Is all disease psychosomatic? According to Abraham, it is; he says that we have created doctors and medicine to provide elaborate excuses for why we made ourselves sick.

If we all developed full understanding tomorrow, would the medical profession collapse? Could we forget about the health care bill making its way through Congress? :)

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That Abraham seems not very reliable to me. This idea is quite unwise (not to say stupid), like that one with emotions (

(04 Dec '09, 13:18) Asklepios

Clearly this is one of Abraham's more controversial teachings.

(04 Dec '09, 16:32) Vesuvius
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Yes, all disease is self-created - I believe we have discussed this in some previous questions.

I don't recall Abraham being quite as strong as saying we have created the medical industry (yes, it is an industry) to order to provide elaborate excuses.

I believe they (Abraham are a group consciousness) say that this industry has come about in response to the wishes and needs of the mass human consciousness.

Most people are not ready to hear that they are responsible for their own health (never mind their own reality!) but they still have desires regarding being healthy.

The medical industry is how those desires have manifested within the confines of those beliefs. It's not a bad thing or a good thing - it's just a point-in-time manifestation.

And now that the medical industry exists, obviously there are those who have vested interests in ensuring that the business of healthcare continues. So those particular interests are probably not that keen on the mass of humanity taking care of its own health needs.

I always find it amusing that natural health care (which has been around for thousands of years) is called alternative while the hardcore surgery, drugs, technology approach (which has only been around for a lifetime or so) is considered mainstream. :)

But I don't think this is something to be concerned about. When people are ready to leave behind the crutch of relying on others for their own health, they will naturally have the attitude of self-empowerment. And with this attitude, the Law of Attraction will bring them the knowledge they seek regardless of how many other powerful interests are trying to suppress it.

Change always comes from within first.


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The quote from Ask and it is Given: "We are asked, “If there is no source of illness, then why are there so many sick people?” It is because they have found lots of excuses to hold themselves in vibrational discord with wellness. They are not letting it in. And when they do not let Well-Being in, the absence of it looks like sickness. And when enough of them do it, you say, “Oh, there must be a source of sickness. In fact, let us give it a label. Let’s call it cancer. Let’s call it all kinds of terrible things, and let’s imply that it jumps into people’s experience.”

(04 Dec '09, 08:02) Vesuvius

"And we say that it never jumps into anybody’s experience. It is just that people learn, through trial and error and through banging around with each other, patterns of thought that do not let Well-Being in. As you do not allow the Well-Being in, it shows up in shadows in your life that are illnesses in your body, and deprivation of things that you want. Then, over time, you come to believe that that is a reality that has a source somewhere. And then you develop whole bodies of information to protect yourself from the “evil source” that never existed to begin with."

(04 Dec '09, 08:57) Vesuvius

Stingray I respect many of your viewpoints and agree with a lot of them but to say ALL DISEASE is self created is irresponsible. Tell that to the mother of a still born child. Sorry to be so graphic but words like "all" mean every single disease. Still love and respect you but when I do not voice my opinion it's worse. Even if I'm wrong I feel the need to express myself :)

(05 Mar '11, 05:32) you

Well said Stingray! Thank you, namaste

(05 Mar '11, 07:48) daniele

Thank you Vesuvius for the complete quote! namaste

(05 Mar '11, 07:48) daniele

@Michael Sheridan - if it's irresponsible to speak my truth, then I'm irresponsible...and happy to be so :) You seem to be making an underlying assumption here that death is a bad thing. May I recommend you take a look at Why did the victims of genocide in World War 2 allow themselves to be killed? :

(05 Mar '11, 07:56) Stingray

"how nature healing is called 'alternative' and how the industry healing is called 'mainstream'" true!!! isn't that scary though.......

(19 Dec '11, 13:12) Nikulas
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I think Ernest Holmes had a good description in Chapter 7 of The Philosophy Of Jesus.

He talks about in chapter 7 that doctors, psychiatrist, therapist all do not heal you, they help you recover by helping your body to heal it self. In other words they assist the body to get back to its original divine blue print. To return the train back to the tracks so the body can heal of its own accord.

To recognize this and understand this is to see that, God the Father is at our center, this infinite being of health, life, and happiness is right inside of each and every one of us. Jesus recognized this in everyone he healed he called their true nature forth and they were cured. Our true nature is that center, our source, God, that is where the healing comes from because that is where the design of each of us originated.

Until we can know in full faith this is so, we need these physicians to help us get back to where we once belonged.


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Wade Casaldi

This is probably closest to my own point of view. Every exceptionally good doctor will tell you that this is what they are doing.

(06 Mar '11, 01:36) Vesuvius

I agree with you here, also, Wade. All of us are not at the same place in our spiritual quests. Thank you for the simplicity and conciseness of your answer. Love, Jai

(06 Mar '11, 06:20) Jaianniah

We need doctors, because we humans have a physical body, and it is a known fact that our body goes through wear, and tear, and illness. We can believe whatever we choose to believe in terms of why we need to go to the doctor, but in reality, if you are sick, naturally, you will need to go to your family doctor to get help. Anything else is beyond my reasoning.

The physical body is made up of skin, flesh, bones etc, and if you cut your finger by an accident it will bleed. So, what do we do, just stand there and let our finger bleed, and bleed, because we created the bleeding finger. Or would it make more sense to try to stop the bleeding, and go to the doctor, if necessary

Has Abraham-Hicks ever been sick, and did he ever had the cause to see a doctor? But most important does he have a family doctor, because to the best of my knowledge most humans have family doctors to treat, and care for them. Also, what do you think would happen to the sick in our world, if there were no doctors to treat their illness? And last but not least, why would anyone want to create sickness to them self?

Personally, I do like going to the doctor, and I do not like getting sick, but if I do get sick and I need to see a doctor, naturally I will see a doctor. The fact is sickness is a part of being human, and the doctors are trained professionals to treat, and care for the sick. So we should try not to delude ourselves otherwise. We are human with a physical body that is susceptible to all kinds’ of diseases that is sometimes beyond our control, and we will sometimes need treatment from doctors.

Is he Abraham-Hicks a healer, and can he heal himself? Is he physically healthy all the time? If so, then he is blessed with the secret of good health, a wish we can all strive to aspire to.


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Inactive User ♦♦

I agree with you wholeheartedly! How can a three-year-old project himself into an ear infection? What child would wish for leukemia? Indeed, does a child have that sort of power in the first place??? Disease and wear and tear are part of the human experience. Many good things have come out of these "bad" illnesses. Many people have become united simply because of a disease! Thank you for a well-thought-out answer! Blessings, Jai.

(06 Dec '09, 01:15) Jaianniah

I do think all disease is psychosomatic - even the name itself suggests so ( dis-ease, not at ease ).

However I don't think that we are conscious enough as a species to totally do away with the medical profession. We are only beginning to wake up to the fact that we created the diseases on our planet and within our bodies and until enough of humanity realize this, then there will be a need and a desire for the medical profession. Each of us has an intelligence within our bodies that, if left alone by the human mind, can operate our physical body so that it runs at an optimal level - you can call this intelligence God, Source, Universe, Oneness or whatever other human label you like to use.

Until the majority, and not the minority, realizes that the root of every illness or disease is mental and makes the decision to work at overcoming this mental problem ( by spiritual practice ) then we will always have diseases and the need for a medical profession.

The medical profession are fulfilling a role on our planet ,right now, that we as a species asked for but even some conventional medical practitioners ( Dr Ben Johnson and Dr OZ to name just a couple of the more famous ones ), are beginning to wake up to the fact that energy plays a huge role in our well being and alternative medicine is also a growing industry.


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We do get sick because of the praticed negative emotions we hold.

Originally doctors would have come about because of the desire of sick people to get well. That was the means through which they attracted their wellness as there was no such belief that they could just change their dominant vibration to a good feeling place by changing their thoughts and get well without any other action being taken. But I am in agreement with Stingray that this is not a bad thing. Your well being comes to you in whatever way you attract it.

So, my point is the means through which well being comes to you in life is not key. It is the well being itself that should be our focus.


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Pink Diamond

We do create our own illness. We need doctors to baby us and make us feel better about "our illness." For the sceptics please look up in an unabridged, complete dictionary the meaning of the word doctor (the noun as well as the verb.) The offer is to "treat" and not "heal", that's why "patients" keep going back patiently for all sorts of different problems...........

Stay balanced,stay healthy, namaste


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in a material focused society, we are preoccupied with form and keeping it beautiful (glamour); in building and maintaining a belief system havivg us as victims in need of experts, Maybe; we are more complex, composed of more than a single plane/aspect.
learning that proper thought can control/direct energy.
if we think we can't... we most likely can't; if we begin to take responsibility for our thinkig/exploring about what is going on, we start to become active participants in our growth.


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yes fred! well put! thank you!

(05 Mar '11, 15:02) daniele

Didn't source put us in this physical world where sickness is part of the deal of being here?


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Germs are all around us all the time. Why do they make one person sick and not another? Our immune systems protect us from invading germs. When we get emotional stresses, it weakens our immune systems so that we don't efficiently eliminate the germs, they end up getting us sick. So in that sense, diseases from germs are brought on by our emotions. Ulcers, headaches, pain, etc... are directly caused by stress. Even the ulcers that are caused by the Heliobactor pylori, are caused by stress. The bacteria is in most people's guts, but it causes ulcers, when stress is also high. Stress manifests in different pains and ailments. EFT helps eliminate the stress and emotions that cause the pain and ailments. However, as long as we live on this earth, there will be stress, so it is an ongoing battle that must be overcome every time or the pain and ailment show up. In the meantime pain meds, antibiotics and other medicines can be helpful when we are in pain and dis eased. Broken bones need to be reset by a dr. although EFT can help with the issues around it, help with the pain and maybe even heal faster. Also, there are people that for various reasons just wont accept that their emotions are causing the pain or dis ease or they would rather take a pill.


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Fairy Princess

We are a three part being - body, mind & soul. We manifest our reality at all 3 levels.

Sickness manifests at the level of the body (bad food habits, smoking, sedentary lifestyle, etc), mind (worry, fear, pessimism, etc) and the soul (karma).

Health too manifests at the level of the body (exercise, good food habits, medicines), mind (laughter, peace of mind, faith, LOA) and the soul (transcending karma through meditation etc)

So IMHO, doctors & medicines is one of the many means of creating health at the physical level.


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Some sickness is self created by improper stress management but most is not. I'm growing more concern for the belief we live in a victimless world where we have somehow chosen all things that happen to us. Injury is a form of sickness. Do all the victims of catastrophe "ask" for it.

Ok sorry I blew up.

Yes like B2B says sickness is part of the program. How can one grow without challenges?


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