Two weeks ago, my wife and I were invited to a presentation of a scalar energy device that is apparently channeled technolgy. The Voice Activated Hydration System is new technolgy.It works with the five noble gases and sound (hard to explain in brief).The evening started off with drinking lots of different Hexagonal Waters (purity/clarity,super-cellular,wellness)and listening to Bill do his presentation.

In the second half of the evening we were prompted to say( as a group of seventeen) a series of sounds out loud and with conviction, Boo bay be by bo boo Hoo hay he hi ho hoo for twenty seconds.We repeated this about two and a half times.The software then breaks those sounds down one to two billion times.Bill then asks us to get into a meditative state and he then replays those sounds back through the VAHS and speakers for thirty two minutes.

What I experienced was a very deep meditation and a very stong connectedness to all those present.I saw, for a good part of this, lightning bolts running horizontally in my head and voices in my left ear (cant remember what they said :).

For the following five nights I experienced lucid dreams,like being awake and asleep and in and out of a submarine for over five hours,fighting off dark energies that are real and I had to travel there to do it.

Every person there had their own unique experience (astral travel,being stuck to the floor,seeing ancient art,oneness,riding rainbows)and more.

So has anyone here heard of this yet ?

Here are a few links...

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channeled from whom and where?

(19 Mar '11, 19:12) ursixx

Apparently it is channelled from ascended master Hilarion and the technology has supposedly been here before in Atlantean times.

(19 Mar '11, 19:20) Roy
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I don't have any experience with the particular device you are talking about but the process of vowel sound intonations reminds me very much of an ancient mystical exercise I once learned.

You can try it out for yourself and see if the results are similar to what you experienced with the device.

Go to a quiet, darkened room and sit in a chair. A foot or two in front of you on the floor, place a large open bowl of water. Just ordinary tap water is fine.

Intone the vowels sounds aaaaaaaa (as in bay) and eeeeeee (as in key) alternately out loud for a few minutes. If circumstances allow it, do it at a fairly reasonable volume so you thoroughly engage your vocal chords.

So you would repeat...

aaaaaaaaaaaaaa-eeeeeeeeeeeee-aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-aaaaaaaaaaaaaa-eeeeeeeeeee-aaaaaaaaaaaaaa-eeeeeeeeeeeee-aaaaaaaaaaaaaa-eeeeeeeeeeeee etc

for a few minutes.

If you are in a meditative state when you do this, you should notice the vibrations in the room becoming increasingly powerful over the next few minutes. I sometimes almost feel a pounding in my head when I try this because of the heightened atmosphere within the room.

What is happening here is that the water is acting as a vibrational amplifier and meditating while in this state may lead to some interesting experiences. :)


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That is similar to what my wife experienced, she felt a huge pressure in her head and found the tone (VAHS) to be quite annoying.She then felt a knowing that it was a release and was quite pleased with herself:) Interestng stuff Thanks

(19 Mar '11, 18:48) Roy

It is a lovely technology. The First time i tried it it felt like a part of me that had been missing for a very long time came home. After 1/2 hour sound session, i knew i was buying one. I listen to sounds customized to harmonize the stresses that show up in my voice almost every day. It is delightful to have assistance at this level. i feel truly blessed to be able to share this with my friends and loved ones. A friend thought i was kind of weird because i love sitting on my deck enjoying a beautiful tree. After she had done 1 session she became rather amazed by the beautiful tree herself. Robert has just come out with the Theta Love IQube. I tried it last night. This would be a fun toy to have. This unique program will encourage the release of deep stress while stimulating various bliss areas of the brain. Robert says, "It's common knowledge that the pituitary is not working and the pineal gland has shrunk from golf ball to pea size. Unless blood flow can be increased and the glandular system stimulated, mankind's hope for better health and more importently spiritual liberation in the body is not possible. These systems must be brought back on-line." Live Well my Friends. If you are interested in trying the VAHS in a group setting gather some friends and i will come, or come by my home and try an individual sound session. susan


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Susan 2

I was only talking to a friend about this last night.I have only experienced it the one time, but my friend has had numerous experiences with the different machines and waters.He really finds it exciting and very benificial. I am going to have to give it another go. I hope I explained it well enough in my question. Thanks Susan.

(21 Jul '11, 16:56) Roy

I absolutely LOVE your website :)

(21 Jul '11, 16:59) Roy

I've using one for years along side other devices and techniques, it's the real deal. BTW I'm still using an older model, stick with the water and CD EVERYDAY and you will experience a shift, may not be the one you are looking for but what you want will come. Understand thought cycles and emotions must shift before you can have your desired physical shift (and you may get some unexpected yet pleasant physical adjustments first).


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It really is exciting technology :) Thank you

(28 Aug '11, 19:19) Roy

Thanks Roy, I wll definitely lok into this!


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