I was listening to Abraham Hicks tape the other day and she said something about our vibration Turning off when we sleep, but this seems not right, since shouldn't we be always manifesting at every moment? Also, when we have dreams they are often emotionally charged, or leave a feeling- which I would expect would influence our vibration also.

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An excerpt from the Abraham Hicks webpage says it well and adds a bit more too:

WHEN YOU SLEEP YOU WITHDRAW YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS, so you deactivate the vibrations that were keeping you wherever they were keeping you. So the cells of your body are actually able to regenerate more powerfully when your conscious mechanism is slumbering, than when awake—unless, you are feeling good.

Your optimum experience is to be awake and exhilarated. Your next optimum experience is to be asleep. Your least optimum experience is to be awake and worried, or fearful about something.

We see a lot of people sleeping because they’re bored, or because it’s the only way that they can give themselves any break from the exhaustion that they are feeling. But if you understand that exhaustion is not about what you’re doing; it’s not about being awake—it’s about resistance—then you begin to understand that the less resistance there is, the less sleep you need. So don’t feel guilty about how much sleep you’re getting, or not getting. We would make sleep a non-issue—and make connection to Source our dominant goal.

Excerpted from the workshop in Philadelphia, PA on Monday, May 13th, 2002


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Abraham say, that you do not create while your dreaming, it's really just a manifestation of what you have been thinking in your awake state.

However once you start talking about it, thinking or discussing it, then it has the power to affect your vibration, thus your future creation's.


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NO... quite opposite. We are only TRULY using all of our consciousnesses when we are in sleep state. I learned allot about this from Treb and from reading Seth. Here is an exert from Seth Speaks, the Eternal Validity of the Soul. The sleep state is highest form of manifesting with NO filters.

http://tinyurl.com/9enr96d prt 1

http://tinyurl.com/94l4wn8 prt 2

love n light



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I wonder about this, myself.

The other day, I felt that familiar sensation of suddenly remembering a dream that I had not been consciously aware of until that moment. It had a very strong, very particular vibe, evoking strong feelings and an atmosphere in my mind that had nothing to do with my daily life right now. But I was remembering, not thinking for the first time.

I felt as though this dream had colored my thoughts all day, without my knowing about it. So if that is true, wouldn't it also be true that this was effecting me during the night, thus effecting my vibration and what I am attracting?

That leads me to wonder, what about the dreams I don't ever consciously remember? Am I drawing circumstances toward my reality in this way, with no conscious control? That would lead me to have a look at lucid dreaming.

Just my thoughts. :)


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