I am trying to find the answer to the following statement.

"It would be wise for some to check not just the amount of CME released on March 5. The real answer to his message, learn what type, and how this does affect the axis and earth's crust."

So I guess the questions are:

  • What was the amount of CME released
  • What type was the CME
  • How does this affect the axis & Earth's crust

This is in regards to the Coronal Mass Ejection of 3/5/2011

I am guessing it is possible that a large enough CME could cause the magnetic poles to flip? The crust seems to have large tears in it which could cause the land masses to break apart? Not sure what type that CME was but it sure had a lot of power to it.

asked 17 Mar '11, 04:43

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It seems like it really didn't effect much, unlike the one in the nineteen nineties that affected television viewing for I think it was weeks. It must have been not as big of a solar flare.


answered 17 Mar '11, 04:50

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Wade Casaldi

why do I not remember this?

(17 Mar '11, 06:55) evelyn

It was during the Bush administration desert fox or storm, the video on the television kept messing up because of the solar flares. I remember they were reporting it was the worst we had ever had at that time.

(17 Mar '11, 08:56) Wade Casaldi
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