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I have a real interest in Orbs, which started to appear in photographs taken in sacred areas and healing or meditation settings. I can also photograph them in my meditation room, but only after 'successful' meditation sessions (in other words I can't fool the orbs).

Orbs do not appear in ordinary every day photos.

I would love to know more about them. I believe they are quite commonly photographed at Reiki sessions.

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Posting photos is fairly easy on this website, if you are willing to share. You can upload an image to and then insert a link to your image here using the image button on the editor.

(11 Feb '10, 04:17) Vesuvius

Thanks for that info... I am a bit of a turkey when it comes to IT.. old, you know :) Will give it a try.

(11 Feb '10, 22:45) Inactive User ♦♦

I think this is a great question for this site! We all love our orbs don't we!

(17 Jun '13, 09:25) Nikulas
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Most orbs that appear in photographs are due to dust particles, snowflakes, or other random debris moving in front of the camera lens, causing light backscatter and near-camera reflections, especially in flash photographs. In some cases, orbs can appear to leave a smeared trail of light in the photo that suggests fast moving objects, but in reality are merely small particles moving slowly but very closely across the camera's field of view.

There are many examples of orb photographs on the internet. They can all be explained by reflections and backscatter off contaminants of some sort on or near the camera lens.


answered 11 Feb '10, 04:28

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It's true, orbs have been explained away on many science-type of programmes. I admit to being a little disappointed!

(11 Feb '10, 15:06) LeeAnn 1

I assumed the above explanation was true too ... till I saw them positioned one over the crown chakra and another over the heart chakra of a very special person.

There are also several types, one type being extremely bright and the other could best be described as wheels within wheels... how would a reflection off a dust particle produce these wheel mazes?

(11 Feb '10, 22:17) Inactive User ♦♦

Probably, if we only look hard enough at everything, we will always find a "rational" explanation eventually. Maybe that is the "contract" on which our world is built. Maybe we have to "let go" sometimes and don't look so closely anymore in order to not make probability waveforms collapse in order to create room to allow wonders to manifest.

(13 Feb '10, 01:26) herzmeister
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I went to a cemetery at night and photographed a ton of them all over the place. Got some on camera that had angry faces in them!


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lol... maybe THAT is why we don't like to venture there after dark. We sense them.

(19 Feb '10, 05:30) Inactive User ♦♦

I was on vacation at my grandparents house over the summer when I was younger, with my siblings and cousins. We were in my Aunt's room playing with her camera, just doing silly stuff, listening to music and bouncing around. We had this rag doll we were throwing around to each other (maybe playing hot potato or something, idk lol).

Anyways, this went on for about an hour, then we went and replayed the video we took. It was kind of creepy to watch. There were about 10-15 orbs floating around all of us, spinning and bouncing around the room. The weirdest part was they followed the ragdoll everywhere we threw it. There was one part in the video where someone knocked on the door and my cousin answered it. All of the orbs seem to "collect" on top of her in the video, and it got so bright you couldn't see her until the video went back to us throwing the doll around.

They moved around the screen like little fairies almost. They were bouncy and playful. I really wish I had the video, but I have no idea what my aunt did with it.

That house was very "haunted". I have never been in a place that had as many ghostly experiences as my grandmothers house. There were several times where you could hear voices in the rooms next to you, even when no one was in there.


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I have seen them in photos and I have been told that they were ghosts that were captured, smoke, energies of entities and I have seen halo around people that others say are just energies of left behind entities.

No meditation had been done. Sometimes I think the camera can just pick up energy of things, entities, ghosts, and who knows what that most can not see with the normal physical eyes.


answered 11 Feb '10, 07:40

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I am quite interested in the work Dr Harry Oldfield is doing with specific camera lens which show things not seen with the human eye. Being a bit of a UFO buff, I was especially interested in the PIP technology that caught two 'invisible' craft in the sky. From my linited understanding of these things, it seems that space is actually 'a fabric' which can be 'wrapped around' things and make them invisible. I guess a simple example of this sort of phenomenon would be heat hazes and mirages.

(11 Feb '10, 22:25) Inactive User ♦♦

PS ... while I can't afford PIP I have sent off for his inexpensive little filter which one can hold over the digital camera lens. I am really looking forward to having some fun with it.

(11 Feb '10, 22:33) Inactive User ♦♦

Wedding orb picture is here:




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Told you I was a turkey when it came to things like this - lol It is the bottom thingy you have to click to see the wedding orb. Maybe someone on staff can fix this up for me.

(17 Feb '10, 00:15) Inactive User ♦♦

Have fixed those links for you

(17 Feb '10, 23:02) Stingray

Thank you Stingray.

(19 Feb '10, 05:29) Inactive User ♦♦

Similar to the phenomenon of people seeing certain numbers before they hit good/bad luck, like 11:11 on the digital clock, does it really matter if mystical orbs are labelled as random particles (I say that when reading the info provided by Vesuvius) or would one prefer to interperet it as signs of angelic acknoledgements of pure love? I for one would love to have spiritual orbs in my wedding photos, what a great picture!

(17 Jun '13, 09:30) Nikulas
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I have seen something these last few days was out side sitting in the sun.would hold my thumb up to block the sun. kinda block it so just the edge of the corona was showing ( the suns corona ...not the beer ;-) )

I saw small orbs I relaxed and accepted that I saw them and watch them "dance" It happen 2 different days and places and times and pretty sure it wasn't small flying insects .Because of the way they moved when I dropped my focus.



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I have a photo of me someplace, I think it was a Polaroid photo. In the photo, I am laying on the couch by myself. It has a great big zigzag streak of glowing yellow across it. We never did figure out what it was. It could have been my cat I used to have. She used to lay on the couch with me but she had been deceased for a number of years.


answered 17 Jun '13, 11:01

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flying orb, I saw a big one over a house in 2013. was wondering what sort of ufo it was. now I know. it is simply a remote control drone with a circular cage over it is made with transparent plastic. so from far away you see something round orb shape with the light and the sky that you see passing thru it.

some other orb that I have seen on tv are some made by lighting they call them ball lighting.

with camera often it is moving dust or particule, snowflake, rain etc...

there is other smaller orb of light most of them are out of the normal spectrum of light that the human eyes can see and some of them move faster then the speed of light. example: neutrino.

also in water a bubble with high frequency sound sonoluminescence.


answered 06 Jul '16, 04:32

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If you want beautiful magical orbs, try blowing bubbles when it's below freezing or below zero F at night. Then take a picture :D


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