I personally use visualization, but there has to be more to do than that. I am not referring to the use of specific healing methods like Reiki- rather, I am talking about mental and metaphysical methods and exercises that a single person can practice alone. What can boost the immune system and promote faster healing after an injury or serious illness?

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I'd like to hear your visualization technique, in a few days after everyone else has weighed in.

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As a follower of Abraham Hicks, I will propose a technique known as the ‘Focus Wheel’ technique. Their book ‘Ask and It Is Given’ gives a good overview of this method.

  1. You start off by drawing a big circle and then a small circle about 2 inches in diameter in the middle of the big circle on a piece of paper.

  2. Now, identify what your desire is and write it down in the small circle. An easy way to do this is to think about what is the issue that is causing negative emotions within you. Ask yourself what you do not want and then ask yourself what it is that you do want (e.g I feel ill and I want to be well).

  3. Divide the outer circle into 12 segments. Starting at the 12 o’clock position, begin writing statements that match what you do want. These statements should be as general as possible and they should be statements that you truly believe and close to what you do want. So, a good first statement to write for the example above about getting well would be 'This illness is only temporary' or 'I already know some exercises that will speed up my recovery'.

    As the more specific you get, there is a tendency to start writing statements that you don’t really believe and the process will not work.

    The idea is to ultimately write what you want which is in the small circle but it will not be possible for you to currently write that statement as you do not believe it. Try and think about statements that make you feel good and give you a feeling of relief whilst being something that is not far from what you truly believe.

    If the statement does not feel good (that is causes any negative emotions within you), do not write it down. The purpose of the exercise is to gradually lift your vibration from its current setpoint.

  4. So, continue to write 12 statements that feel good to you around the wheel.

  5. When you reach the 11:00 o’clock position, circle the words that you originally wrote in the centre of the Focus Wheel and notice that you now do feel a close vibrational alignment with that thought.

The reason the focus wheel works is because the Law of Attraction is so powerful that when you hold a thought for as little as 17 seconds, another thought like it will join it and as these two thoughts come together, there is a combustion that occurs that makes your thoughts even more powerful.

I recommend buying the 'Ask And It Is Given' book. It has a number of processes including the one above. Although I have not tried all of them, I have tried the above method on an illness I had in the past. I did practice some EFT as well in conjunction with the above method. And my illness is now gone.


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