In just a short span of 6 months, Christchurch New Zealand has been hit by 2 earthquakes, Brisbane has been flooded, Japan has just been hit by one of the biggest earthquake in history and now tsunamis might be on their way to certain countries as a result of the earthquake in Japan.

If I am not wrong, the only tsunami that ever happened on Earth was the 2004 tsunami that hit India, and that there were no tsunami occurences before that. Yet now, a 2nd tsunami might be on their way... and all of these natural disasters of earthquakes and floods have been of abnormal magnitude and probably one of the worst in the country's history.

All of these make you feel that there might be something behind the occurences of all these natural disasters... or maybe it is closely related to the prediction that the end of the world in 2012 is coming near?

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Hi kakaboo, I don't think the first tsunami on Earth happened in 2004. The Japanese have had this term in their vocabulary for a very long time, and you can see here a list of tsunamis in the past.

(13 Mar '11, 08:29) Pat W

Yes I just realized that after I asked this...what I meant was the current disasters are quite abnormal in magnitude than normal. Although there has been some of them recorded as much worst in history, they were like at least 40-50 years ago..

(13 Mar '11, 14:03) kakaboo

The earthquake that hit Japan was the worst in recorded history. Just a comment...Jai

(13 Mar '11, 17:31) Jaianniah

The earthquake that just hit Japan is probably the worst in terms of casualties, but there has been worst earthquakes before. The current earthquake is only 8.9 on the Richter scale. There has been earthquakes of magntitude 9 and above before..

(14 Mar '11, 01:14) kakaboo

Also, Great Kanto Earthquake in 1923 that seems to have been as bad as this current one :

(14 Mar '11, 01:14) kakaboo

A day has supposedly 24 hours, during which you wake up, are woken up, fall asleep and sleep. You tell me which part of that process is normal and which is not.

(08 Nov '12, 03:27) CalonLan
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After taking the time for a silent prayer for all those involved in those disasters, have no doubt that all is well with the world. Please focus on your own life and how you can make a difference by being all that you are. Open your heart and shine your beautiful light!

thank you, namaste


answered 11 Mar '11, 10:05

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what a great answer Daniele.

(11 Mar '11, 22:18) aquamarine

thank you aquamarine

(12 Mar '11, 10:24) daniele

Another possible theory is that what is happening to us as individuals - the whole awakening process does not come without some kind of discomfort and disturbance. What is happening on the planet now as consciousness shifts is a reflection of what is happening to us as individuals. I don't think 2012 is going to be the end of the world but rather it will be the end of the world as we know it. Humanity has to wake up to the bigger picture and realize the interconnectedness of everything and everyone. I have a feeling things may just get worse before they get better, but there is always hope and the more we can focus on that and all the goodness that is still out there, the greater the benefit for the Whole. The calm always comes after the storm.


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nice answer Michaela. I think it is the earth settling into itself.Everything changes!

(13 Mar '11, 08:26) evelyn

Actually now I can't wait for 2012 to come... I'm sure it's not the end of the world yet though, but I'm curious to see what else that's interesting is gonna happen..

(13 Mar '11, 14:07) kakaboo

Well voiced Michaela

(17 Mar '11, 02:25) Susan 1

Thank you guys :)

(18 Mar '11, 01:29) Michaela
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I've been looking into this a lot over the past couple of years and, time and time again, I am attracting information that suggests that these events are man-made.

If you are genuinely open-minded, I suggest you continue/begin your research by looking into HAARP and see where that subject leads you.


In case anyone's struggling with understanding the science behind HAARP, here is a relatively easy-to-understand explanation based around a Japanese Earthquake in 2007.

Benjamin Fulford on HAARP

This is presented in the spirit of open-mindedness - it does no harm to look into ideas that you may never have considered least you can then dismiss them (if you want to) from a position of knowledge rather than ignorance :)


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Maybe but how can we forget these things have been happening to the earth much before man was here....?

(12 Mar '11, 00:20) Back2Basics

Yes, but not on this scale

(12 Mar '11, 00:45) Stingray

If thats true Stingray, then where's Atlantis :<

(12 Mar '11, 12:22) Roy

@Roy - Not sure what you are referring to. As far as my research goes, the last of the Atlantean civilizations destroyed itself about 10,000 years ago - still a "man-made" occurrence :)

(13 Mar '11, 01:24) Stingray

@Stingray Its my understanding that Atlantis was the site of a large volcano that erupted and wreaked havoc for years.

(13 Mar '11, 02:00) Roy

@Roy - I guess we have different interpretations of a similar incident then :)

(13 Mar '11, 08:53) Stingray

HAARP is too much for me to take! (too much science involved) But I have heard and read that it is even possible to make man-made clouds with rain now!

(13 Mar '11, 14:05) kakaboo

@Kakaboo - You've highlighted the main problem with trying to discuss HAARP (and its off-shots) and its implications for the planet. Yes, the science behind it is complex and what it does is difficult to explain simply. Unfortunately, this fact alone provides obscurity for what it does. But if you are looking for an explanation of what is going on (beyond the more fatalistic we-can't-do-anything-about-it kind of ideas), a personal study of HAARP and related technologies will open your mind considerably to the level of technological development that exists but is not openly acknowledged

(13 Mar '11, 20:55) Stingray

@Stingray - Actually I have read through the wiki article and I just didn't understand the whole concept behind it.. but are you basically saying that there are certain humans in this world who are trying to create man-made natural disasters in order for their own benefits?

(14 Mar '11, 01:26) kakaboo

After researching HAARP you'll probably experience negative emotion and that is your cue to discontinue paying any attention to it. Unless of course you personally want to live in a world where negative ideas and technology continue to exist. Remember that all ideas are contained within All That Is, but once you've glimpsed them, you have the ability to render them outside of your personal experience...

(14 Mar '11, 03:40) Eddie

Eddie is absolutely right here. I'm answering Kakaboo's question regarding if there is something else behind the earthquakes, not asking anyone to get so involved with it that they draw it into their own realities. I am fascinated by all this stuff but I keep it at an observational level only...if you are feeling fear from learning about it, go do something else instead :)

(14 Mar '11, 06:15) Stingray

@Kakaboo - That seems to be what I'm saying ;) But even if I'm right about all this (and I could always be wrong - despite all the evidence piling up), from a higher perspective these people are just playing a role. There are no bad guys/gals or good ones, just different perspectives...and they are all just representing different aspects of us. They are doing what is in their best interests just as we might do what is in ours. We still have absolute control over our own physical realities and none of this need be a part of ours

(14 Mar '11, 06:33) Stingray

Stingray this is the kind of thing I was thinking about that could save the planet, the ability to control the weather and nature. It seems by these videos they don't have "saving" the planet in mind! This is upsetting the ability to control weather and nature should be used to benefit humanity not enslave it! :-(

(15 Mar '11, 17:07) Wade Casaldi

what if as has been said of earth's history, planet earth shifts her axis and polar charge.

(03 Dec '11, 01:45) fred
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A couple of you guys have made some really good points. Our world, our lives are so interconnected these days that we tend to hear about each and every major event that happens, and with that, it seems like a lot more is going on these days than before. What the Mayans predicted wasn't the end of the world, but like someone else said, "the end of the world as we know it". A lot of predictions hint more rather at a social change in the world, which could be a likely thing in the idea that people may be more willing to work together in light of recent events. Though, to say that the future can be predicted would mean events are predetermined, so I'd venture to say if anything, we're more-so working into a self-fulling prophecy! :P Haha, in short, I've always lived by the idea of just doing what I can to help our world despite all of our differences, and to simply realize that no matter how many differences we have to separate ourselves, we all share one commonality that is more unifying than our differences - just the fact that we all exist. Or, as it's so elegantly put in Latin, sumus (which stands for "We are"). So hell, no matter what happens, just live your life together with everyone else and we'll deal with things as they come - hopefully working together rather than against each other ;)


answered 14 Mar '11, 06:06

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Thanks Danny, I love your positive attitude :)

(15 Mar '11, 01:29) Eddie

As one travels through the western and southwestern United States, they can easily see much evidence of many earthquakes, floods, and massive volcanoes that happened in the past. When I visited Greece, there was much of it there too, and additionally tidal waves that wiped out entire cities. All throughout the world is such evidence. It may seem so, but there is nothing new under the sun.


answered 12 Mar '11, 06:39

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LeeAnn 1

I was thinking about sharing this website with everyone here at Inward Quest a few weeks ago:

I find it quite fascinating how he manages to spot all these synchronicities not only in what is going on in the world politically, but also in the world of movies, sport and other entertainment.

He has not updated it yet regarding todays earthquake in Japan but if you check regularly, you will see how he will connect it to other going ons in the world. He may even have predicited it.


answered 11 Mar '11, 14:04

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Radius 7.25

he has already updated it.. :)

(11 Mar '11, 14:11) kakaboo

He's gone into a bit more detail now. Looks like he did predict something was going to happen in early March...

(12 Mar '11, 05:20) Radius 7.25

Here are some scientists that can help you to see for yourself. There are four videos for the first link and 12 for the second. It is well worth the time. Amazing stuff.


answered 13 Mar '11, 20:43

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Fairy Princess

Whomever took this ride before lived long enough to record it. The Ancient Maya being one. Based on social cycles and astronomical signs they predicted an end and a renewal in 2012. I don't think it is going to be the doom and gloom that you see on the television, but a social implosion on a grand scale due to the Governments around the world trying to control the masses. I agree, we need to stay focused on our own individual progress to weather out the storm. The earth has a history of absolute destruction. Krakatoa, blew up some where close to New Zealand could be seen from England. People thought the world was coming to an end. It caused a mini Ice Age, and some say triggered the black plague. One active volcano puts out more hydrocarbons and toxic waste than the human race since the beginning. All we can do is go for the ride. When the earth gets ready to do what it does, there is nothing we can do about it but be prepared mentally and spiritually.


answered 11 Mar '11, 21:17

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The Knights Alchemy

Nature in its self is both creative, and destructive! And it is totally out of our hands how nature will strike and take its course. So, regardless of our scientific knowledge, understanding, belief, and preparation, these catastrophes disasters are nature ways of bring about change in our planet for very specific reasons that are partly unknown to us, of course, until disaster hits home!


answered 12 Mar '11, 23:54

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The earthquake/tsunami event took place at the 29th degree, 57th minute of Uranus in Pisces:
Uranus (rules earthquakes) Pisces (is a water sign)...

The solar system, is one vast organized whole vibratory Being...

Ether fills all interplanetary space; this metaphysical substance is the elemental basis of all life and matter; matter in motion represents kinetic energy; ether under strain represents potential energy...

All of the activities of the material universe consist of alterations from one of these forms of energy to the other.

Revelations: "And there were seven lamps of fire burning before the Throne, which are the seven spirits of God".... These lamps, burning before the Throne, are the seven planets of our solar system.

The event also corresponds with the Mayan's 9th Wave.

Further Clarification....Referenced by:Carl Johan Calleman

In the discussions about the meaning of 2012, there have commonly been suggestions that we would be approaching a time filled with so called Earth Changes and natural disasters of different kinds to the point where it has sometimes been presented as if this would be all that the Mayan calendar is all about. Especially in the light of the terrible disaster that has struck Japan only a few days after the beginning of the Ninth Wave, it then becomes natural to ask if this was predictable based on the Mayan calendar and if there would be more such to expect for instance in the Pacific Rim of Fire.

Earthquakes have their origin in the continental drift, which is caused by convection streams of heated magma rising from the hot interior of the Earth. As these convection streams cause tectonic plates to move, these will--on the surface of the Earth experience--create tensions between these plates. When these are released, enormous energies will create disasters--especially so when densely populated areas are hit.

As I have presented both in Solving the Greatest Mystery of Time: The Mayan Calendar (2001) and The Purposeful Universe (2009), the continental drift in general has its origin in the alautun shifts of the Mayan calendar that was behind this drift in the Mammalian Underworld. In this very general sense you might say that all earthquakes (and volcanic eruptions) have an origin in the kinds of shifts that the Mayan calendar describes.

Given that an alautun is 63.1 million years long, this has hardly allowed us to give any basis for any detailed predictions as to when and where an earthquake may strike given how large the geological structures are that are affected by the continental drift. To my knowledge, no one has been able to provide a convincing pattern relating Earthquakes to the Mayan calendar even though serious attempts have been made (see for instance William C. Treurniet's website).

There are many complicating factors involved and so, for instance, while some sources claim that there has been an increase in earthquakes over the past decades for quakes 3.0 and above on the Richter scale, the US Geological Survey maintains that the number of quakes of 7.0 (which are potentially of a disastrous nature) has remained constant over several decades. I see no reason to question their general assessment even though today with the high population density all over the world there is always a very serious risk that large numbers of human lives will be lost.

Nonetheless, I tend to believe that the terrible 9.0 quake that hit Japan was directly related to the beginning of the Ninth Wave. There are some reasons that I believe this to be the case.
The first is that already on March 9, 2011, a very unusual pattern was observed by Frank Zweers regarding the printouts of global seismographs. This observation was thus made before and lasted until, the actual quake in Japan, and showed that something was in the works already, as the energy of the Ninth Wave started to come in.

The other reason to believe that the quake and tsunami in Japan was actually related to the beginning of the Ninth Wave is the astonishing parallel with the great Lisbon Earthquake in 1755. Both of these quakes, and the tsunamis that followed, happened as a new wave in the Mayan calendar began, the one in Lisbon at the beginning of the Planetary Underworld and the one in Sendai at the beginning of the Universal. The one in Lisbon hit several months (on All Saints Day) after the day on which the new wave was activated, but given that this had a much lower frequency this is what you would expect if you saw it as an immediate effect of this. The strength of both has been estimated to 9.0, and there were also many aftershocks in both cases. They occurred at exactly the same latitude and not far from opposite longitudes on the planet and this is again exactly what you would expect if they were related to the shift in the Mayan calendar.

The logic here is that as a new wave is activated changes need to take place in the interior of the Earth in order to create a new form of resonance to the human beings. While the Seventh Wave favored the back side of the planet (where Lisbon is located) the Ninth Wave is expected to favor the front side of the planet (where Japan is located). If this reasoning is true we would look upon these two quakes as reflections of adjustments in the interior of the Earth that are necessary to mediate the information from the Cosmic Tree of Life to the human beings.

The Lisbon quake in 1755 had enormous repercussions of a philosophical nature and so, for instance, Voltaire argued that the creator overseeing this world could not be benevolent as he allowed this disaster to destroy a whole capital of Europe taking more than 100,000 lives in several different countries. In a similar way I know some people are now asking if the Ninth Wave that seemed to be designed to bring unity consciousness will bring many natural catastrophes such as earthquakes.

Is there a benevolent plan behind this? Before we place judgment on the intelligence that created this cosmic plan I feel we should be aware that it is not necessarily an easy thing to do to manifest such a plan with all that it entails. I do not see any evidence that it would be a punishment either, but something that came out of a necessity to create the resonance with a new wave. Yet, I believe this is a time when we need to show our solidarity with the Japanese people and offer help in the ways that it is in our power to do.

My own view is that we should continue to focus on the transformation to unity consciousness and praying for and sharing the experience of the Japanese people is exactly an expression of this. I do not believe that there will necessarily be an increased frequency of strong quakes in the time to come (there was for instance not such an increase after the Lisbon quake) and while we always have a choice as to how to look upon reality, I believe that what will lead us forward is the light. Maybe the Earth is now adjusted to mediate unity consciousness to the human beings, which remains our highest purpose and presumably that of the cosmic plan.

6th day of the Ninth Wave

March 14, 2011, 6 Eb

Quick Website Links Maya Cal Mayan Majix Mayan Calendar Portal Tree of Life Celebration

Mayacal Carl Johan Calleman 6th day of the 9th wave

March 14, 2011, 6 Eb


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Interesting answers....As all of you know, I went through Katrina in 2005. It was beyond belief, and stretched my endurance to the breaking point. I still have PTSD from it, and the pictures from Japan nearly flipped me out, because I know what those poor people are going through. Katrina came in with a 29-foot storm surge- a sort of tsunami that lasted for a day...But all of us had warning about Katrina, and the Japanese had no warning at all. Al Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize for his work following Katrina. He said that Global Warming was to blame for Katrina, and that more was surely to come. The recent earthquake in Arkansas may have happened because of mining of natural gas and coal. Everyone who has mentioned man's part in this may be right...I have wondered again and again about the sheer weight of all the buildings on top of the fault line in Japan. That cannot help things.

But natural disasters are part of living on Earth. Witness Pompeii- those people had no warning, either. Krakatoa changed the axis of the Earth. If we had a comet like the dinosaurs did, we'd be wiped out, too. Think about it. I do not think that what is going on signals the end of time- BUT- those things we CAN fix, we should.

Blessings, Jai


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IMHO Al Gore is is engaged in Fear Mongering and anything he says should be dismissed...

(14 Mar '11, 03:43) Eddie

Thank you for your opinion, Eddie. I wish you had been in Biloxi, MS, USA August 29, 2005. Then perhaps you could set aside the messenger, and listen to the message. Jai

(14 Mar '11, 03:56) Jaianniah

Thanks Jai. Anyone involved in promoting end of the world, resource depletion and other ideas, such as highlighted in ‘An Inconvenient Truth' and 'Zeitgeist Moving Forward' IMO is on a negative path. I like to offer the positive alternative of simply ignoring this kind of info for anyone reading to consider. Knowing how bad you say it was, I wonder why you'd want me to be there.

(15 Mar '11, 01:27) Eddie

resource depletion isn't the point for me, I don't want all our wildlife wiped out whether that means I can still have all the resources I need.It gives me a good feeling when I think of the beautiful intricacy of this planet. We have already lost the buffalo, the wild bear, wolf, now we are exported the destruction elsewhere. Salmon used to run down the river that is now blocked by the hoover dam. We are like children, who think we can have it all with no cost.

(03 Dec '11, 10:30) Alan Crabbe
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