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I was thinking of this and decided to ask you guys, as I am very interested in your answers and it will give me much food for thought! Its like a little fun game I like to play with myself asking weird hypothetical questions and this one sparked in me an interest into knowing what other people would do.

So, let me explain the situation: You are given the opportunity to go back in time, being your own current self with all the knowledge you have gathered and all the experiences you haved lived through right up until this day, just you like you are right now- and you go back in time to the very beginning of your journey as a deliberate creator, from the second you started this whole crazy ride with things like Manifestation boxes, Abrahams, Bashars, right at the start of what would be you trying to get into that better feeling place and giving every emotion a name on a real-life scale and diving into the wonderful world of tapping to find relief and so on and so on:)

So you go back to that point, and you, the you that is the future you, so to say, has the opportunity to explain one thing about all of this, just one thing- and also important, just for the fun of the game, the old past you will 'get' this information, so you are able to just transfer that information and the old you will understand without (probably) the practical life-experience the new you had to struggle through to get this, so in short: What is the one thing that, if you had the opportunity, you would transfer over to the old you and why?

Very interested in your answers! Ill do mine in a post below. Thank you:)

P.S. And by information I mean concerning the law of attraction, not like "Well I would tell myself to NOT buy that yellow scarf and wear it on Thanksgiving dinner, saving me the shame of being the family laughing stock 5 years in a row".

asked 31 Mar '17, 21:04

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I would tell myself "Listen, I'm the Future-You. I was given the opportunity to explain one thing about all of this to you, just one thing but... but what do you mean by 'Go to hell you self-important #$@&%' ?*"


answered 04 Apr '17, 19:54

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lol ! My younger self wasn't very good at listening or taking advice either .

(04 Apr '17, 23:06) ele

@ele - Yeah, I guess my point is that the "teacher will show up when the student is ready". But when the teacher is too eager and starts preaching before the student is ready, then the teacher gets called a #$@&% or a &#@%$... and sometimes even a %@#$&. I can't even remember how many of these teachers I hated so much when they started preaching when I wasn't ready to hear their (valuable) message :).

(06 Apr '17, 18:09) releaser99

@releaser Believe it or not, I was thinking about the very same quote you posted

I have faith in my younger self. She'll figure it out. I'm still a work in progress. I appreciate the experiences along the way even the knocks :)

I think @abrahamloa had the best answer when a similar question was asked. He said "a membership to IQ". I think I might leave a link and say "someday you may be interested in this". "Put it somewhere safe". My younger self will know when the time is right

(06 Apr '17, 21:39) ele

... and a good teacher knows that they are still only the student or something like that - could be the best teachers. I heard it a very long time ago and can't find the exact quote. In a way, we all are teachers and students learning from one another. (mirror)

(06 Apr '17, 21:41) ele
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I would tell myself that Life is just a game and I should not take it so seriously and just aim to have fun.

Well, that seems like 3 things I would tell myself but I have made it into 1 thing.


answered 01 Apr '17, 12:28

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You know the more Ive been pondering this question the more I agree with the whole chillax take it easy and just have fun- because its always working out in the end right, thats the thing, even the 'negative' eventually has a reason to occur- and will eventually become a positive (not always but lots of the time).

I make the rules and I say that that counts as one thing so there:)

(01 Apr '17, 18:22) Januaryfeelings

Can I pick four things, please? :)

  1. There is no such thing as LACK, of any desired thing, person or experience.
  2. "The same way it went away it can come right back." Abraham
  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE, yourself, most importantly, and everyone you come across.
  4. Appreciate whatever you see, now, in front of your eyes, it's all GOOD, it's all Source.

answered 01 Apr '17, 20:13

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LOVE this! Love is always the key to true joy and fulfilment- I would most definately say that one of the most important and profound life-changing things loa has taught me, is how important it is to love yourself! Truly love yourself, and how often people dont do that, and how amazing it feels when you do- there is no better feeling than truly loving yourself!

(01 Apr '17, 20:46) Januaryfeelings

Love yourself and other people. Anything less and it will block/slow down wanted manifestations.



answered 02 Apr '17, 14:50

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I would tell myself that taking great care of myself in body, mind, and spirit not only makes my life amazing for me but also naturally transfers over to all the other life I come in contact with. I'd also hand myself some vegan recipes, the Master Key System, and take the word 'competition' out of my vocabulary. :)


answered 10 Apr '17, 00:34

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