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The question is pretty self-explanatory, I know that the database keeps your previous revisions if you have edited your answer or question in any sort of way, but I do not know how to access these previous revisions from the thread for a particular question itself.

Sometimes I would like to see what other people have edited etc..

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Just go to the question or answer and click on the latest edit directly above the person's name

(11 Mar '11, 15:01) Michaela

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Click on the little envelope by your name at the top of the page. This is your statistics. Click on the tab that says This Month or whatever the largest time frame they give you. (Mine is months, but I have been here less than one month.) To the right there will be tabs. You can click on the Revisions tab, or the Responses tab to find these things.

I just read the explanation. A way to get there from the thread, is while in the question, There is a place below the question and tags that shows who asked the question and the date and if it has been edited, there is a place that says Edited and the date it was edited. The date is a link you can click on to see past editions and edits.

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answered 11 Mar '11, 16:43

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i understand your 2nd explanation, but I cant find any revisions tab?

(12 Mar '11, 01:49) kakaboo

The first paragraph is based on my only reading the title question and not the text. The first paragraph tells you to go to the envelope by your name at the top of the page. This is where the tabs are. After I read the text of your question, I realized you wanted to do this from within the question. I was telling you how to see them all together, not just in each question. Sorry about the confusion. I should have read the whole thing.

(12 Mar '11, 03:54) Fairy Princess
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