Or does it require that you put more water and fertilizer on it?

Note: You can answer this question either literally, or metaphorically if you wish.

asked 14 Nov '09, 18:34

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Literally, Yes. but it takes more than just ''thinking'' about it. I mean, more complicated kind of .. thinking. Usually it's called ''Magick'' :)


answered 14 Nov '09, 19:55

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Can you be a little more specific?

(14 Nov '09, 19:59) Vesuvius

Existence is formed of energy and vibrations. or vibrational energy. ( depends on how you choose to look at it ) .. thoughts are vibrations. they have no power over the outer world. but they can be used to direct energy. energy is what the outer world understands and reacts to. thoughts by themselves are too weak to make any outer changes. what we call Magick, is the science and art of causing change using both, thoughts and energy. Magick is more scientific than most people believe. it's the only way we know, that deals with both parts of existence.

(14 Nov '09, 20:39) Adel

the law of attraction acts as if by magic ... :)

(02 May '13, 01:57) ru bis
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I think on Myth Busters there was an episode where they found that talking with your plants helps them grow.

So holding your grass in your mind as getting greener is holding an image of health in your mind. We can do this for people so grass being primitive intelligence might not be as effective.


answered 02 May '13, 00:13

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Wade Casaldi


I like your answers this evening. ^_^

And the answer is absolutely a Yes, the idea of a 'green thumb' is easily proven on a regular basis.

Plants accept and utilize energy just like any other being. You'll find individuals who make plants grow in seemingly unfitting conditions with great success. It's not magic, it's simple: Plants like TLC just like anyone else does. Try it yourself, you'll get amazing results.

(02 May '13, 01:46) Snow

NO, you cannot make the grass greener just by thinking about it. It is part of the process but you also have to believe and have absolute expectation that the grass is going to get greener without the application of any fertilizer or water.

Otherwise, it would be too easy. People would just think that they are flying and they would start flying. You have to have the belief and expect it to such an extent that if you started flying, it would not be a big deal at all to you.

So, in summary, the reason we cannot really manifest things so easily is because we do have an element of doubt about the thing which stands in the way of the thing actually manifesting.


answered 14 Nov '09, 20:46

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Pink Diamond

How do you remove all doubt?

(14 Nov '09, 22:03) Vesuvius

Have you flown? I so want to fly. that is what I was looking for when I found this site.

(27 Mar '11, 15:15) Fairy Princess

as Michael Losier says in this video, the real question is how to remove doubt


(02 May '13, 02:02) ru bis
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Yes you can. The effects are all up to how strongly you believe in what you are trying impress the changes on.

You can make a glass of water look cleaner or even taste different by visualizing strongly what you want to impress upon it. You can do this with anything, but it will only work with things that for you would make sense or are believable that would change to you. You would probably have an easier time changing the color of a glass of water or the grass rather than the entire sky for example.


answered 02 May '13, 12:26

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