Most of you who are reading this probably don't question the issue of life after death. This could be the first and most important question anyone needs to answer when deciding how to proceed through life.

How a person might choose to live when they believe they get one life to and then cease to exist compared to how they might live knowing that death is not an end and that their true nature is as an immortal spirit may be significantly different. There will be different factors to consider when pondering the meaning and purpose of life if someone is unsure, would it be better to err on the side of continuing life over a cease to exist idea?

At this point, many believe in life after death because their religion teaches that. Most accept the idea on faith alone. I would say that there is a difference between believing something and knowing something. There is something more powerful in knowing and greater still when that knowledge is supported by scientific evidence that no scientist, Atheist, or die-hard skeptic can refute.

How might such evidence affect these former skeptics? In your opinion, what might be the re percussions when there is irrefutable, scientifically supported evidence confirming life after death. How might it affect the people who argued against the idea? What might be the impact on the individual, the society, the nations or the world? Are there ethical considerations, concerns about suicide, or euthanasia? I would like to hear your opinions on any of these and other possible changes to people or policies that could result from this evidence becoming front-page news.

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Why ask when there is no such irrefutable evidence - no evidence at all?

(03 Mar '14, 04:27) SR7
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it seems daily new planets
are being discovered by
instruments that now can see
what before was not there

our five physical senses
alone may not be the
only irrefutable
source on what life is

how we will respond to what
the truth is, tomorrow tells


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This is a question that has some interesting consequences. As a Christian, I believe in life after death but as consequences. Now if for example it was proven heaven and hell, things would improve because the consequences are proven. However if it were scientifically proven we just continue onwards like earth then this could result in the value of life being strongly diminished.

It would seem to make this life seem pointless. The consequences of that belief being the dominant belief could be catastrophic!

Why bother progressing here or working to make things better here if this is just the bus ride to eternal life after this. This is if it is proven we just continue instead of heaven and hell of course. At least with those beliefs it gives some motivation to be good here.

I think the question is deeper than only life after death but what kind and if this life has any consequences on that life.

Now as atheist believe in no life after death, this gives a motivation to protect and preserve life as much as possible. This gives a view of how delicate, precious and important human life is.

That view would be highly skewed if it were proven that there is life after death.


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I can relate to each of the points you have mentioned here. I personally have all the proof I need. It is possible that publicized proof could have catastrophic consequences. Do we withhold the evidence out of fear for what may happen. And yes, there are deeper questions here which people should be asking based on even the possibility of continuation, but do they. It is clearly a doorway that should be opened with care where the possible consequences are addressed at the same time.

(11 Mar '14, 20:52) i4cim2b

There is life after death!

There are plenty of books out there about people who have had Near-Death Experiences (NDE). Many, many of these people come back from Heaven and are changed forever. The commonality of their experiences makes me sure that we exist after Death.

I have told everyone here about my experiences with this issue. When I was a young girl, I used to leave my body and fly around, looking and seeing whatever I wanted to see. This was not some kind of fugue state- I listened to conversations and eavesdropped on my parents a lot. Because of this, I know that my soul is separate from my body. An angel stopped me from "flying" (as I called it). She said that I was getting too old, but that she wanted me to remember what happened so that I could tell people that Heaven is real, souls are real, and that I was permitted to "fly" for the purpose of witnessing to other people later in life.

I have already posted an experience I had in which I saw Heaven. You can read it here.

Folks- Heaven is real! And our souls are very precious to God, and what we do in our lives really, really matters. I cannot emphasize this enough. We go back to life after death if we choose to do so. It is our decision, and we always know right away when we need to live again- the point of Life is to Love God and learn to Love everyone. When we master this- truly master it- then we do not have to go "back down for another try". You may already know that you probably will have to go another round, even before death. It is important in life to make amends with people we have harmed, and to trust God in all things, large and small.

In short, there IS proof of Life After Death- you just have to really believe it. The repercussions of this knowledge keep getting slaughtered by high-minded folks who try explaining all this with science. I am telling the truth here- I saw Heaven, and I know that my soul is separate from my body. Here is some proof. But get people to believe it- well, I do not have PhD after my name-yet- but all I can do is tell you of what i have seen and witnessed. Knowing that there is a Heaven, that there are consequences for being bad should make everyone think. I am telling you so you just might become a believer in this.

Great question!


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Thanks you. I agree and am satisfied with the available evidence and don't need any scientific proofs. Scientific proof, however, might lead to the inclusion of this knowledge in the schools where related issues can then find a place in teenage discussions and inevitably lead to a greater awakening and exposure to "spirit". Ideally this would lead to a balancing of materialist thinking with Spirituality at an age where there will be less resistance and fewer limitations in place.

(11 Mar '14, 21:37) i4cim2b

to answer your question there as all ready been study on the subject and proof of testimony. of people having nde near death experience. as for physical proof you have ghost and entity moving stuff around or giving some people information that they did not know. as for physical spirit. Jesus said it well the flesh is flesh and the spirit is spirit. I am the way the truth and the life , you know the place to where I am going. my kingdom is not of this world. no one enter the kingdom with out being born again of water and spirit. Men is in division by is own choice once they move out of division they can accept the truth in all is fullness. since they fall one side or the other they miss over 50% of the truth and fight against each other and judge each other. your body is like a car you park it at night and take it out for a drive the next day.

Some prefer to see life as meaningless so they will do stupid stuff to other to satisfy their ego and eventually it come back to them. if they would have know the beginning they would have know the end since where the beginning is also is the end. Let there be among you a person of understanding.

Know thy self. many want to lead people and would not like to be lead by them self. in some company some are boss and do not even know the job, they have boss paper and no experience in the company some will try to adapt and fit in some other will try to change things to the way they see it since the ydo not know the beginning iot will fail.


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Nothing will happen if scientists find irrefutable evidence for life after death? Because that is how the nature of people is!

1) Do people know: PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE? (Yes, they know, but they prefer cure to prevention which is a costlier and painful method)

2) Do people know: WE SHOULD REDUCE EXPENSE WHEN INCOME DECREASES? (Yes, they know. Yet population had and has been increasing despite dwindling resources)

3) Do people know: WE SHOULD NOT BUY SOMETHING GIVING MORE THAN ITS VALUE? (Yes, they know. Yet people are buying shares of companies giving even 10 or 100 times more than the value)

4) Do people know how to avoid wastage? (Yes, they do. Take just one example: Many thinking people have long suggested that everyone who excels above all in a particular field should automatically become a member of Legislative Body of his country for a limited period, thus supplying the best rulers for the country in all aspects--without the extravaganza of Election Process)

5) Do people know how to bring down crime rate? (Yes, they do. Today's judicial system is more about punishment of the perpetrator of a crime rather than giving compensation to the victim. For example, for every crime there should be 10 or 100 times compensation, the amount of which should be confiscated from the criminal, his family, his relatives, his township, his school, his religion---all those who failed in inculcating values in him.) God only teaches us, neither rewards nor punishes us!

There is already evidence that life continues after death. If you want to know more about superior laws and superior system of things existing in the Spirit World, and other planets, read DESTINY OF SOULS, written by Dr. Michael Newton. This is the best book I have ever read in my life! Really an invaluable treasure!!!


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