I am to the point in my spiritual growth where I can almost command my illnesses away-almost. I still have a lot to learn, though. I thought it would be good to ask this question, and get some feedback about the spiritual reasons we get sick.

Right now, I have bronchitis, and I have been working my way through it using spiritual means. (The antibiotic I was given made me throw up. Ugh.)

I have been using Reiki, a Japanese healing method, most effectively. I also have a lot of energy, despite the cough. This is the first time I have almost cured myself. Any more ideas?

Thanks, and Blessings, Jai

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The root of everything is spiritual. The power biology has over us is concerning our belief that it has power over us, including choosing to believe that dis-ease exists out there.

The only reason anyone ever gets sick is because they've bought into and accepted negative ideas concerning outside influences such as disease that exists out there, into their reality and thus consciously or unconsciously they’ve chosen to disconnect from the constant flow of well-being.

Good health is our natural state. By buying into any and every idea of dis-ease we accept it as a reality that's possible for us to experience and then decide to experience it by focusing on it; all for our
own reasons.

We can use tools such as Reiki or EFT to help us return to a state of well-being, but if you go into it you discover that those tools are not actually necessary. We can simply decide to choose good health
by changing the story concerning our health.

The power any disease has and the power the healing tools have all comes from us; we create our own experience of whatever reality we choose by focusing on and paying attention to it.


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Well said Eddie! thank you

(08 Mar '11, 14:59) daniele

Thanks daniele :)

(10 Mar '11, 02:00) Eddie

The spiritual reason for sickness is the fact that you are a human being living in a spiritual body and by nature sickness is a part of your spiritual experience in life.

Our bodies are capable of healing it’s self spiritually, and this energy is the same energy we use for all things in life.

Yes indeed you can cure yourself, and the cure becomes a cure when you indeed believe that you have been cured. It is a matter of Faith, and yes all things are possible in life!


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Negative emotions cause a disturbance in our energy flow. This disturbance causes physical problems to manifest. It causes pain to get our attention to the fact that there is a disturbance in the energy flow. This disturbance in the energy flow also reduces our immune system's ability to fight off the germs that we would usually not be affected by. Some germs are on us all the time, like the impeteigo bacteria. It is on all our skin, but it only causes an impeteigo outbreak, same thing with cold sores and they look similar, when we have a disruption in our energy flow. I have found EFT to be very helpful in getting the negative disturbance to clear and allow the energy to flow. I also find some self talk helpful if I am not feeling an emotion at the time, or I am doing something that would not be condusive to tapping at the time. I say to my brain, "It's emotional, not physical." Meaning the source of the pain or disease, not the symptoms. I talked and tapped myself out of getting impetigo which I used to get chronically as a kid. I learned that it comes on after a stressful event or a head cold. Anyway when I felt it itching in my nose, and knew it would become a blister, then once I put the antibiotic cream on it, it would stop growing after 3 days of cream. Then it would take at least a week to heal the scab. So, when I first felt is coming on, I told it that it was from emotions, not a physical reason. I tapped on the recent stressful events, I tapped on this itchy impetigo, I tapped on I'm afraid I'm getting impetigo. It never manifested past the itch. It took a day or two of this to get the itch to go away as well. I know you asked for spiritual, but non-physical is more the category of my answer.

When Jesus healed the blind man that was blind from birth, the people aked Jesus who had done wrong, a parent or the blind man and Jesus said neither one, but that His works could be done. And the time that the disciples couldn't heal a man from demons, Jesus said that it would require prayer and fasting. This tells me that either there is aslo another reason that is spiritual, or the wording is just different to our time, but means the same thing and the emotions are the spirits or caused by the spirits. I am still sorting this out. It is difficult because of language. Like the word sin was a word added later that meant to miss the mark in archery. Words create pictures in our heads and the picture we have based on the language of the Bible compared to our language today, is quite distorted. Sin as we have come to understand it's meaning is quite evil in nature, where missing the mark can be interpreted in a different light. I am re reading the Bible with my new insights. I have been a Christian, studying the Bible many years, the insights I have and the studying of metaphysical, quantum physics, EFT, etc... is very new. I am working on integrating them. That's what I love about this site. There are others that have done that and/or are doing that now. Very exciting!

I guess a spiritual reason for disease could be that someone has cut themself off from God and that allows disease to come in. This could then draw the person to search for answers, finding God.


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Fairy Princess

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Hi Jai, Have a look at Louise Hay's "Heal Your Body". I found this book very good in the early stages of my journey of understanding. It deals with the "probable cause" of the illness and suggests new thought patterns.


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Susan 1

Thanks Susan, that's a great book :)

(10 Mar '11, 02:00) Eddie

Thanks for asking the question Jai, without you asking, Fairy Princess wouldn't have replied and I wouldn't be here sitting laughing to myself. I have with bad sinusitus and a HUGE cold sore and Fairy Princess has just reminded me to LET GO! Have a fab weekend everyone :)


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Fairy Princess

Yay! I hope you never get another cold sore now that you know how to keep them away!

(11 Mar '11, 13:58) Fairy Princess

The neggitive effects of the consiensness is well shown in this vid. BUt if you think of the word disease, It is a diss-Eacse of teh energy in ur body. If you are willing to sit through the whole vid my source talks about the issues with Mind/Body/Soul and how they all interact with each other!! Watch here! part 2 part 3

love n light,



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TReb Bor yit-NE

did you allow your self to get sick by belief or concept! or did you do something to someone else that could reflect in the sickness you have!example talking in someone back! if not it is medical! well get well soon and be aware of what you think speak and act!


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