Do you suppose that someday, our insurance companies will pay for us to go to a Reiki Healer (for example)? They once did not acknowledge chiropractic medicine- but they do now!

Eastern Healing makes so much sense; the healer goes after the root cause of the illness, whereas the Western Doctor treats the symptoms until they convince their patients that they can be cured with surgery...Are the Drug Company lobbies really behind this denial of spiritual treatment for physical ailments?


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Western medicine for years was thought to be a major contributor to the leap in health the world has experienced (longer life etc). [Recent studies suggest this may have been better attributed to social changes, such as living conditions, cleaner water etc]

It managed this through a "bug lens" - that is, there is a specific thing wrong with you, and we can get rid of it (i.e. bacteria, virus). This was (and is) easily verifiable. They can perform loads of experiments on drugs, and compare results. They can change the components of the drugs - identify side effects. It is objective (which they use comparison against placebos for).

Alternative treatments are not as objective - and do not have as much rigorous studies done behind them. What is being done is not as easily quantifiable (and thus measurable). Western medicine sits on western science - which is weary of things that do not work predictably.

Honestly, it is closer to what most people want as well - the most annoying thing to deal with is taking a pill (or a one off surgery - assuming it goes well). People do not want to have to change their lifestyle around. The least resistant way wins out.

And yes - there is a bit of money and politics involved in it too.

That said, recently the medical system has been shifting. (I can't speak for America, but it seems they are on their way too) Social circumstances and their effects on health are being taken very seriously...I was in premed, and most of the course focused on those social circumstances, politics etc. The bigger whole and how things interlink are being looked at, and some things once considered 'soft' are being accepted.

I don't think you will find 'think your way to health' coming along anytime too soon though. Nor are the drugs going anywhere - because, for all their issues - they still do deliver results and for many people, relief that lets them get on with their lives.


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+1 Very good answer.

(30 Dec '09, 03:16) Vesuvius

If I am correct, (but I'm not sure of the exact statistic, however my family doctor agreed with this percentage), I believe a western medicine is successful if it demonstrates a 20% success rate in a blind test.

So according to my twisted logic, if only 8 out of 10 people die, but the other two are cured, it is considered successful.

Eastern medicine, on the other hand, will probably be pulled off the shelf if 1 out of 10 test subjects show signs of being 1/2 dead form the effects of the medicine. (I'm not sure of this, because I'm just making this up for the required effect in comparison)

For myself, I do yoga every day & try not to worry as much as possible. If I am sick with something that can be treated with eastern medicine, then that's where I start first.

If I am in an accident & my leg is broken, my eastern side will not stand a chance at getting anywhere close to that broken leg, because I will run (ok crawl) as soon as possible to the closest western hospital.


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The Traveller

Amusing and insightful answer. It reminds me of something Richard Bach said in one of his books. Paraphrasing: "I believe in the value of your thoughts keeping you well, but if I get the sniffles, I open the medicine cabinet, reach for the Advil, and don't stop until I get to Zantac."

(30 Dec '09, 19:02) Vesuvius

It is a entire different way of thought.

Western medicine is geared toward treating the sickness, or curing the sickness. Eastern medicine is geared toward curing the client.

Western doctors do not believe anything spiritual or energy has anything to do with disease. Eastern doctors believe that all sickness starts with energy or nutrition as an imbalance.

Western doctors feel if it is not government tested and approved by the AMA it is good for nothing. Eastern doctors believe what has worked thousands of years still works, who cares where it came from or that it was not scientifically tested in a lab, it works.

Western doctors want total control to know that their medicine was man made to beat this sickness, it was tested in labs and proven to work many times despite the side effects. Eastern doctors believe nature cures like it says in the bible the roots and leave for curing sickness, Eastern doctors believe this and so let nature cure.

Western doctors believe Eastern doctors are superstitious and fools for believing old unproven things! Eastern doctors believe Western doctors are fools for turning their backs on old ways that really did work and get results that Western doctors now deny.


answered 30 Dec '09, 08:13

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Wade Casaldi

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