It really bothers me that so many people believe and expect the "end times". Why does the concept of all of the world going into some apocalyptic war both attract and scare us?

I am beginning to think both that we are going to cause the end of time with our thoughts...and contrarily, I am beginning to believe that we can reject this idea of Armageddon and Revelations, and instead, reject the nonsense and believe in a whole new reality for mankind...If only enough people could be convinced....

If only....



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Barry Allen ♦♦

You're safe, relax :)

(02 Dec '11, 09:54) Eddie

There were predictions in the past that around the 90's, the world would go through very tough natural disasters, because the people in this world are so destructive in their minds and so negative, and since we are connected to the soul of the earth (Seth's words), we destroy it. I think that humanity changed its course and that because lots of people are more aware of their higher self and are more in alignment, we are not on the way to manifest such a disaster. One person in alignment is stronger than millions who aren't, and with the New Age movement affecting the collective state, we are pretty safe.

However, and this is important - even if 99.9% of humanity were in absolute knowing that the world was coming to an end, and only one person was in a state of unconditional love - he could not experience a disaster. We create collectively, but still individually. Everyone creates their own reality and even if everyone else are destructive, we still cannot assume they have any power over our reality, as we are responsible for it.

So Abraham would say - just get into the vortex, for a better reality for you and a better reality for the entire world. Lead by example to people and inspire them to discover their true self and abandon their unnatural (and they will always, at some level, feel it is unnatural), destructive ways. I believe that every time you get into alignment, you are also alowing the world to heal itself to some degree.


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Nice one. Thanks for allowing yourself to 'get it' and thereby spreading the 1 ♥ :)

(02 Dec '11, 09:54) Eddie

Moreover, the Father judges no one, but has entrusted all judgment to the Son,

(02 Dec '11, 21:10) white tiger

The reality of Armageddon and Heaven on Earth, both exist simultaneously here and now, there is no other time or place. Those who chose Armageddon are/were experiencing it. You didn't choose it, you chose to assist humanity, your brothers and sisters, to create Heaven on Earth, as did I; that is why we are here: that is all ♥


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Yes, that is our mission God has so given us: to help bring his kingdom to earth; to live in this heaven on earth and be ambassadors of heaven to earth; offering forgiveness, love and compassion; and trying to correct and guide in a compassionate way what causes harm on earth.

(02 Dec '11, 13:52) Wade Casaldi

Nice viewpoint Wade :)

(02 Dec '11, 14:00) Eddie

I used to let the talk of Armageddon frighten me. Experts who think they know all the answers (Y2K for example) and misinterpret things from thousands of years ago. The endless disaster movies and the constant barrage of "end of the world" prophecies all over the internet.

Then one day I just decided not to care anymore about that kind of stuff and focus on what I want my life, and my world to be like. I can only control my life and my own reality and the only thing that worrying does is cause fear. The only thing fear does is cause a negative vibration and then that just puts you alongside the others who can't get "total earth destruction and mayhem" out of their main focus.

I wouldn't let what other people believe bother you one bit. We can't change others so why even worry about that. The key is to focus on what we want in our lives and the rest will work it self out. In the face of worry and fear, stand strong and spread peace and love. Sending out love to the fearful is the most powerful thing we as human beings can do. Don't let others influence how you truly feel inside. You and you alone create the ideal bad or good world that you desire.


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