I will give some lessons from the Bible. One is, "As we plant so shall we reap". If we plant a pear tree, we don't expect oranges to grow from it. This is further expressed in "To those that have, even more shall they receive; to those that haven't, even that which they have, they will lose." Those seem to fit together well.

However there is also the teaching that God allows bad things to happen to teach us so that we may grow. This is the lessons of Job, Job is the best example of this.

One seems like: "Law of Attraction", the other seems like: "We are here to grow." I have noticed these get switched back and forth to explain a lot of stuff but they seem to be counter to each other. I know when I experience something I do not like, I ask God to reveal to me what the lesson is here he is trying to teach me. Once I see and learn the lesson I am free to move on.

From the, "We are here to grow" perspective, bad things happen to bring us together, to teach us so we may grow and expand God's kingdom on earth. Things such a brutal murder of someone I knew for years. All of her friends just gathered together in a candlelight vigil for her by the river where she was stabbed or cut (Update beat with a blunt object to her head, her body was found and she has had a funeral) and thrown in the river over a week ago at high stage flooding water. This event did bring a community of people together in peace and compassion. What could we learn from her life and death? What could we learn from the man that killed her? These are lessons that require much depth of reflection. I learned one person could affect so very many people. There were very many people gathered from all over our state. I traveled over an hour to get there. I know many more must have, but this was important, maybe even many were praying that the searchers find her body soon, too. I know I was, myself. From this terrible event, many people learned this is true; even her mother, brother and daughter learned that she had so many friends and relatives that cared. All of this doesn't detract from the fact that this was such an terrible and brutal event. The man who killed her wasn't even throwing her in the river to get rid of evidence as he didn't care about her purse and boot left behind there on the steps. He just wanted to kill. She couldn't swim and was always scared of water, so in this way, she could have planted that seed from fear. I suppose everyone is afraid of murder of course.

Jai was just talking with me, she told me that in Japan, a miracle baby was found in the wreckage, unharmed. The country is rallying behind this baby. So again a terrible event happened and united the country in love, compassion and peace. This fits with God allows bad things to happen to teach us again. I suppose there was always fear of the nuclear plants, everyone has fear of those, even here where I live. I know people fear the radiation, so that could be a seed planted. Also, maybe fear of earthquakes, too, since they live on the ring of fire. They know of tsunamis, too, being an island nation. These fears could have accumulated with the end of the world fears to the point of bringing this disaster.

Jai also said she tested positive for glaucoma in her eyes, and thus, she is appreciating more and more everything she sees, and is keeping her faith God will take care of this. The seed was planted when she was little that she would one day be blind. She is now trying to learn from this and reverse this seed belief.

On the surface the two beliefs seem separate and opposed. Depending on your level of spiritual development, there seems to exist different perspectives, and levels of awareness about what is happening. It is like driving wherever the road leads, verses driving and knowing where you want to go and how to get there. If you drive without knowing where you want to go, you end up driving places you wouldn't want to be, and thus learn lessons from it.

So the question is: Is "Like Attracts Like" opposed to "Stuff happens so we may learn" or could they be different perspectives, one aware, and one unaware? The very nature of "so we may learn" signifies unawareness itself.

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Wade Casaldi

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Wade. I will try to answer your question to the best of my ability. So starting with your opening paragraph:


"As we plant so shall we reap", If we plant a pear tree don't expect oranges to grow from it. This is more expressed in "To those that have even more shall they receive, to those that haven't, even that that they have they will lose." Those seem to fit together well.**

This is the LOA in action. "As we plant, so shall we reap". As we think, so we create....so if we think small, don’t expect big things to manifest . "To those that have even more shall they receive, to those that haven't, even that, that they have they will lose." When you give Gratitude for all that you have you will be blessed with more, if on the other hand you moan and complain about our LACK....then you will continue to lose.....even what we already have.

The LOA is in existence here on earth to help us consciously/unconsciously co-create in a positive/ more pleasurable or in a negative / more stressful way.The choice is always ours. Either way the LOA will create for us, through our thoughts.


"However there is also the teaching that God allows bad things to happen to teach us so that we may grow"

This is the teaching of others to keep us from embracing our true identity. For far too long, we as Souls having a humans experience have looked to others for direction and in doing so grew further and further away from our true essence which is the Light and Power “Within” each and every one of us.

It is my opinion that God/Source does not stand above us and dish out punishment or pain in order for us to grow. We are all GOD/SOURCE.

Let me draw a picture here: if you could imagine your body as a space suit with a zip down the front and you and everyone else on this planet, unzipped their space suits together, there would emerge an energy from each of us that would converge into ONE and this energy would then join the larger energy that we call God/Source.

So taking it from there, we as individual aspects of God/Source created a plan of what it was that we wanted as individuals to experience in order to grow prior to returning to earth to have our human experience. I also believe that in the bigger picture of this woven Grand Design, that as Soul Groups i.e. (communities/ countries) that we agreed to offer our bodies up through various Disasters to speed up the Awakening of other parts of ourselves in human form. In other words, to bring to the attention of each individual the negative ways we as humanity have and are creating through GREED, POWER, EGO etc


In relation to your friends death;

When something as unexpected as a murder or accident happens to ie: family/friend, then there is something here for us as individual souls to experience. Perhaps their death was to become the touch stone for others to connect in a more understanding/ loving/compassionate/forgiving way. When the time is right and when we are ready to hear the answers, we can ask for guidance on the event and we will receive the information we need as individuals to help us understand and cope. Information like "why did he do it" may never be given to us here on earth as we only have access to a very small portion of our full potential , but in time “all will be revealed”

I apologise to all that may feel my depiction of life here on earth is being done in such a simple format, however I have long since given up making life more complicated than it is


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Susan 1

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First part we agree on, second part, my God is obviously way grander than your God, Mine is not only source, or every person but every atom, every hair every planet every neutron, proton and electron, the universe and everything in the universe plus beyond all of this as creator and intelligence, even more than that. The third part we mostly agree on.

(22 Mar '11, 04:20) Wade Casaldi

The God/Source that we speak of in One and the same... Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient. I apologise to you if my analogy was presented in too simple a format and I thank you for your comments

(22 Mar '11, 14:13) Susan 1

Thank you Susan yes that is why I more prefer to say God than anything else because we can not even imagine what God is the sum total but when you really start examining what that total is it is mind blowing from the quark to the entire universe and all in it to beyond. God is really someone to be in great awe of and in that awe is respect appreciation and faith that nothing is impossible when we pray to God. :-D

(22 Mar '11, 15:53) Wade Casaldi

I gave you a point for your follow up. :-)

(22 Mar '11, 15:54) Wade Casaldi

I didn't say God dishes out punishment to teach us, he allows whatever we attract by our free will to teach us. In other words when we say "God why didn't you stop this from happening!" If he did we couldn't learn, example a baby want to touch the pretty flame of a candle. The parent keeps stopping the baby every chance he has. This makes the baby more curious until when the parent is not near the baby hurts his finger!

(23 Mar '11, 16:02) Wade Casaldi

That is a lesson that baby will not soon forget, God lets things happen and we learn from them. So from God's perspective "oh no he is going to touch that flame!" Baby, "ouch hurt!" God, "well he is not going to do that again at least."

(23 Mar '11, 16:06) Wade Casaldi

When we create a plan of what is going to happen before we incarnate this negates Law Of Attraction with Predestination.

(23 Mar '11, 16:09) Wade Casaldi

The plan or Grand Design I speak of, is an overview of things I wish to achieve on earth.( points that I wish to experience/correct/amend) I still have to fill in the landscape surrounding these points...hence the LOA...the way in which I experience them. Free Will allows me choose the course of action I wish to take at any given point.

(23 Mar '11, 19:40) Susan 1

Thank you, you worked out of that Grand Design paradox nicely. +1

(23 Mar '11, 19:47) Wade Casaldi

No.... correction Wade, I was expanding on my opinion in the main body of text from my original answer, in order to help you understand what I was saying.

(24 Mar '11, 02:29) Susan 1

"I also believe that in the bigger picture of this woven Grand Design, that as Soul Groups i.e. (communities/ countries) that we agreed to offer our bodies up through various Disasters to speed up the Awakening of other parts of ourselves in human form. In other words, to bring to the attention of each individual the negative ways we as humanity have and are creating through GREED, POWER, EGO etc" In other words learning from bad things as I said to begin with, but I believe through out interaction I have clarity of your intent now Best Answer

(06 May '11, 19:20) Wade Casaldi
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Cant really believe the premis that God allows bad stuff to happen to teach us things. If indeed God is within us then i would imagine He speaks to the inner man. I know lots of people whove had horrendous things happen to them and its not taught them a thing.

However they do say that pain is a good teacher.... So there are two sides to this.

I would say God doesnt teach thru negativity,some may learn by their own mistakes which lead to pain.

But again i know examples of people whove had their hands burnt in the metaphorical fire,who soon after plunge their hands back in it again.

Good question Wade.

Perhaps God doesnt "allow " or not "allow". Perhaps were the people who individualy or corporately cause the pain and the pleasure. God being neutral.

I must admit im in two minds about this one.



answered 21 Mar '11, 20:21

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Monty Riviera

Graham I am trying to see the difference between being neutral to something and allowing something. I could see a store owner saying "you deliberately allowed your boy to throw that rock through my window!" The man replies "No I didn't, I was just being neutral to the situation!"

(22 Mar '11, 04:13) Wade Casaldi

Graham I hope you didn't take offense I was making a joke because allowing and neutral are pretty much the same. I realize you can allow something without being neutral, but you cannot be neutral without allowing something.

(23 Mar '11, 03:56) Wade Casaldi

Non taken Wade.I see your point.Ive been thinking about the question and its ramifications.The whole loa thing isnt as clear cut as many think.There are many things which lead me to think its not as cut and dried as many think.There are many factors.Im not sold on any of the theories or answers..even mine.I will think on this one.

(23 Mar '11, 08:46) Monty Riviera

Thank you Graham I appreciate your honest thought provoking reply, yes there are many questions that seem we need answers for, we can't blanket a one answer fits all type of response, but much depth and meditation may reveal to us answers. I gave you a point for your reply comment.

(23 Mar '11, 20:01) Wade Casaldi
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The Bible says it rains on the just and the unjust the same. Good things and bad things happen to good and bad people. The Bible also says that all things work for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose. So even though bad things happen to us that we didn't attract to ourselves, and even though God didn't make it happen to us, God can work it to our benefit. Also, we don't get to pick how we learn things. I prayed that God would show me who He really is, because I knew the churches didn't have it right. I also prayed for the gift of healing. I ended up getting in several accidents and getting whiplash and other muscular pain, not bones broken. It was in learning how to heal myself of the pain through exercise and stuff. Then I was given a book, that book led to another book and then a video here and video there and so on and now I am here on this site discussing some things about God that I may never have come accross if I hadn't been injured.


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Fairy Princess

There you go learning from negative things so you can grow. :-)

(22 Mar '11, 04:14) Wade Casaldi

ok we reap what we sow what we do to other will be done to us! what we plant good or bad also come back to us! and we also create the experiance that we live individually and collectively! some time we cause harm to other just by seing bad where there is none! we need to check our though speak and action to know what we are doing! when you start to believe in something you give it power!and belief can also hide the truth from you at the level of the mind! you want example i will give you some i have seen someone shaft other people! and one weekend he decided to do is roof and he falled down and broke is wrist! another did not want to ear something that someone was saying and lost some earing! someone lost faith and as liver problem! in french liver is foie and faith is foi. another thing i have notice the future is part set and part unset!the part set is the probability for something to happen according to someone state of being! most often people will make the same choice in the same circonstence!and people around them also!the part unset is a choice they did not do yet! and both of those will create the future event! and i can also tell you that we chose to come here and we chose to have some obstacle in our lives to try to over come them or learn from it! but we might sometime set the goal alittle high!


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white tiger

How did people feel about this before the bible?


answered 22 Mar '11, 18:27

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there is written material on this and maybe worth exploring, especially, if you like solving puzzles.

(23 Mar '11, 01:08) fred

Tell me please Fred I do love puzzles. Thanks Fred :)

(23 Mar '11, 01:49) you

Before the bible, it depends on when and where. Like attracts like goes way back to ancient Egypt and the emerald tablets. But us experiencing bad to learn from seems like it would be much older, the story of survival actually. Like the most primitive man decides to explore a cave and gets ate by what lives in the cave, everyone else says, "I'm not going in there you saw what happened to Herby!"

(23 Mar '11, 19:54) Wade Casaldi
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