Just been reading an article on the Hicks/Esther/Abraham phenomena.

I wont go into boring detail but the writer believes "mostly" what Esther teaches but doesnt believe we totally create all the aspect of our own lives. I will add that im not saying that Esther does or doesnt teach this. Its merely that this article led me to ponder just to what extent we do create our own small universe.

I believe we dont i fact create all of our reality. We do some of it ,but not all. It seems to me that thought and spirit do indeed act upon matter,persons and circumstances but its also a fact that matter acts on matter too.

I realise this may have been asked before. If it has my apologies AND could we have a link to the previous thread.

Thoughts please


asked 14 Mar '11, 12:03

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Monty Riviera

Graham, interesting question, however can you give an example of what you mean by "matter acts on matter" please?

(15 Mar '11, 20:58) Susan 1

Yes.If you want to find a new partner you could use spiritual methods and believe ,affirm,visualise,focus block etc.....or you could go out and socialise and meet someone. Both will work,both do work,although i prefer the former. If you want to increase your levels of health you can go by this in a spiritual metaphysical way,or you can excercise physically and adjust your food intake.If you want to attract friends you can do this spiritually or you can join lots of clubs and assocaitions,socialise more and be nice to people. Theres a few.

(16 Mar '11, 08:45) Monty Riviera

Thank you Graham. I posted my reply below.

(17 Mar '11, 01:47) Susan 1

physical act on physical. example: i punch you and you fall on the ground. energy act on matter i use fire on you and you burn. though act on you. example: i judge you or tell you lie and it will affect you at the though level. and will be see at the physical level. spiritual act on you. example: you did good deeds and are rewarded and heal.

(27 Mar '12, 22:27) white tiger
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This is an interesting subject to ponder about, the interesting thing is in our dreams we see an entire world, buildings, nature, the sky, other people, animals and everything we have in the physical. We interact with all of this just as we do awake and even talk with or fight with and at the time everything seems "real" we may also dream of much more abstract things as well but for intention of practical purposes I'll stay with the ordinary.

We wake up and forget what we were dreaming or think "oh I was sleeping" and never give it another thought, but this whole world existed in our minds everything was there, every person and animal was there. Who created that experience? We did of course even create the people we interacted with in that dream.

So it is a worthy postulation that indeed we could be creating everything we experience including each other, if this be so then we are not "we" at all but the dreams of God.


answered 14 Mar '11, 15:38

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Wade Casaldi

edited 15 Mar '11, 01:55

Thanks Wade, I love it :)

(15 Mar '11, 01:33) Eddie

@Wade Beautifu answer! Please read this poem. It's soo to the point about being all the dreams of God: http://southerncrossreview.org/64/borges-chess.htm I just quote the ending "Chess": 'God moves the player, and he, the piece. Which god behind God begets the plot Of dust and time and dream and agonies?'

(19 Mar '11, 14:43) BridgetJones09

@BridgetJones09 thank you Bridget that was an interesting poem.

(27 Mar '12, 21:58) Wade Casaldi
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In my opinion the answer to your question is a big YES, I do believe without the shadow of a doubt that we do create All of our own reality/world/experience. I will work on the example you gave with regard to seeking a relationship. Both outcomes are driven by intent/thought .One is driven by thought, focus and guidance (Awareness/Spiritual) whilst the other is just driven by thought and action. Let me try to expand on this further:

Spiritual Awareness: when we make the conscious decision to wake up to our true potential and begin the journey of taking full responsibility of all that we create by thought and feeling.....Conscious or Unconscious, we then strive to become more selective in what we create in our world with the new knowledge that "we are creating" and more importantly we ask for help (consciously put out the request to the Universe/Source/God) for the best outcome for our Highest Good and the Good of all Concerned. Remember we operate in the energy of “Free Will” here on planet earth and therefore Source/God/Universe cannot interfere with our decisions/choices unless we ASK FOR HELP. I call this THE LAW OF LEAST EFFORT. (Oh I love that Law).

Now I need to go back a few steps here and explain that there are some things that I believe we planned in Spirit world prior to our birthing on earth, that we as humans refer to as “Destiny/Luck”. It is my belief that these occurrences, both pleasure /pain, were planned by us in order to experience the experience, sometimes even testing our Trust/Faith along the way.....and YES I have questioned my God/ Higher Self many times in the earlier stages of my awakening by asking, even sometimes screaming “if I am such a Divine and Wise Being, why would I choose to have some of these painful experience/challenges”. As always and without fail, the knowledge was revealed to me when the time was right and this has helped me expand and evolve along my path.

Prior to my Awakening , I just drifted along my path with the belief that if I wanted something (thinking the though) whether I was conscious of it or not, then I just had to take the action to make it happen .......which I did. For me this created a longer harder road to walk. I still got results but with a lot of hard work and effort on my part.

My life is a work in progress and one I now view with excitement rather than struggle.


answered 17 Mar '11, 01:45

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Susan 1

Nice answer.Theres a lot to think about there.

(17 Mar '11, 10:48) Monty Riviera

Quite agree with you Susan!

(17 Mar '11, 17:43) daniele

Loved your answer, Susan! I kept wondering, did I create my dad passing away slowly and painfully from Alzeimers? I would have NEVER wanted that for him! Your answer gives me food for thought... Then do you believe in Fate? Peace.

(19 Mar '11, 14:57) BridgetJones09

If you mean by the wording "Fate"... destiny... well yes I do.

(19 Mar '11, 18:30) Susan 1

Sorry that I need clarification, Susan... Are Destiny and Free Will/Manifestation/Creation of Our Own Reality compatible? How so? It's a very interesting point! Peace!

(21 Mar '11, 13:26) BridgetJones09

No problems.....hope this helps. Destiny or Fate: is what I believe we created as part of our map or sketch of life before being born i.e. like specific things we wanted to achieve or experience in our life. Free Will: is the agreement we made between Source and the Soul having the human experience, whereby we could totally experience life while having the freedom to make individual choices in our life here on earth.

(21 Mar '11, 22:40) Susan 1

without interference from Source unless we choose to ask for help. The LOA: is the gifted energy we use here on earth to create (manifest) i.e. The power of thought. So they all work together and become very compatible the more Aware we become.............

(21 Mar '11, 22:42) Susan 1

Thank you, Susan. Now I get it and fully agree :) xxx

(22 Mar '11, 12:10) BridgetJones09

You are most welcome

(22 Mar '11, 14:16) Susan 1

I dont agree with prebirth selection of our experiences in this world.Instead man is responsible only for himself.man creats his reality by his thoughts/intent and deeds. Man has free will up to much extent but not 100 percent.

Destiny is a fact.but there are two kinds of destiny.one is constant.other one is changeable. man's intent/actions and prayers deal only with changeable portion of destiny.

(29 Mar '11, 07:12) Zee
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I think about this too, Graham. I think our realities as physical beings are affected by other's thoughts and actions, mostly since my mind believes it to be so. Being half of a marriage partnership, I have contemplated at times how much of our shared current reality is the result of my past vision or his? We discuss goals and create a definite shared vision for our future together, but lots of other things are probably being manifested, even unintentionally. Maybe he worries about a particular thing without discussing it or I have certain intentions that I am quietly working on - these could both manifest something in our lives that affects the other's reality. I believe our thoughts are constantly creating and manifesting and our core beliefs are shaping our physical reality.... to what degree are we both contributing to this reality? Perhaps the person with the strongest mental focus in the relationship is best equipped to manifest things and therefore ends up being more successful at creating the physical reality we both experience? If he strongly believes that we will get rich and I strongly believe that we won't, who's belief will come "true"? If my reality is created only by me, and his reality is only the result of his own thinking, then why would either of us care what the other does? Luckily, when he lets me in to see his thoughts, they are always so good that I never worry about his wrong thinking affecting my physical reality :-)


answered 16 Mar '11, 21:14

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Thats a very good point.My relationship with my wife gives me a similar conundrum. Not exactly sure whos reality will be manifested.I really get your point.

(16 Mar '11, 22:14) Monty Riviera

As I can recall my grandfather died, when I was only nine years old, and the effects that it had on me at such a delicate age, still lingers on even to this day. None of it made sense to me at the time, and even now that I am older it is still a puzzle. I loved my grandfather dearly, and I wanted him around longer!

Give the fact that it is said we create our own reality, and this still remains very far-fetched, since we continue to be on the opposite side of what we truly want, and desire for our self in life. And when we have to deal with very serious matters in our life that is out of our control, this question does come to mind: who is really creating our reality? And if I am creating my reality, then, why am I in a place that I do not want to be in?

So my rational is: “are we really the ones creating our own reality?”


answered 15 Mar '11, 05:16

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Inactive User ♦♦

But we have to remember that everyone else is also creating their own reality.So it makes sence that not everything we have going on is the way we would want it to be.

(18 Mar '11, 14:52) evelyn

Of course that is another way of looking at it, good point!

(19 Mar '11, 01:40) Inactive User ♦♦

there is an order to the universe, our solar system, our planet earth and humankind.
i'd say we have some wiggle room in creating our reality,
and that there are more parameters to consider than what our senses register,
if we value credible truth


answered 16 Mar '11, 00:19

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I agree Fred.There are more parameters. Well put.

(16 Mar '11, 08:46) Monty Riviera

Yes, we create our reality. This has been proven in a lab environment in physics. They have now connected intent to matter to directly be able to alter the spin of an atom and it retains the intention. We are in a holographic universe held up by our senses. But it goes deeper.


answered 16 Mar '11, 20:59

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The Knights Alchemy

God created all the reality in truth. you have the same potential and are on a learning curve. what can you create what can you do to better your self and help your brother and sister. so take the first step and keep on walking. experience and enjoy.


answered 27 Mar '12, 19:13

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white tiger

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