How to make myself think positive if I constantly doubt.

I want to believe that I will find love and soulmate but at the same time I see that the reality is that I do not have opportunities even to meet such man I would like.

I knows what you will say- you have to go out meet people etc, but yet every time I do this I feel even more discouraged. And when eventually I find the one I want he is breaking my heart.

I know that the way I think is wrong but how i enforce the right one? How do you learn how to love yourself?

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Simple answer, which you probably won't like to hear because it's way too cliche, but it's absolutely correct; A- love yourself unconditionally first.

(11 Mar '12, 07:13) Nikulas
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How do you learn how to love yourself? Think of the person that you hold dearest in your life, perhaps a nephew/niece, mother,, think of yourself as you having to care for that precious loved one who has been entrusted unto your care and is residing within you. How would you treat him/her?

thank you, namaste


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Youve sort of answered your own question with your first line.

"How to MAKE myself.

Youve got it in one Marki. Youve got to MAKE yourself think what YOU want to think.Your in control not your brain. MAKE yourself think different styles of thought. Only you can do this,only your responsible for this.

Your the watch keeper of your deeper mind. You control the door.You control what goes in.



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EFT is a technique that combines accupressure with talking or feeling to relieve emotional traumas that get in the way of our goals, relationships, etc... as well as relieve pain and ailments, fears and phobias. There are many videos out there as well as world summits and other organized groups of people speaking and teaching about their take on EFT. One of them I listened to on The Tapping World Summit, was Stefan Gonick. He talked about love. He said to make a list of the negative traits of your parents. Then pick three and tap on those. He said that we are attracted to people who display the traits of our parents, so if we remove the negative traits from our system, they won't be on the list of things we are attracted to. Well, this is my version of what he said.The main thing is to do the EFT on aspect that are keeping you in tune with wrong matches.

Another aspect might be that you don't feel that you deserve love. So picture yourself with the perfect mate. What feelings or emotions come up? Write them down. Tap on negative ones lilke, I don't deserve to be loved, etc...


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"Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers you have built against it." - Rumi

Learn Emotional Freedom Technique or PSYCH-K to rid yourself of negative thoughts.


answered 19 Jul '14, 20:01

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