It was just on the Science channel scientist have successfully created life from chemicals and DNA. They have actually created living cells, Paula Zahn was interviewing the scientists and before that there was a full show on their creation.

This is the greatest breakthrough for humanity ever, and they said this they believe will be our next age, first it was agriculture, then industrial, the information, next is life forms creation. They said they can now imagine a day when we manufacture life forms that love eating raw oil like from the oil spill, others that love eating carbon dioxide so our earth will actually be getting cleaned up. Things that like eating pollution and can live and reproduce from this pollution. Limbs grown for people that get amputated then attached, organs grown they said meat grown so nothing ever has to be killed again, fish oil from alga!

Far, far into the future they said if the human race needs it they can even change that so we can live on other planets with no problem. They said we wouldn't have humans created for probably many life times of work maybe 100s of years, but for now we can manufacture bacteria that can and does reproduce it is alive and human made.

It is exciting to know and be alive in the age when we first created life from chemicals, I feel like those that saw the first man Neal Armstrong step on the moon! Maybe the people that saw the very first computer! It is a first that will go down in our history books I am sure, we have just made a huge advancement!

They said the rules of existence are going to be rewritten because we have just opened a box that will affect everything in life, they said all technology will benefit. They can make life forms that feed on cancer, the possibilities are mind blowing!

What do you see is coming I can imagine new pets even what ever color you want designer animals that never existed, that is of course very far into the future. But with bacteria there is still a lot that can be made to work for humanity.

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I watched what they said, they took a cell apart right down to the DNA. They back engineered it to see just what makes it function as what it is and what makes it the cell it is. Then they built their own mitochondria from DNA that they put together piece by piece with almost the exactly same "spelling" as the natural but changed the color. They removed the natural mitochondria and replaced it with their own that they created from DNA, it took over and next the cell was reproducing as a whole new creation that never existed before! This is similar to creating a brain and replacing someones brain with this newly created one it changes the person into a totally different person that never existed before.

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Wade Casaldi

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Surely, scientists have created a vessel into which life itself chose to incarnate? Or, where did they get the life from? I read that the oil company scientists developed a bacteria that eats oil, then promptly patented it, lol...

(05 Jun '10, 02:10) Eddie

If the oil companies did that, then that is good news they should make enough to clean up the Gulf then.

(05 Jun '10, 03:12) Wade Casaldi

Thank you Barry, I am never sure what you changed but I am always grateful for whatever corrections and improvements you make.

(23 Mar '11, 04:09) Wade Casaldi
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Genetic engineering of this type has the potential to cure a lot of sickness, and provide new human capabilities. It is definitely something to chew on from a manifesting perspective.

Consider these possibilities:

  1. Replacing damaged organs by regrowing tissue with the same genetic structure as the recipient. This prevents problems like rejection of the organ by the immune system. Imagine having the heart of an 18-year old when you are 65, or a new eye.

  2. Replacing a missing limb, or healing spinal column injuries and restoring function to paralyzed patients.

  3. Growing animal-based food, without the ethical problems associated with raising live animals.

  4. Providing enhanced mental capabilities with clusters of specialized nerve cells (better math, perhaps).

  5. Intelligent cells that can be injected into the body to perform certain microsurgeries, such as cleaning the plaque from your arteries, or eating a cancer tumor.

  6. Enhanced physical capabilities, such as improved stamina or resistance to the cold.


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Ahhh now this is the kind of answers I was waiting for, yes people shouldn't be afraid to let their imaginations soar, it is from the these thoughts of what could be that we progress.

(06 Jun '10, 05:27) Wade Casaldi

Yes, Wade, it is an extraordinary performance of human mind! I join to your joy and enthusiasm.

But your assertion We first created life from chemicals" is eliptic of essence of successfull outcome: the DNA containing the seed of life; the used DNA is not human created, it is an engineered pre-existing DNA. I want underlining the aspect of ingenious co-creation with natural results of Primary Cration.

Anywise, it isthe greatest performance of humanity. I hope the scientists will apply it only for the highest good of all humanity and harmonious evolution of earthly life.


answered 04 Jun '10, 23:22

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@gleam-i agree, this is not a creation of life from non-living substance, it is an evolutionary phenomenon.

(06 Aug '11, 09:47) blubird two

What an exciting time to be alive, isn't it? My sister (the science professor!) tells me this will be an indescribable boon to every branch of medicine.

I agree with Hank that it could have some scary aspects, but hopefully as mankind continues to grow in wisdom, those problems will quickly be ironed out. Certainly the good will outweigh the bad.


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LeeAnn 1

well it is science but i think they should be carefull what they create! men as tendency to create stuff that gets out of is control!(and after he think it is normal there is nothing to be done to change that) like the bacteria that eat oil what if they can't stop it anny more it will eat all oil on the planet and what will it eat after? as for carbon monoxide tree and plants all ready do that and we destroy forest to get wood and paper or to build building and parking lots!as for the replacement part they talked to do that with clone! but would you like to kill something alive to get replacement parts! another things with clone the copy get error and the more copy you do the more error happen! so how many error do you want in your legacy? still it is science and it is good they are learning stuff! just hope they use it wisely with lots of precaution and study!


answered 07 May '11, 10:17

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white tiger

No I mean parts not whole clone although each part would be cloned, like growing a heart for a heart transplant or a brain for a brain transplant, these would be grown by them selves. They would only be alive because of the life support machines they would be on while growing. I agree there is potential to use this for evil but there is potential to use everything ever invented for evil. It does seem though good wins out and humanity advances forwards.

(07 May '11, 17:14) Wade Casaldi

yes they also have found some stuff in cold water in the fish that they could use in human to fight the cold!when sending men in space! THEY ALSO MADE MICE THAT GLOW IN THE DARK! if they find the key to animal that regenerate limbs it could serve in medecine with out having to grow it from machine but just put that virtue in the human and the limbs would regrow to replace mutilated parts!

(07 May '11, 21:19) white tiger

sorry. i clicked to vote up. i can not vote up.

i just realized i had this page opened twice simultaneously and up voted already.

(18 Mar '13, 23:25) don
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Indeed discoveries like these are very powerful. But do we posses the right structure in our society for everyone to benefit? The only downfall to any breakthrough is that we as a collective human consciousness do not currently posses the maturity to handle the greatness of our technological and scientific progress. To be more clear, the current monetary system is failing miserably and more and more of us are beginning to understand the function of it as a whole. Thus anything we create, great or not, it shall be corrupted by profit. There are many studies, straight forward facts to clearly illustrate the illogical waste and inhumane structure we are still holding onto.

Therefore I fear that these discoveries will not be shared the way we would like. There will be war over "owning rights" and selling rights. Who can afford and who can't. Hospitals deny cancer cures, for it goes against profit. Pharmaceutical companies deny new forms of treatment that go against their own, for the fear of loss n profit. Netflix has a good documentary regarding a man named Dr.Burzynski who has come up with a clean no side-effect way to cure some of the most troubling cancers. They have tried to shut him down for ages now...

The truth is, before I wish upon new discoveries like these, I wish wish upon a change and discovery and adaptation to new societal structures. If you are interested, there is a documentary called Zeitgeist: Moving forward. or that addresses solutions of a new economy based on resources that gets rid of the need of money to run a healthy prosperous happy life. That I found very fascinating.


answered 22 Mar '13, 23:35

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Mika Sakvareli

@Mika Sakvareli And then ask :What is it that lies behind the greed of these individuals that these decisions? Fear? Lust of power?... THE EGO!

(23 Mar '13, 02:46) ursixx

@ursixx dixit Dr egogo :)

(23 Mar '13, 02:50) ru bis

Great topic. I too share your excitement but I could just imagine how far our government has gone with this technology. Before the masses of people benefit from a new discovery you can be sure our government knows and appliedit to their own benefit. I'm not pessimistic but there are indeed dangers in discovery of this technology. I could imagine new weapons being created an un-maned spacecraft the size of the palm of my hand sneeking behind an enemy it inject it with a virus to kill his comrades, I also see the end of pollution , end to sickness and disease (if government allows it) etc etc etc. Definatly we are at the brink of a new age unlike we have known before. It also brings with it extreme caution.


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Hank 1

No this was private work and made public so that everyone has the information, no one can claim exclusive rights and be in control of everything. It will be more like what has happened for computers they said there will be a day teens will be making new life forms in their garages with this information. It will really take off in discoveries and advancements then! :-D

(05 Jun '10, 03:18) Wade Casaldi
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