I have a couple different totem animals and just recently (within the last year) I have noticed one of my totem animals kinda took over and become one of the most predominate ones. The Hawk.. I feel very connected with them, and KNOW what the totem animal means.. BUT I found a dead one right at my door, with no apparent trauma or damage to the bird. What could this possibly mean? I have a lot of things changing in my life right now, and have asked the universe for some answers--- Also even though the bird was obviously dead, I felt inside that its spirit was very much alive. Just the body was dead, and the spirit wants something from me or of me..possibly..a very odd feeling. And i KNOW without a shadow of a doubt this bird was there for me. Not just a coincidence. ... thanks for any help you all may be able to offer =) I hope i have used the right tags.. they felt right to me.

asked 12 Nov '12, 21:27

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The Hawk is the Messenger Animal to the American Indians. I, too, have the Hawk as one of my Totem animals, and if I found one on my doorstep, I would be very upset, of course.

What does this mean? I think you have been given a Great Message from the Spirit world, and you need to sit up and take notice. The Hawk may have been a gift to you, to wake you up. Perhaps your life is in a bit of turmoil right now, and you need to reassess your life. Perhaps the Spirit Animal Hawk was sent to you as a token to show you that you are right to have this powerful bird in your Totem, and that when you see a Hawk, it is a message from the spirit world.

This Hawk was also a gift from God. I hope that you saved some of its feathers, and that you have used them in an appropriate way. God wanted you to appreciate the beauty of the Hawk, and brought you one to wake you up to that beauty.

I would not take this as a negative sign, although many people would do so. This bird was a sacrifice to help you, and you should feel gratitude and respect that the Great Fathers sent the bird to you. Keep the Hawk as a Totem Animal, and pay attention to the future. Things are going to change in a big way for you.

I am a shaman. If you have any more questions, email me.




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Thank you Jai, this is an amazing answer and I would love to talk to you more about it. Yes, I was able to save some of the tail feathers. Of course I was very sad that this beautiful creature died, and also felt humbled that it was a death in my behalf. But also grateful for it giving its life for me. Thank you for your answer, I feel you have a lot of insight into these things and appreciate you.. thanks!

(13 Nov '12, 20:52) Skuldr

Glad to help! Jai

(15 Nov '12, 03:13) Jaianniah

I believe that as we progress spiritually our power animals will change as well.I have had three changes in my main power animal in a short period of time,the most recent was my giraffe left only to be replaced by a bear,there was a release and some heartache but in the end it feels right.What did the hawk represent to you,I would suggest asking your higher self and see what comes forward.This is a great time of change.Love and Light.


answered 13 Nov '12, 04:23

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Thank you Roy, You are so right! My animals have changed a few times too. I agree with you that our animals change as we grow and even possibly go into different directions or paths. I do believe that the hawk coming into my life is about changes that I need to make, and changes that are finally taking place. Other than that I am still learning what it means to me and what it does for me.

(13 Nov '12, 20:57) Skuldr

I have been trying to talk to my higher self, but lately it has been harder than it used to be. Hopefully soon answers will come about. I definitely see lots of changes coming.. Thank you Roy! Love and Light!

(13 Nov '12, 20:57) Skuldr

Just trust the feelings in your heart and the answers will come.Love and Light.

(13 Nov '12, 21:40) Roy
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