difficulties was right there under our feet for years."


From an interview with "John" and "Mary":

Q. Why do you think you were the lucky ones to find this treasure? Do you believe it was divine intervention or karma?

Mary: I never would have thought we would have found something like this; however, in a weird way I feel like I have been preparing my whole life for it.

Q: How?

Mary: John just knew what to do - it was a little bit karmic... Perhaps in some way we were the ones that could honor the coins.

Q. You have an interest in astrology; have you checked how the planets were aligned or what your chart said at the time of discovery?

Mary: Actually, I did look back at it. It's very funny, my chart did talk about treasure, but it was more about the treasure of spirit....

Q. Would you say that your "dreams" have come true?

John: Like a lot of people lately, we've had some financial trials. I feel extreme gratitude that we can keep our beloved property.

Q. Estimates put the value of this find at over $10 million; better than some lotteries. What will you do with all this money?

Mary: We love our lives as they are - I hope we can help our family members and our community and give back some.

Q. Are you going to quit your jobs?

John: No - we're self-employed - the beautiful thing about self-employment is that you can go to your grave self employed.

Q. You have chosen to remain anonymous out of concern for your family's safety and potentially from being overwhelmed by the media. But how do you think this find will change your lives?

Mary: We're the same people we were before, just with more freedom of choice. Our finances won't have to dictate so many of our day to day decisions.

Q. Some lottery winners have later said that such sudden wealth ended up being more of a curse than a blessing. Have the two of you discussed how you will navigate the path ahead and the potential pitfalls that might come with instant great wealth?

Mary: We try not to dwell on the negative.

John: It will be a broader path than the one we have been on.

Mary: Money can change other people's perception of us more than our own perception of ourselves. Have you heard the song by Cindy Lauper, Money Changes Everything? We don't want that; we don't plan to tell our extended family or friends until more time goes by.



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@lozenge123 What a great story of the unexpected. Thanks for sharing!

(01 Mar '14, 00:09) Cory

Life is bigger and more mysterious than the teachings of Abraham. Many people who get what they want say they never expected it. Not everything is created by conscious thought alone.


answered 25 Feb '14, 09:35

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But with every"want" there is some degree of expectation?

(25 Feb '14, 11:29) ursixx
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