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Please, please, whatever you say, do not say, "I just know. I just feel it..."etc. etc. You see, sometimes I do not "Feel Him" or "Know". I go on Faith Alone, and, brother, that gets hard. So I look for signs- real, Earthly events- that seem to answer my prayers or lead me to the right path.

But is there more? Or is that all there is to it?

I have had some hard evidence lately that God is truly there, but at the same time, other things aren't answered at all.

I guess I just need a little encouragement from This Community- and maybe You do, too.

The usual great Blessings to You All!


asked 19 Aug '11, 16:56

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Very good question; one that I think a lot of people are afraid to ask....

(19 Aug '11, 19:25) LeeAnn 1

By the way, I don't have the answer either!

(19 Aug '11, 19:25) LeeAnn 1

Good on you for including in the opening of the question "dont give me answers like 'i just know'"- are those actually answers anyway haha?!

(30 Jan '12, 06:56) Nikulas

To me, everything's equal. No need to worship anything. There's nothing above anything. Which makes everything to be the GOD itself.

(20 Jun '12, 03:13) CalonLan
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When I look around I know that more than my mere little mind has orchestrated this physical realm and what we call life.

Although I agree that we are all responsible for what manifests in our life, I think when we really begin to look and examine what is happening in our life situations ( whether labelled good or bad ) if we are completely honest with ourselves and can move beyond the self delusions, we'll see that there is a power way greater than our own little mind providing us with the ideal opportunities for optimal growth ( our little mind may not agree ) and we see that everything is in Divine order as we begin to connect the dots on our life journey. That power is always present and is always available if we can get ourself out of the way long enough to listen and trust it. It's the same power that created the mountains and oceans and the miraculous human bodies we reside in, it's the same power that causes the sun to shine and the plant kingdom to grow and the stars to come out at much more proof do we need?

Sometimes I call this power Universe, Source, God, Higher mind etc, but it really doesn't matter what term we give it. The proof is in the fact that we are here alive and breathing and asking and answering questions and laughing and crying and loving and fearing.

Our life challenges are given to us as gifts to put our faith into practice, to let go and hand those reins over to that source from which we came, which we always stay connected to and to which we will return... faith requires no proof.

And there is a knowing that resides within each and every person on this planet and only when that knowing is fully realized will the longing within each of us be sated and faith or proof will not be required because we'll just know :)


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What a beautiful answer! I loved reading it. Your last paragraph is poetic, deep and absolutely brilliant! Thank you for verbalizing your insights in the way that you did. Of course, I voted you up as well.

(19 Aug '11, 23:37) The Traveller

Ditto! A gorgeous answer!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(20 Aug '11, 13:56) Jaianniah

Thank you both :)

(20 Aug '11, 14:39) Michaela

Great answer Michaela.

(23 Aug '11, 14:43) Paulina 1

Thanks Paulina :)

(23 Aug '11, 23:09) Michaela

Just had an angry raging experience with my dad and my life...

Read your question...

I feel infinitely better and inspired now....I love it

(30 Jan '12, 06:58) Nikulas

Michaela, I apologize for not noticing that I hadn't awarded you Best Answer for this question. You gave such a beautiful answer (as your points demonstrate!). Thank you! <3 Jai

(20 Jun '12, 04:07) Jaianniah

@Jai...That was sweet, thank You :)

(29 Jun '12, 21:32) Michaela
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i am here now and not by chance,
and as i find more knowledge as to how and why
the pieces of cause and effect lead to a universal/divine plan,
and to the thinker of the thought that devised it


answered 20 Aug '11, 09:23

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Love this one Fred. My thoughts exactly. I was going to answer but dont need to as you said it well.

(23 Aug '11, 14:45) Paulina 1

Do you really need proof, if so the proof is you and I, if not, then I stand accused!

But let me share this Bible verse with you: John 20:29, then Jesus told him, “Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”


answered 21 Aug '11, 03:29

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Inactive User ♦♦

I believe, yes I do.

(23 Aug '11, 14:48) Paulina 1

I would agree in saying there is no "proof", because that implies that God [or your beliefs] have any need to be proving themselves in the first place.

This doesn't however mean that my beliefs don't regularly remind me of their existence. I find that if I try to "challenge" my beliefs into proving themselves, they will almost always respond, and it will almost always be in a manner other than what I would describe as "pleasant".

But usually when I sit back, hope for the best, prepare for the worst, keep my senses open but my consciousness calm, something interesting ends up happening. Generally through sheer chance, I will find something positive or [even better] something positive will find me.

There have been too many inexplicable events for me to deny that there is something or someone out there who is looking out for me, though I don't always understand their methods.


answered 30 Jan '12, 08:30

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in truth i tell you i came here by choice to experience this world. i can come and go as i decide God told me that and it is the truth. so experience and enjoy.


answered 20 Aug '11, 10:14

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white tiger

i ws once the greatest athiest i knew. and now im a huge believer. god made me believe in him. i ws luky. bt if u really believe only what u see, then the magicians will be gods on earrth, coz there u see miracculous things happening. after faith developd in me , i went on believing in god and other things for long, bt i wntd to meet a realy psychic, actually sm1 more than a psychic. and one day i met him. he came to me. as a teacher. as a guide. he nvr showd miracles, bt he told of my thots, of what i did wen , wot i sed when, what im feeling, what one is gng to say etc. bt by that time i was myself so full of faith, that my guide's enterance in my life never furthur made my belief in god stronger, coz i already had immense belief, in god. bt all dnt gt to see miracles. i belong to india, which has such a renowned spiritual heritage. still ppl dnt believe in god. its sad. bt still, wid all humility, i wd say that m luky to be born in india, coz i have immense exposure to the ancient knowledge. most importanntly, what u really believe or dnt believe is nothing but just how ur thots and emotions hav conditioned ur mind. u read books on god, yoga, spirituality for a while, and interact wid believers and spiritual practitioners, and u will see that u dnt need a reason to believe. coz u will start believing.


answered 28 Aug '11, 17:16

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abhishek mishra

i agre with you that you have to remove the veils of the mind to experience the truth. experience and enjoy.

(31 Oct '11, 03:06) white tiger

Unfortunately, there is no proof. If there were, then there wouldn't be a need for faith. There are situations and elements that help stimulate our faith in God. Near death experiences, coincidences, deja vu, and other unexplained instances can encourage your faith. We all go through this fluctuation of faith, as you have so elegantly stated "I guess I just need a little encouragement from This Community- and maybe You do, too." Thanks for your encouragement Jaianniah.


answered 29 Jan '12, 15:00

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I now know that I do not require any more proof that god is the Love and the Light. All I need to do is just feel the beat of my Heart. Love and Light.


answered 29 Jan '12, 22:36

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@Roy : You don't have an email address directly registered with IQ so I cannot respond to your feedback message via private email. Instead, I've answered your query here: Why does IQ have a 100 character minimum for questions and answers?

(30 Jan '12, 04:15) Simon Templeton ♦♦

Here's my two cents worth. If there is order, then it indicates intelligence from the smallest particle to the expanse of the universe. What holds it together? what makes an acorn develop into an oak tree and not a spruce or pine?

Unfortunately, or fortunately, this intelligence knows what is best for all and for good. (omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent, and omnibenevolent) To understand in the grand scheme of things a simple occurance of a bad event, which may seem like "there can't be a God when stuff like this happens" can in it's perfect timing, be beneficial to the most people in future generations. Who knows? unless you can get a glimpse of the mind of God.

Also, as God is a parent and Us as children, sometimes the parent needs us to figure stuff out on our own and not answer our prayers.

A quote from Genevieve Behrend "There is but the ONE GREAT DESIRE and practically all of our individual desires are reflections of that one. Man's desire, his REAL desire, is for GOOD. No rational person would desire anything else for himself or another. Therefore, we should learn to TRUST OUR DESIRES!"

I conclude, If you are praying for a thing, condition, person, whatever it is, and you are not getting an answer, decide and act anyway.


answered 18 May '12, 11:29

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I Have To Say That I Feel It, When I'm Sitting In Church Or At Home Praising God I Feel His Presence. And I've Had A Couple Things To Happen In My Life Where I Knew That It Wasn't A Coincidence, But God. When I Lived Life My Way, I Had Nothing, No Job, I Stayed With My Mom, And I Was All About Drinking Smoking And Having Sex. I Felt Like My Life Was Ok, And Then One Day I Was Called From A Employer About A Job I Knew Nothing About (I Never Applied For The Job) And I Was Hired. They Had Different Spots They Were Placing People I Could've Been Sent To Work At The Mayor Office, The Library, The Federal Building And A Couple Other Places, But I Was Sent To The Salvation Army (Some People Don't Know But The Salvation Army Is Also A Church As Well As A Food Pantry, Shelter, And A Place To Get Help With Bills) One Day I Was Invited To Come To Church, And While Sittin There In Church, I Had This Feeling, Like A Nudge And A Feeling Like I Was Missing Something, And That Led Me To The Altar. I've Ben Saved Almost Two Years, Believng In Something I Couldn't See Was So Hard, But God Continue To Reveal Things To Me Through His Word. God Had Done Some Amazing Things In My Life. I've Been In Situations Where I Knew It Was Only God That Brought Me Through....I've Had Some Hard Times (So Have We All) But It All Seems To Work Out Right? (God!!) This Joy, Peace, And Happiness That I Have.... I Didn't Have It When I Was Living Life My Way, But Now That I'm Living It God's Way I Have It..... Yes We Can't See Him, Touch Him, Or Hear Him (Physicaly) But Spirtually We Can Hear, And Feel Him....


answered 19 Jun '12, 11:50

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Young Evangelist

Nice answer, YE! Thanks so much...<3 Jai

(20 Jun '12, 04:10) Jaianniah

Very good answer, God is great and awesome!It is good seeing his testimony. We are here furthering God's kingdom spreading the good news. :-)

(20 Jun '12, 04:15) Wade Casaldi

Allah says; " We will show them Our Signs in the elevations and in themselves until the truth will be manifest to them"


answered 18 May '12, 04:26

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You can believe in anything you want and base your life on those beliefs, however, if there isn't such a thing as what your are believing in, what does that mean.


answered 21 Sep '12, 16:04

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GOD the Alien

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