I'm very ill at the moment. All the questions and answers on IQ relates to disease have all been very helpful, another thankyou should be merited. But again, there dosnt seem to be the answer out there...

How the body becomes ill is quite an easy explanation: bad, unexpressed vibrations OR a mainstream, heavy belief that would include gentic diseases, or the beliefs and fears "there's a virus going around, so you'll probably catch it like everyone else did..."

How do I become well again? I've got methods, but which is the truth and why??

  1. Clear up the negative vibration that caused the illness in the first place. If I do this, should I be cured almost instantly?
  2. (With no relation to vibrations at all) Remove the attention from the disease. Am I only sick because that's where my focus is most of the time (on the disease)?
  3. Sleep/meditation: Abrahams process specifically for healing...If this process is to be accurate, if we believe we can be cured will we be? (even if the negative vibration still is being pounded on?)

Relating again to the Abraham process, I noticed that it was said "if you were to pay no negative attention to your physical body you would be amazingly healthy." Does this mean if we pay zero attention to our body in a negative shadow, or reached the neutral point with it, shouldn't we all be looking like supermodels?! (Oh I hope so....)

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Nikulas you are a supermodel.. you just forgot

(19 Dec '11, 17:12) ursixx

Hi Nikulas, this is just a comment about bounties ... i have tried them and it seems to me that they don't directly influence the quality of the replies, however i do find that "tithing" can increase interest about the subject thus inducing indirect replies.

(23 Dec '11, 12:28) blubird two
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I notice you started a bounty on this question after most/all of these answers were already here so it suggests you are still looking for something more.

Okay, I'll throw in my perspective and see if that is of any use to you...

I don't think there can ever be a step-by-step approach towards health from non-health that will work for everyone all of the time. That's simply because we all have our own unique balances of desires and allowing for those desires.

I've previously put up a Dis-ease equation in Why is it we get sick when we expand?:


  • "Summoning of energy" basically relates to how much desire you are naturally launching in your life.

  • "Allowing of energy" basically relates to how much resistance you have in your life that is standing in the way of the energy of those desires flowing through you.

If we assume that "Health" is a state where "Dis-Ease" is minimized then the key to "health" whether physical, financial, emotional, relationship-wise or anything else in your life is to allow your desires as much as possible (since it's very difficult, and not recommended, to stop desires being launched in the first place).

So my earlier statement about there not being a step-by-step approach for healing that will work for everyone may now become a bit clearer.

For example, to a person that has been brought up believing that mainstream modern medicine is the solution to all illness, it may be allowing to them to visit a medical doctor and receive some pills for their condition.

To another person who perhaps had a loved one who died following a botched surgical operation, the idea of mainstream medicine might be disallowing and so suggesting that would simply create more resistance. For them, perhaps some kind of "alternative" healer might be more allowing.

To another, a state of allowing may come about from engaging in their religion or following the teaching of their guru. Yet another may find allowing through a vacation in a pleasant location. Yet another, may find allowing through laughing and watching comedy. Yet another may read an Abraham book.

There's countless ways for people to find their own personal state of allowing. And I've noticed that after they've found one that works for them, there are many who then proclaim it as the solution when, in fact, it's really just the solution for them and their own particular vibrational mix.

It's never about WHAT has caused you to ALLOW, it's just about the fact that YOU have found a way to ALLOW that works for you for now :)

So having effectively just told you that I don't think there can ever be a definitive answer to your question ( "How EXACTLY do we become healthy after becoming ill?" ), all I can really do is offer some general suggestions...

  • It is worth bearing in mind that the vibrational conditions that physically manifested a state of DIS-EASE are often not the same conditions that keep that state on-going in your life. In other words, you can completely clear up the original vibrational conditions that led to the DIS-EASE but still have the DIS-EASE present. This is because once something has physically manifested we tend to give it more authority and attention in our lives as though the physical manifestation is important. But a physical manifestation is only an indicator of vibration, a snapshot in time of a vibrational state. It has no reality other than you being able to perceive it more clearly with your physical senses on this particular arbitrary frequency level of existence we called "physical reality".

    An emotion is just as valid a vibrational condition as anything physical. But since we can't physically touch or pick up an emotion, we tend to resign those particular vibrational indicators to being secondary.

    But since emotional manifestations (whether you feel bad or good) always precede physical manifestations, then the emotional manifestations are actually more accurate indicators of what your vibrational state currently is. This is because there is a lag time between emotional and physical manifestations.

    So when you are trying to feel better, bear in mind that the current emotional manifestation is the one to judge your progress by even if your current physical manifestations appear to contradict it. Eventually, the physical manifestations will "catch up" with the emotional ones.

  • All DIS-EASE, as with everything else in life, has a cyclic element to it. There are times when you will feel worse and times when you feel better. See: How do you raise your vibrational level when you’re ill? You will maximize your results if you choose to engage in any allowing work at the times when you are feeling better.

  • Finally, I would like to point out that nothing has gone "wrong" with your life when you are involved with DIS-EASE. As I said at the start of this answer, it's simply a case that you're slightly more out of balance with summoning vs allowing than usual. But since our lives are constantly and intentionally pushing us out of balance between summoning vs allowing then it's not that you've done anything wrong - it's all part of the natural expansion of life. Our lives are intended to create desire and our broader selves are always going to be out of sync with our physical selves once that happens.

    So don't be too hard on yourself for finding yourself in an out-of-balance state that you dislike.

    All of us are always seeking to find our (vibrational) balance, rather like a tightrope walker.

alt text

How do tightrope walkers grow more confident in their skills?

Simple. They eventually stop falling off :)

But you can never eventually stop falling off unless you've fallen off before, so there can never be anything wrong in falling off ...because it's how you discover how to get better at not falling off in future :)

Why do we fall? ...so we can learn to pick ourselves up

Batman Begins


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This clears alot of clouds I've been having regardling all LOA questions I've had. Originally I was going to ask this question as "what is the equation for healing" but now I see that it cannot really be explained that well; everyone has different ways of 'allowing.' Yet again I am greatful for these links. Though I've read most of them there are a few I've never even seen on IQ before so cheers!!

Again thankyou Stingray, you've given the precise information that I was after with my question, which I originally couldnt find. All the best :)

(24 Dec '11, 13:54) Nikulas

You're welcome, Nikulas. I'm glad it was useful for you.

(24 Dec '11, 18:20) Stingray

A vast majority of conditions can be healed/survived with deep breathing. Not just short intervals, but changing the way that we breathe. The breath should be slow and even, but natural, you should be using at least 75% of your lung capacity with each breath. I have a client who is battling stage 3 cancer this way, and it is not the first time she has done this - she was stage three 8 years ago, and took no medicine, had no chemo/radiation, took no other treatment at all, except deep breathing. She has an impeccable lifestyle as well, mind you - she's mostly vegetarian but eats fish, does not drink alcohol or smoke, limits her sugar intake to rare pleasures, only eats until she is finished, not until she is 'full'. She's a fascinating person for this and other reasons.

The right attitude is necessary. I haven't read the Abraham books, and I'm only just getting familiar with inward quest in general, but I can say from experience that adjusting vibration is not a technical process, it is organic and intuitive. Our vibration is expressed in moods, and this is too often overlooked in the material that discusses it. Adjust your attitude and your mood and the vibration will follow; the reverse is true when we are not mindful of our mood. One of the more interesting things that I ever learned was from the casteneda books, "Power is a Mood." I didn't initially understand it, but later in my development it became almost obvious. Find your mood of power, and learn it. We too often allow our mood to move and change on it's own, while we are largely unaware of it. So it becomes easy to passively let ourselves be depressed, feel weak and helpless, angry, etc., and often not even realise it. If we attempt a technical algorithm to adjust our vibration, it will be temporary and cannot be consistent because the mind, and our energy system, is not technical - it has no 'edges and lines' as it were. It is as organic as we are, and the only way to consistently maintain an adjusted vibration is to recieve it into the emotional self, which is capable of maintaining our vibration more consistently and more pervasively.

The organic part, of course, is paying attention to diet and LISTENING to the body. You cannot make assumptions about which diet is best, instead you have to learn to tell the difference between information and addiction. We live our lives, and our diets, largely according to addiction cravings, rather than information cravings. And with all of the information out there, we are inundated by constant commandments to eat this or that way because it is the 'healthy' way to eat. But, this is not so, there is no universally healthy diet. There are obvious guidelines, and we all know that too much of anything is going to be bad for you - but what we are not told because it doesn't sell, is that your brain knows at any given moment exactly what you need, it is aware of the content of what you eat on a chemical level, while your body-spirit is aware of that content on a vibratory level. KNOW your food - intentionally observe what you are eating, and pay attention to how your body feels about it. Eat with this observation attitude, and when you eat, put everything else away. It is better to eat quietly rather than while talking or distracted by television, newspaper, whatever else. In western culture, eating is a social activity, but this attitude prevents us from communing with our food and our body while we eat, and puts blinders on us so that we are unaware of the information our body and body-spirit is giving us about what we are eating. So, pay attention to your food. Nothing that exists is without spirit, spirit is awareness (not ego-awareness, pure awareness), your food is aware of you. It isn't aware of you the way you are aware of it; it doesn't resent you for eating it, no worries - but just as your body assimilates the organic elements, your body-spirit assimilates the organic spirit of the food. If you are aware of that spirit, give it attention and appreciation when you consume it, this process becomes sort of like an alliance, and the organic spirit of the food will.

Finally, it is necessary to overcome the fear of death. It's easy to say that we are not afraid to die. Many people who have said this, are faced with death and discover that this is not the case. Remember that a strong will to live is not the same as fearing death. One is proactive, the other is reactive. When we fear death, we will try to hide it from ourselves - with addiction, with frivolous connections to others, with the accumulation of belongings. All of this dampens our awareness of that fear. When we have a strong will to live, we are able to act intentionally to preserve our life because it is precious and not because we fear losing it. True Knowledge of the immortality and indestructability of the Spirit is the first step in transcending the fear of death. Many people stop there, but that is not the right way, or, it is not really enough rather. Experiencing a false-death, that is, emulating death, is the next step and cannot be taken until we have confidence and faith in the state of the spirit as eternal. To emulate death is not simple, but not really difficult either. It is challenging because we cling to the ego. The real purpose is to uncover the true fear of death, more so than to overcome that fear. If we lay down, and imagine dying, let the breath become shallow and then still, and slowly allow our personality, our memories, all we hold dear, to drop away from us, forget ourselves, our loved ones, forget everything in the way we are washed 'clean' after death, a great fear will come upon us, and we will begin to chase these things through our mind, collecting them and gasping them close. It is necessary then to intentionally let them go, embrace that fear, and allow ourselves to experience the false-death completely. There is not a universal guide book to what happens then. You will fall asleep, and probably dream. When you awake, you must remember the fear although your brain will attempt to forget. Meditate on the fear, make peace with it, and hold in your mind both the fear of death and the faith of the state of the spirit. By and by, the fear of death will be consumed by the faith in the spirit. It cannot be rushed. You will, during this process, be confronted by "what if I died?" You'll reconsider life and how you live it, and you'll have to make choices about how you live, if you're living the way you want to or not and if not - do you make peace, or make changes? You'll have to answer if you are really happy or not, if you are fulfilling your dreams and your potential. You must make these choices, and you must make them with honesty.

There is no universal guide. Not one, anywhere, it does not matter how complete a book, belief, tradition seems to be, give up entirely the concept that there is a complete or perfect answer. You will always be limited if you do not. That said, I can say that my process turned my life upside down, took me across the country and back, had me shed unecessary relationships, and made me quite poor for quite some time. The little death inside, caused a little death in my external life. It was a painful experience, and I have not known anyone for whome the experience was not painful. Now, however, I have prosperity, loving relationships, I gain more of myself each day, I am at peace and happy all of the time, and I see my life with clarity perhaps most importantly of all. I am never 'sick', though my body does the things it is supposed to do when it becomes contaminated. Some people also go through a healing crisis. You do not need a guide through this - though you will likely have several anyway - you only need faith, and a measure of serenity.

Maybe all of this is already present in the Abraham books, or on inward quest. If so, know that it isn't just my own opinions! Some of it is inspired by tibetan buddhism, if you care to explore more. However, I have worked in the healing profession for ten years, approximately, and this is combination of personal experience and lessons learned from my patients.



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Brian 4

The universal guide is a work in process. ;)

(19 Dec '11, 17:09) ursixx

Brian this is an amazing answer. Thank you. May I ask what type of healing profession you work in? I do Reiki and have a diploma in nutritional therapy.

(20 Dec '11, 09:31) Paulina 1

Yeah this is a really good answer. I'm surprised Im not the only one to read the Carlos Castenada books. I really liked your section about vibrations and their linkage with food. I guess that food creates mood, and mood is largely responsibile for thoughts and feelings, so thus healthy food alone is possibly the silver bullet to raise your vibration.

(23 Dec '11, 12:07) Nikulas

I personally think that eating EXCLUSIVELY healthy foods is actually a trap that is just as unhealthy as any other "imbalance". A logic point that I use for reference- I relate the "only eat super healthy food arguments to: Argument: "The best way to not get sick is to live in a bubble with no germs in it." Counter argument: "Sure, sterile life could be nice however any exposure to germs (even ones that would not normally be hazardous) will destroy you." I feel the same logic would apply to food. Look at people living in poor countries, some HUMANS even live healthy lives off of bugs.

(23 Dec '11, 12:19) Snow
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I personally only once managed to instantaneously heal a cough, but still these might be good suggestions :

  1. As Bashar says, there are general agreements in this world about many things (this is why, for example, there is the law of gravity - before coming here, everyone agreed this will be "part of the game" of physical reality), and that's why he talks about the idea of detoxification (which relates to nutrition). Of course, you can mentally through your vibration skip this, since when your mind is right, your body is also right. But it might be the path of least resistance for you. I listened to Bashar's recommendation of Dr. Schultz and I using some of his products + practicing some of his nutrtion tips... And it feels great! So know that this option exists. He has in his website a "cold & flu" shot that is reported to produce great results.

  2. Last time I caught a cold I tried to do stuff like focus wheels, virtual reality and so on - and it's very distracting and frustrating. When you are ill, it is felt pretty strongly and I believe that the process Abraham suggests when being ill is best - just lie down, read the statements to yourself (to focus you mind on the idea of healing), and start breathing for the sake of breathing. Remember, you don't have to "heal" yourself - your body is naturally healthy! You just need to let go of your resistance, and the rest will be taken cared of. So this is the easiest mental path to take while sick in my opinion.

Also Nikulas, it seems from your post that your mind is very active, worrying, trying to figure out what to do (and as a result offering more resistance) - the breathing process will be very good for you. Clear your mind of those thoughts and allow whatever happens to happen.

Feel well my friend.


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Thanks Benjamin, have your by chance tried (or are under) Bashars daily herbal mix? From a post by stingray it was 2000mg of vitamin c and organic sulfate 3 TIMES DAILY!! Once I recover completely from my stomach virus and ripped abdominals im seriously going to try this for about a month...

(23 Dec '11, 12:09) Nikulas

The vitamine C + MSM? I did it, didn't see results from it, but you can't really know what's inside those pills - unfortunately most products in the health department are garbage. If you can find a very good source to those two, then try it and see how it goes for you. And regarding Stingray's post - I started drinking tremendous amount of water like Abraham said and feel much more vitality, this is definitely a very good choice. Anyway it's all in Dr. Schultz's material, he talks about all that in detail and it's worth reading.

(23 Dec '11, 13:08) Benjamin

Be careful who you talk to Nikalus. Anyone who agrees that you are ill are actually agreeing that tomorrow you are ill. Up till now you have been ill. As from this moment you are well, inside, in your new universe you are well. Focus on that universe for your cells are not agreeing with you. you have been taking the camera off of the wellness so they only know how to copy the illness that you have been showing them. they are copying well. Focus on the wellness that you saw last week. Keep your camera trained on it and keep that camera ON. IT WILL SHOW YOUR CELLS WHERE THEY CAME FROM and they will return to that state of perfection. They love you, the become whatever you tell them bo be. They exist for you. If you leave them they will die. Your cells need your guidance to show them the vision of you, the you that you truly are, that you prefer to remain.

All statement of fact is prophecy. It takes today and projects it to tomorrow. It copies and pastes. But you already wrote tomorrow's best scenario Nikalus. Then you discarded it and went back to the scenario of sickness.

Friends help you to create new, better scenarios, not copy and paste old ones. See you tomorrow, now that your well, healthy self is being down-loaded into the minds of your cells, telling them what to do. Love you! xxx


answered 19 Dec '11, 23:26

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Once the cause of the illness has been dissipated natural life forces bring back health ...

have a great day


answered 19 Dec '11, 15:53

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blubird two

Nothing against the ideas that things just magically happen and you can magically cure them with a magical response, but I don't think any of those suggestions are valid methods of healing a sickness, nor do I think there is anything in this reality that cannot be explained with logic and reason, even matters of a spiritual nature.

To quote myself from another question:

All illnesses, sicknesses, and diseases can be explained by an imbalance either in your body or spirit. If the body is under attack, the soul may lend energy to the body and aid it in battling or healing. The reverse is also true, and excessive strain on one side or the other will lead to injury.

Individuals with very strong bodies can battle powerful spiritual illnesses despite having weak souls. And conversely, strong souls can help to battle off extremely powerful physical illnesses.

If you want to heal a sickness you must identify the source of the problem. Also something to keep in mind, the manifestations and/or negative wills of those around you can have adverse affects on your body and/or soul, up to and including making you severely ill or even die.

If you desire I could perhaps attempt to offer further aid on where to look for the cause of your particular problems if you were to provide more details regarding your symptoms.

Otherwise I encourage you to seek the aid of a 'specialist' that you feel most appropriately fits the category of your illness. Empaths can often provide insight to emotional turmoil, physicians for bodily injuries, etc.

A point that has been brought up in many of the answers: Your state of mind has a very strong influence on your body and spirit's ability to fight off any opponent, internal or external. I would never deny the importance of positive energy or thoughts in the healing process, or any spiritual / physical activities for that matter.

This answer is marked "community wiki".

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"If you want to heal a sickness you must identify the source of the problem." I agree with you Giovanni, but sometimes the apparent cause my only be just that: appearances. Like a cold is attributed to a virus... then it is discovered that the 'cold' symptoms are really auto-immune reactions of the body attacking itself because it can't define the exact location of the foreign body, in this case a virus, but in other cases it can be anything from pollen to dust. The cause is not the irritant but the STATE OF MIND that lowered the immune system to the point of allowing proliferation of a virus.

(20 Dec '11, 01:55) Parammama

Yes, "looks can be deceiving", a very true assessment and an important one to keep in mind when trying to address more advanced sicknesses. Some things that ail humans are very simple and easy to identify the cause and solution for, others are not. I never claimed that identifying the source of the problem would always be easy, and in fact it is most often not easy at all. ;)

(20 Dec '11, 04:12) Snow

Hi Nik,

Sorry to hear you are feeling poorly. I believe in the best of both convencional and complementary / alternative modalities so please listen to your doctor while doing all you can to help yourself. It is important to have good nutrition without overtaxing the body so fruit juices are great at this time. They are very easy to digest without causing too much energy expenditure. Please incoporate them in your diet but dont take them with other foods (causes fermentation ).

It isn't easy to not think about that which you are going through and feeling but there are ways to support yourself through your ordeal. First of all know that this is just temporary and soon you will be as good as new and even better. Before sleep and early morning imagine yourself in perfect health. See yourself doing all the things you love to do and see your friends and family congratulating you on how well you look. Do this till you feel your subconscious believes it and it will be done.

All of us here at Inward Quest love you Nik so you have ample support so get well soon my friend.


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Paulina 1

Thankyou very much Ms. Giano. I think there's something bigger here going on, with my increase in meditation within the past 2 weeks...Of course, i've heard people get petty colds and headaches when they 'expand' very quickly, but i think there are some vibrations causing viral damage to me....I've got a stomach bug, I've injured my wrist and knees, I've had an accident at work....You really cannot dodge the laws of the universe.

But thankyou again Paulina <3

(20 Dec '11, 13:20) Nikulas

Everyone heals themselves. Your immune system is perfectly capable of healing anything when you allow it to do it's thing. Strengthen your immune system energy with powerful nutrients and water, and rest. Visualize the immune system doing it's work, and take deep breaths as much as you can to bring in fresh energy for your healing. Check out the Gerson Therapy.

I would also add that, Knowing The Truth/God, about yourself and your place in this life is the sure path to long lasting wellness. To know the truth is to let go of fears by allowing the Love and your infinite nature to come through. We exist in God's playground of experience, so Know that all is well. Smile, because smiling is a sign to yourself and to all the everything is O.K. Your body will resond to your smiling spirit. Listen to you inner, higher self and trust. Follow the singing of your heart or the primal feeling in your gut. Honor the Earth because we are all One.

In short, Knowing Yourself = Wellness Forever.

Peace and Balance


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