Consider: And how do we know if this is true?

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Destiny is a word, and it's an idea created by humans. Let's simplify. What if we change the word destiny to the word God? So the question would read, Does everyone live and die based upon God? And the answer is yes. And I know this is true because God makes no mistakes.

If you want to live a long, fulfilling life, live from the heart, live with love, know yourself and know God. Interestingly enough when people are about to pass or when they are out of their body during a near death experience they have the opportunity to negotiate with the angels and extend their life. Often times their life is extended because they turn to Love and want to take care of their unresolved issues. There are many stories of terminally ill patients who hold onto life for weeks because they need to reconcile with a family member. Then once they see that particular person they pass a few hours later. I read a book about Hospice called "Into the Light" by John Lerma, and it said that 90 percent of the patients start seeing and communicating with angels shortly before they pass.

Peace and Light


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I like your word substitution Brian :)

(11 Mar '11, 15:18) Michaela

@Brian: There is merit in what you are saying, and I have interacted with people who were communicating with the spiritual aspect of things before they passed on! Thank you.

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I personally believe that we come into this experience with a variety of different paths available to us and as individuals we get to decide in any given moment which path we choose. There are always choices available at any given moment to render the greatest potential for growth but ultimately we have been endowed with free will, so as an individual we get to choose.

The paths we choose will determine what we do in life and how much we grow and expand as a spiritual being. Because of this free will to choose, I think our individual choices affect how and when we choose to exit this physical plane. I don't think anything is ever etched in stone and destiny is what we choose to make it - change is the only consistent thing in the universe. Because of our choices I think there are always different potential futures awaiting us and we decide which we want. Thus our transition from this plane of existence will be based on those choices.

I know some people will probably baulk at this, but please do remember most of our choices are made on a subconscious level due to past conditioning so the key is to become aware of those beliefs held by our subconscious mind so we can begin to change them to more desirable ones - thus affecting the future we create and our transition back to spirit.


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I like your honesty, thank you!

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You're welcome Vee :)

(13 Mar '11, 13:48) Michaela

Destiny, fate, karma- they all are related. They all assume that we come into the world with a preset and fixed life.

I do not believe in this. Why? Because then we would not be truly free individuals, free to love God of our free Will, free to be and do whatever we set our minds to accomplish.

It seems sometimes that things have been preset when we meet our soul-mate, or when we achieve some great thing easily. Others look at us, and say,"Ahhh, it was just his or her fate to get there." Nope, I do not believe it.

If this was true, if it all was preset somehow, then how did I break away from my supposed destiny to live out my life as a crazy person, chained to my past? Instead, I have plotted a new course, which has pulled me away from the gates of Hell itself, and now can see a great future ahead of me. I did it all myself. No one helped me, except God. I decided to become more than my past and my genes. I have a whole, new "destiny" based on my will, and not some cookie-cutter plan created for me by a God that does not Live and Breathe. I changed everything on my own. Blessings, Jai


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I am happy to hear of your renewed strength, thank you for your answer!

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